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Xbox Controller S

Xbox Controller S Xbox Controller S
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ASIN: B00006409Z

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From the Manufacturer: Introducing Xbox Controller S, a smaller Xbox game controller with a new button layout that allows you greater flexibility for your gaming experience. As with the Xbox Controller, Xbox Controller S is another high-quality accesory that gives you the option of choosing what works for you. Xbox Controller S is built for comfort, pinpoint accuracy, and total control.

Customer Reviews:
Finally a better controller, November 28, 2002
Reviewer: re-gamer from Indiana
It was most peoples excuse to say that xbox [had problems], the controller. Yes, the huge controller did [also], but even then, it did it's job fine. It was most of the people were biased against xbox and had to hate something. Either way, now they don't have an excuse. The controller is a lot smaller, and while I still like the dual shock ps2 controller over all of them, this easily beats out gamecubes controller. The Black and White buttons were moved below, and this is much more convienent. The only problem is that Back and Start were moved under the analog. They shouldn't have messed with them, just made them proportionally smaller with the controller. Either way, it's still really nice controller. Just harder to check your score and move while playing Halo.

Better than the regular controller, November 27, 2002
Reviewer: jeff Gates from Ferndale, MI United States
I have to say that the Xbox has the best controller for FPS games, but in some areas, its controller is still not that great. For instance, in Genma Onimusha, you have to use the pad which has been ackwardly placed, so that is pretty bad, and there are more games than just that, that become hard to control, because of the design of the controller. Unless you have big hands then get this controller. It's even better for PS2 owners, because the design is pretty similar! :)

TO SMALL, November 26, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Connecticut
Now, tell me I'm not the only one out here who feels this way, but the new Xbox controller is to freakin small. It's like the little dinky PS2 controllers, the little plastic things you could break with two fingers. Then again, you can't fit much more then 2 fingers on the thing to begin with. With the old controller the controller fit your hands, filled them up. It's like the difference between a joystick, or this tiny little stick of a thing to play fighter games on the CPU. Just don't get it. Don't get any small controller. Go with the original controller. It's the better of the 2, best controller out there period.

Perfect sized controller, November 25, 2002
Reviewer: Sandi from Ontario Canada
This controller is so much better than the original Xbox controller. The buttons are placed well and the size is just right. I don't know who designed the other controller but they must have had massive hands. Overall, this is a pretty good controller.

For small hands only, November 24, 2002
Reviewer: Evan from Columbus, Ohio
After trying the new S-Controllers, i couldn't understand what the hype was. Sure, they're smaller, but high school and college students that usually play the system's T and M-rated games tend not to have problems. When my friends and i have halo parties, we always rush for the regular controllers and the last ones there gets stuck with the small ones. The button on the right control stick is too easy to push on the S, which can be disasterous when playing halo. Also ,why did they move the white and black to the bottom and the start to the left side? These are hard to press now. So, if your hands are small or you're used to PS2. get this, otherwise, stick with the original.

Buttons still too spread out, November 20, 2002
Reviewer: Susan Brown from Alexandria, VA
I thought this controller would be the perfect solution for my small hands ... and strained wrists and thumbs from playing too much Dead or Alive 3. But the buttons on this controller are still way too spread out, and so I find myself awkwardly twisting my wrist for my thumb to reach them. The smaller size is nice, but they should have thought more about the button layout. And why are the white and black buttons on the bottom? Makes for a difficult transition when you're used to the larger controller (where they are on top).

Better the second time around, November 14, 2002
Reviewer: Suzanne Grashof from Downingtown, Pa. United States
I didn't really think that a smaller controller would make much of a diffrence but as soon as i tried it it was so much better all the buttons were easier to reach since i have realitivley small hands.I know as soon as get enough money i definitley going to get it and you should too.

Nice second Option, November 4, 2002
Reviewer: ulitimatetoolfan from Seattle, WA USA
Many People say that Original Xbox controllers are too big. Well here's the solution the controller S is much more like the Playstation 2 controller, and I would recomend having 1 so Playstation owning friends have an easier time playing Xbox.

Use your PS or PS2 controller with Xbox!, November 3, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
Although this controller is an improvement, most people still prefer the PlayStation style controller.

Good News! You can buy adapters to connect PS or PS2 controllers to your Xbox.

These are readily available online and you should be able to find them with a minimum amount of searching.

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