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Madden NFL 2002

Madden NFL 2002 Madden NFL 2002
Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00005NZ1Q

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• 2002 Xbox release of the popular Madden football series
• Upgraded face and body technology delivers realistic play
• Go inside the huddle with new, innovative camera angles
• Coaches roam the sidelines and Madden himself delivers tips
• For 1 to 8 players

Product Description: Madden NFL is the undisputed leader in realistic pro football action. Madden 2002 puts you on the field with all the teams, players and action you've come to expect with enhanced graphics and features. Play an entire season, or build your franchise into a dynasty-you can even create teams from scratch. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews:
Addictive, November 12, 2002
Reviewer: andyonastick from USA
Madden 2002 is an awesome football game! You will be amazed at the graphics on this game. One of the cool things about Madden 2002 is the training camp mode that teaches you how to do every play! Madden 2002 is a great game to try.

Great Game, With a Few Problems..., September 8, 2002
Reviewer: Bryan from Omaha, NE USA
First off, let may start off with these words: Madden is a challenging yet fun game. Addictive after getting into a good franchise, there are so many good things about it it'll keep you entertained forever. However, there were a few flaws:

The graphics, first off, are excllent. A clean helmet reflects a beautiful shine, a dirty helmet, well... The tackles look extremely realistic, as sometimes you'll get pulled down by the leg, and sometimes you'll get creamed and knocked back a few yards. The sounds of each tackle are awsome and realistic, and sometimes when your on defense, it'll take 2 or 3 people to knock a good running back down...which is quite true in the NFL. The uniforms look very sharp, with shadows, dirty uniforms, and overall smooth figures.

The stadiums look great, and it's always cool to hear the game attendance. Yes, they annouce the game attendance (like say 45,875). It changes from time to time, and big games will get big draw outs, small games will get small drawouts. Incredibly realistic.

The gameplay is decent, but not great. It's always challenging, and something about it makes it too challenging. In past Madden games, it's been too easy to go to the Super Bowl every year even on the hardest settings. In this game, it's way to hard on even All Pro (Easy, Pro, All Pro, Madden Pro). First off on Gameplay, if the opposing receiver or running back breaks free, he's gone! There is no way too catch up with a receiver even with the tiniest lead. No spead gainer, no sprint button. And on offense, the CPU defenders seem to be blessed with super-human speed, catching up with a person even with a 10 yard cushion. Your receivers always drop passes, even someone like Isaac Bruce, and is nearly impossible for the player to get a sack. All this on the all pro, I wonder what it's like on Madden... But if your like me, and have been waiting for a challenge in a madden game, this will definantly give you a challenge.

Options in this game our incredible; there are so many things to do! Franchise, where u start a Franchise (optional, fantasy draft). Create a coach, salary cap, create a team (with uniforms, logos, stadiums, everything. It's from scratch u start from create a team, and the uniforms u can design!). Season, practice, training, madden cards, exibition, etc... You can create a whole new team, from the uniforms, logo, name (yes the people can pronouce the name just like u me, like say Dallas Sharks), stadium name, capacity of the stadium(a million if u want), the type of stadium (bowl, dome). U can put this team into a season, franchise (10 seasons), or even exibition. U can have a fantasy draft, salary cap, even be the coach of your team. There are so many things to do. You'll never get bored of options in this game, never.

Finally, the overall depth. It's fun! The commentary, unfortunantly, hasn't changed since the 1998 version, but it's still decent... The player ratings are pretty good, the whole thing plays pretty well. There's a typical "Person in seat 73B, you have won a lifetime supply of hot dogs" from the comentor, and the players actually react to what happens. They even shake hands and high five at the end of a victory. The coaches get angry on a bad play, clench their fist in satisfaction on a well devised score. U can really c that Ea put a lot of thought into Madden 2002.

Overall, this is an excellent game, but if your not up to a huge challenge, I wouldn't buy it (go for Blitz). But if you want a realistic game, that's fun, has many options, great graphics and brings the atmosphere of the NFL into your house. This is the game for you!

Revision to my previous review- I was wrong., July 31, 2002
Reviewer: computerguru777 from San Mateo, CA, USA
My appologies to the creative people at EA Sports, who make this game, after my previous review. I had only one major criticism, but after doing some checking, I found I was wrong.

I initially thought that I could only play in Pro mode (invariably winning every game by 5-10 touchdowns), or lose every time in any higher mode than Pro.

This game is so sophisticated, I found I was able to change the game play to all-pro, and turn up the overall performance of my own players a notch, and turn down the CPU's performance a notch. In doing this, I finally am playing like I have in all previous versions of Madden: I have a pretty descent chance of winning any individual game, but it is always a dog-fight, and usually, if I win, it is by using alot of strategy. This is again the great football game (much better now on the x-box) I am used to.

This game is so sophisticated it blows my mind. With the franchise mode, I can be general manager as well as any player and coach on the team. Game play is realistic- on the TV it looks and plays very much like watching a real broadcast of an NFL game.

John Madden is always fun to hear. No one can question he is the best commentator in video games (as well as real NFL games). Pat Summerall is a very good play by play addition.

Strong points:
1. Great, and exciting game play. Very realistic. Keeps you at the edge of your seat all game (and every game).

2. Great commentary (John Madden- what else has to be said).

3. Many diverse modes to play in: Franchise, quick games, you can even simply choose to play in the play-offs.

4. Great practice mode for learning how to run specific routes and plays. John Madden walks you through it while you practice.

5. Great tips by John Madden anytime during a game- though it does not automatically mean you will score by using a recommended strategy.

6. I have heard that the upcoming release Madden 2003 will be even better- but if you can get this game at amazon or wherever for [price], new or used, for the x-box, I would not wait for the 2003 edition. It is a true bargain. You will never tire of this game.

1. I miss being able to play historically great teams of the past (as in Madden 1999- which I still keep on windows 98)- like the 1981 49ers against Dallas in the NFC Finals, or the Great Raider teams of the past against Pittsburg.

2. The commentary is helpful and fun to listen to, as well as being very comprehensive, but once in a while the commentary has nothing to do with a play that just occured. For example, "If he keeps playing this well, he will have a career day", right after gaining 1 yard on 4th and goal on the 10 yard line. I admit I have never played any sports game where the commentary is 100% accurate to what is going on currently in the game, but sometimes the misplaced commentary in Madden 2002 makes me laugh.

Besides these trivial Cons, this game loads the most bang for your buck than any of its genre. I would buy it all over again, even for [price].

Good, Not Great, July 30, 2002
Reviewer: computerguru777 from CA, USA
I have owned all the madden NFL games for the previous 5 years on PC. My only problem with this game, and the only reason I downgraded it from 5 stars, is that (at least for me) going between levels (Pro and lower, and all-Pro) is very difficult. More than that Pro is so easy that I always win every game by 5-10 touchdowns. (I have never come close to a challenging game at Pro level) But, if I turn it up 1 level, I can never come close to ever winning. I lose by alot and cannot do anything right, though I have tried for along time. So I am stuck with the dilema of never being challenged in Pro or never having any fun coming close to winning at the next higher level. This really... to me, and has turned a really sophisticated, great game into a real bore. Sorry, this has to be fixed or I will never buy Madden again.

Madden NFL 2002, July 5, 2002
Reviewer: gk2k2 from New York, USA
Madden 2002 is a solid football game, but there's no hiding from the fact that it wasn't specifically built to take advantage of the Xbox's capabilities. Because of this, I can't shake the feeling that this game isn't all that it could've been. The improvements in graphics are definitely noticable but not on par with what we expect from the Xbox.

But the 64 dollar question is which game is the best out of NFL 2K2, Madden 2002 and NFL Fever 2002. Fever and NFL 2K2 are in more direct competition with each other than with Madden 2002. There's an obvious arcade-leaning gameplay mechanic in Fever and 2K2 that Madden just does not have. The EA game requires a play style that's been refined, learned and accepted over the years that can be pretty unforgiving to the uninitiated, but that is its charm. When I look at Madden objectively, which we try to do here, it plays a lot slower than either of the other two games, but I also see that it's intentional. Madden 2002 isn't going to wow you with its speed --even if you're running the ball with Edgerrin James-- because you're supposed to be awed by its authentic blocking and defensive AI.

It's NFL substance over style that we've come to expect from Madden games and that's what Madden NFL 2002 gives us.

The best!, July 2, 2002
Reviewer: famousnoone from Washington Island, WI United States
Without any reservation I would recommend this game highly. With detailed control and options available it will keep you entertained for longer then you think(or assume).

Top reasons for 5 stars.
Franchise mode(none better as of yet on any system)
Visuals( stunning! not like fever's ape like player movements.)
Adaptabilty and contol of gameplay and Roster.

To be honest this is the first game I have been impressed enough to write a review for. Now don't get me wrong halo and Payne were great and so far I really like Test Drive. I'm not saying that Madden 02 is better than those games in general. But in its genre it is better than the rest and I wanted to pass on my recommendation for anyone looking for a great x-box football experience.

Greatest FB game ever - but could be better, June 27, 2002
Reviewer: Peter from Peter
Madden 2002 is the best Fottbal game ever, but it could be even better. The gameplay is fanastic, the sound is great(Summerall aside), and the franchise mode is deep enough to allow for countless replay value. Despite it's greatness, it could have been better. The franchise mode is perhap my favorite feature, but it is also what could use the most improvement. First it is to easy to develope a great team. Drafting is easy and free agency offers no risk. If a player's salary becomes to cumbersome, simply trade him to any number of teams willing to gobble up his huge salary and declining skills. From early previews of Madden 2003, I hear that the draft system is getting a major overall and Al Michaels is a huge upgrade as play by play. The franchise mode promises to only get better with features such as preseason games and othe offseason events.

Fun, but you gotta be a hardcore sports fan..., May 27, 2002
Reviewer: boarder542 from Maddenville
Pretty sweet game. NFL Fever is a little better, but this ones fun too. The controls are ok I guess. The graphics are mind-healing. I love them. They are like looking at a hott girl in a bikini and then getting to be able to touch her. 2nd best sports game for the greatest box in the world! 5th on my mind for best game

The game is rigged..., May 17, 2002
Reviewer: thale3 from Apo, AP USA
This game definetly has the graphic to be expected from the xbox, but the gameplay can be rather annoying sometimes when your star players just cant seem to catch the ball, where as, your opponent's players just wont drop it. Its still fun unless you have money on it or you and your friends like to watch each other get [ticked] off.

Decent title, April 5, 2002
Reviewer: Daniel Whang from Atlanta, GA
If you want to get in depth with a game, this is it. Great simulation... you won't be able to immediatley join a game and have a chance at beating someone who has played a while... it'll be no competition.

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