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Xbox Controller
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Xbox Controllers

MC2 Racing Wheel MC2 Racing Wheel
by Mad Catz Accessories

Platform: Xbox
ASIN: B00005QEZ8

PowerPad Game Pad PowerPad Game Pad
by InterAct Accessories, Inc.

Platform: Xbox

Officially licensed for Xbox, this entry-level controller comes complete with two analog control sticks, six analog action buttons, two analog shoulder triggers, twin motors for maximum vibration feedback, a 10-foot cable with breakaway connector, and rubber-tipped grips.

Xbox Controller S Xbox Controller S
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ASIN: B00006409Z

Introducing Xbox Controller S, a smaller Xbox game controller with a new button layout that allows you greater flexibility for your gaming experience. As with the Xbox Controller, Xbox Controller S is another high-quality accesory that gives you the option of choosing what works for you. Xbox Controller S is built for comfort, pinpoint accuracy, and total control.

Xbox Controller Xbox Controller
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ASIN: B00005O0I7

• Built for maximum control and comfort
• "Rumble" feature for added realism
• Left and right analog sticks, left and right shoulder triggers
• 6 pressure-sensitive multicolored analog buttons
• Dual slots for memory cards and other peripherals

Xbox Pro Racer Wheel Xbox Pro Racer Wheel
by Gamester

Platform: Xbox

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