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NFL 2K2 by Sega of America NFL 2K2
by Sega of America, Inc.

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Check price @ Product Description: The Sega Sports NFL franchise charges onto the next-generation footballgridiron with NFL 2K2, an electrifying new game that's exciting to watch and even better to play. Created by the team that owns the genre on Dreamcast,NFL 2K2 for the Xbox video game system combines the superior gameplay ofits predecessors with brilliant graphics and broadcast-quality presentationpossible only on today's most sophisticated interactive entertainmentsystems. On the field, the offense is juiced with true-to-life QB logic andan advanced passing/catching system that redefines receiver intelligence. Onthe sidelines and in the booth, the authenticity of an NFL contest shinesthrough with detailed player faces, TV-style camera work, and colorcommentary. Complete with updated rosters and stadiums for the 2001 season,prepare to generate the power of the NFL in 2K2!

Customer Reviews:
This game rocks!, September 11, 2002
Reviewer: Paul Boehnke from Spokane, WA USA
I got this game for my birthday this year. I can honestly say it is the most realistic football game to date. I'm not knocking Madden because that game is good too. NFL Fever is weak, its like playing with Super Mario guys. Totally unrealistic. NFL2k3 on the other hand looks and feels like you are watching a REAL NFL game. The addition of the ESPN license didn't kill this title it only made it better. You will feel like its really sunday and you are watching a real game. After the play the players with help each other up, pat each other on the back, or wince when they drop a pass. And during the game you get scores from around the league via an ESPN news ticker, just like on the real ESPN. I have loved NFL2k series since it first came out and have only bought them. Your either a Madden fan or a Sega fan. I'm a Sega fan and glad I am.

Extreme difficulty levels, August 5, 2002
Reviewer: Scott from Levelland, TX United States
I am a new XBox owner, much older than most players, and 2K2 is my first game. With that said, the graphics and sound are tremendously lifelike. To a casual observer walking past the TV the game almost looks and sounds like a real game. The game has three difficulty levels. On the rookie level, after a few practices I picked a mediocre team, the Cowboys, and blitzed undefeated to the Super Bowl Championship, winning 42-7. I switched to the second level of difficulty and was continually slaughtered. Receivers almost always dropped the ball or the pass was intercepted. Three defenders smothered the receiver or the runner no matter what play I tried. So I am disappointed that there is that much difference in the levels of difficulty. I will have to be content to playing the rookie level unless I want to depress myself playing the next level.

You actually feel an NFL player!!, July 30, 2002
Reviewer: Gamaliel Soriano from Monterrey, Mexico
...NFL 2k2 gives you the option of playing a normal season, taking your team up to the superbowl; or playing the franchise mode which is a different approach to the NFL: you manage a team, buy players, trade them, cut them off your team, extend contracts, etc.

You also have the option of creating your own team. You create each one of your players and allocate their skills according to what you're looking for.

This game is amazing. You can sack, blitz, intecept, fumble, safety, block kicks, return them to the end zone, you can get injured, you can injure, you can call audibles, you can, as a QB, run with the ball if all your receivers are covered, etc. etc. etc.

To all you die-hard NFL fans... buy this game!

Worst football game ever, July 29, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Gresham, OR United States
The graphics in this game are absolutely horrible. Gameplay is horrible, selecting plays is horrible, commentary is horrible, the game is very unorganized. Good thing I only rented it. Go with NFL Fever, it is everything a football game should be and nothing like this worthless game, NFL2k2.

this game is cool., June 10, 2002
Reviewer: Charles Kota from Plant City, Fl. USA
I own the Xbox which is awesome. This game is neat. It has good graphics and plays. The players and stadiums look real. If you are a hardcore NFL fan, buy it.

Okay overall, June 7, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from USA
I have one simple thing that makes maddem better. FRANCHISE MODE. The frachise mode on 2k2 is not very good. The depth and all the thought that is in Maddens Frachise mode is what makes it so great. I dont even play games a lot of the time. I am more a stragedy general manager type.

Graphics and gameplay are better than Madden yes but the frachise mode will always make madden better. The graphics for madden could always be made better.

Awesome, April 27, 2002
Reviewer: Ryan from Chicago
When I owned a dreamcast, NFL 2k is what really got me into football, it was perfect. Want more on that game? Read a review of it. As for this game, it's even more perfect. The passing game is flawless. Simply flawless. Maxium passing is one of the coolest features ever, in any game. The running game is also very good. The commentary is top notch. Get this game, that's all I can say.

NFL2k2 - NOT GOOD ENOUGH, March 24, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Los Angeles
1st I will talk of the positive, then the negative. Graphics,Player detail,Player movement, Camera shots, Commentary, and Audio are Excellent. However, I cannot play this game anymore, it [angers me], and is so frustrating that I will wait for NFL2k3.

-Why won't the scoreboard go away on Offense????
No option will turn this annoying thing OFF. It seems to always be right in the way. Receivers aren't visible when they pass through. And I can't see who Im throwing to!!!

-The Running Game [is terrible] on Offense,
I stopped running the ball, Period!!!, cause it was impossible to gain more than 3yds. (don't critisize my playing level, Im hitting the holes, and putting on the special moves)

-However, Playing against the AI,
Running Backs for the opposing team find no problem breaking like 7 tackles to head for the endzone....this is unrealistic...

-Now about the pass-blocking.
(This makes me want to smash my XBOX controller. And snap the NFL2k2 cd in half.....believe me I was close Why is it the AI defense can run around my O-line in 2secs?? almost everytime???
There is no time to throw, and I end up running for my life to the side-line. I tried playing with many teams, (the best rated teams) and none of 'em block for me.

Playbooks are super basic, and most team playbooks are virtually the same. I really especially hate the way the defensive playbooks are setup, why could'nt VC have left the Offensive, and defensive playbooks similar to the Dreamcast Version????

-And 1 more thing VC, why couldn't you guys make the Directional Pad available to change player selection during game play like the DC version?? The only way to change player control is by hitting the "B" button. And it only selects the closest man to the ball. Maybe we don't want to select the man closest to the ball everytime....did you think about that???

Anyway, Im disgusted, and annoyed with the overall gameplay.
There are other MAJOR flaws with this game. And I guess Im trying to say is that the presentation looks great. But the gameplay/playability is TERRIBLE.

When designing 2k3 please take these points into consideration.......
So we all don't waste our $$ like I have with this game. Afterall I bought an...Xbox just for this game. So you can imagine the dissapointment.

BTW...Im no amateur/rookie at NFL2k games. Many hours were spent on the DC playing 2k-2k2

2K2 on the run..., March 23, 2002
Reviewer: Dad from WVa
The running game is the best part of this SEGA entry into the XBOX arena. The beefy graphics make this game a heavyweight contender for gamers who hate wasting money on schmucky, over advertised and over-glitzed software. This version was faulted only because of the inaccuracies noticed during slo-mo playback where a passed ball (pro-mode) clearly went through a defensive line-backers arm yet was not tipped and for a bad call in which the ball (obviously advanced over the goal line on a 4th down conversion attempt) and before the player's knee hit the ground was called short. Unless "bad calls" were written into the software these inaccuracies are not new to those who jusy like playing but for serious fun, these are things that should've advanced with the graphics capabilities of the hardware and with the asking price. Demoed it, bought it, like it.

WOW!!, February 23, 2002
Reviewer: Sean Larson from Kirkland, WA United States
When I first played NFL Fever 2002, I thought the graphics were awsome!!! But the cheap thing about it was when you passed, you couldn't control the reciever. So I played 2K2. I loved it!! I have a systym that works like this.Best game on top, worst game on bottom. Nfl Fever on bottom, 2K2 on top

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