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Xbox Pro Racer Wheel

Xbox Pro Racer Wheel Xbox Pro Racer Wheel
by Gamester

Platform: Xbox

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Customer Reviews:
ahhhhh! off course by a concerned 11 year old gamer, November 19, 2002
Reviewer: Patricia D. Picknell from Crestwood, KY United States
This controller is BAD! I don't mean cool bad, I mean bad-bad!
I try playing rallisport challenge with this controller and lose every race! On rallisport there are lots of long straights and I veere off-course on a straight! The regular microsoft controller handles way well. So that's 30 bucks down the drain for you. So stick to the regular controller to stay on the track.

Not worth that much money, September 4, 2002
Reviewer: Joseph Peren from los angeles
(Instead), You can get an S-Type controller!
I bought this one cause I was curious. The vibration function isn't the best in the world to say the least. It has only one vibrate mode. Either its vibrating or it isn't. Even subtle bumps have huge vibrations.

Also, while its vibrating the buttons clatter. This is VERY annoying!

The steering mechanism in itself is quite responsive. The analog feel is definitely there.

comfort is okay

Great Wheel, July 3, 2002
Reviewer: Phillip Keeton from Morehead, KY United States
This wheel is great. It's compact and solid. I was looking for a wheel, but I didn't want a huge setup. Sure gas and brake pedals are nice to have, but not nice if your xbox is hooked up in the living room they tend to be an eyesore on your entertainment center. The pro racer wheel was just what I was looking for, it gives me an edge when it comes to racing with friends and they get stuck with the old controllers.

Pro Racer Wheel stupid idea, May 21, 2002
Reviewer: wshwe from Davis, CA USA
The Gamester Pro Racer Wheel is poorly designed. To turn left one must pull the left side of the wheel counterclockwise so the black bottom of the left side touches the black bottom of the right side of the wheel. To turn right one pushes the left side of the wheel clockwise. When using the Pro Racer Wheel my hands and wrists quickly became sore. The directional pad in the middle of the wheel is cheap. Stay away! Either revert back to your Microsoft controller or buy a real steering wheel.

Great Wheel, April 18, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Maple Shade, NJ USA
I bought this wheel from a store about 3 months ago and it is a great addition to my racing collection. The level of contol this wheel gives is really very good and is very easy to install and take off. If you are a racing enthusiast, I recommend this wheel highly.

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Xbox Pro Racer Wheel
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