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PowerPad Game Pad

PowerPad Game Pad PowerPad Game Pad
by InterAct Accessories, Inc.

Platform: Xbox

Check price @ Product Description: Officially licensed for Xbox, this entry-level controller comes complete with two analog control sticks, six analog action buttons, two analog shoulder triggers, twin motors for maximum vibration feedback, a 10-foot cable with breakaway connector, and rubber-tipped grips.

Customer Reviews:
Tough Controller, August 22, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Maryland
This controller is so hard to move. You literally have to bang on the buttons and it is slow in response. It worked well the first 2 times I used it and now it doesn't work anymore!

This Thing Stinks, June 28, 2002
Reviewer: Erik Piercy from Lapine, OR USA
I had used this controller maybe ten times, then the analog sticks started sticking. It made gameplay literally impossible, it would stick in one direction and there was no getting it to go any other way. And the buttons are not very repsonsive, I recommend playing it safe and buying an official Xbox controller. I havent had any problems with that one.

0 stars, May 24, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
first of all this controller [stinks] it would be worth the 10 dollars extra 2 buy the orginal or the new s type controller
the buttons u have to mash in most of the time to get them to respond the left joystick thing u pretty much touch and ur charectar on halo will crouch the triggers are nice though but i didnt like the shape of it and if u play halo and have this controllers do not use a weapon that can zoom cause u barely touch the right stick and it zooms.

My wrists are hurting!!!!!, April 4, 2002
Reviewer: Daniel Anthony Moir from Tooele, UT
Back in the day the SNES controler was deemed perfect, its spiritual decendant the PS controler and then the Dual shock analog control is good, but a little small for my hands. Nintendo, in thier brilliance, has designed a control for GameCube that fits my hands perfectly. Microsoft, however, seems to have taken the awkward Dreamcast controler and made it even bigger and more akward. Singlhandedly the XBox controler is the most uncomfortable controler in the histroy of console gamming. I imagine that this control would be perfect for people with huge hands, but it is literally painful for my wrists to use this (I have Carpol Tunnel Syndrom, and controlers that agrrivate it are controlers I don't like using.) Microsoft is putting out an "S" tyoe contoller that will be smaller, but that doesn't look to be much better. I know that this is MS's first outing as a console manufacturer, but controlers should never be this big, and this bad. They should stick with what works. The best controlers out ther look like modifed SNES controlers, that's true of the PS 2 controler and the GCN contoler, both which do not agrivate my wrists. Buyer be ware, the XBox controllers hurt!

worked well, for about 3 weeks, March 23, 2002
Reviewer: Jake Ault from Narvon, PA United States
The controller is fair quality. It worked great for about 3 weeks, now I don't even use it anymore. The buttons aren't very responsive. You really do have to push down on them harder than the microsoft controller. The other problem that i have with the controller is on the left joystick. I don't even have to touch it and the person on the screen strafes to the right. I can't pay halo with that controller anymore cuz it's just really annoying when you try to shoot someone.

Great controller, February 16, 2002
Reviewer: captain_keyes from Kansas City, KS USA
Couldn't tell difference from original. Excellent cheaper alternative.

Like the Microsoft Controller all the way, February 16, 2002
Reviewer: Joe from Albany, NY USA
I bought this controller new from the store; I wanted to save a few bucks on Microsoft's controller. I have to say that I felt no difference in gameplay between this kind and Microsoft's (which I borrowed from my friend just to test). I have seen some bad reviews about the buttons, but having used this controller with almost every game out, their controllers must have been lemons. The buttons are as responsive and the triggers are much more responsive than the Microsoft controller.

BUTTONS STINK...he's right!!!, January 17, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Brooklyn, NY USA
I got this as my second controller for Christmas. Stupidly, I tore open its packaging, assuming, given its cosmetic appearance of sturdiness, that it was a quality controller. Unfortunately, that is not so. The buttons ARE NOT RESPONSIVE. You really have to jam them down for them to work. Playing a game like NBA LIVE just SUCKED with it. I wish I could bring it back, but I'm stuck with it. Also, the button arrangement stinks too (even worse than MS controller...PLEASE, spread out the buttons so I don't keep hitting the wrong ones by mistake!!!_

it stinks, January 11, 2002
Reviewer: Mark Lewis from Warrenville, IL United States
I bought this comtroller because they were out of the microsoft ones.IT STINKS. the buttons dont work. i'm returning mine. repeat:IT STINKS, DO NOT BUY

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