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NFL Fever 2003

NFL Fever 2003 by Microsoft NFL Fever 2003
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00006F2EE

Check price @ Product Description: The bestselling, hardest-hitting football game for Xbox provides gamers with the ultimate NFL experience. Easy to pick up and start playing, NFL Fever 2003 delivers all the action, attitude, and excitement of the National Football League.

Realism is maximized in this 2003 edition. Highly detailed player models reflect the size, shape, and attitude of real NFL players and include variable accessories such as gloves, wristbands, facemasks, taped fingers, and quarterback play sheets. Momentum-based motions provide some of the most bone-crunching, realistic animation of any football video game to date. The power and glory of high-impact football are portrayed in vivid detail, courtesy of dynamic lighting, real-life reflections, and dramatic shadows. NFL Fever 2003 contains the most accurate stadium models of any Xbox football game. NFL Fever 2003 delivers the tightest and most responsive game controls available in sports games. The commentary and crowd respond intelligently to what's happening on the field. If gamers' home teams are playing poorly, the fans will let them know.

The game doesn't just look and sound good. It also features innovative gameplay enhancements, most notably with online play. NFL Fever 2003 makes it easy for gamers to test their skills against other gamers online. In addition, gamers can play in the same weather as their team's home city. Dynamic Player Performance Model offers gamers a stake in the development of both NFL players and teams. Football players improve as the gamer gets better. In dynasty mode, gamers can play multiple seasons and unlock past Super Bowl championship teams that will become on-field opponents as a part of the game players' future schedules. Gamers can rewrite the record books with amazing statistics to enter the Hall of Fame.

From the Manufacturer: You say you're prove it. NFL Fever 2003 delivers hard hits and great plays, plus hard-core realism and online competition that lets you go head-to-head or build a team to take on the world. Whether you like the power and control of an NFL General Manager or the shudder of knocking an opponent into next week, from draft day to the Superbowl, this is your game.

Customer Reviews:
No good gameplay....AT ALL!!, November 13, 2002
Reviewer: hardhittin15 from Las Vegas, NV United States
first off this game has the best graphics and name....but the gameplay is terrible.everything is exactly te same,whenever you get passed the ofensive line it looks exactly the same,the same moves over and over,,and its not just the linemen,broken tackles,tiped passe EVERYTHING.....maybe its just the fact that i am the Madden king & play it 6hours a day,but fever [sucks],i have yet tp play 2k3,but i hear its alot better then nfl COLD!

Better than madden and 2k3, November 11, 2002
Reviewer: immatur1ty from Michigan
ok ill admit it. i never played 2k3 ive heard about it though. Everyone compares madden and 2k3 as if fever isnt even in the same league as them. Well its true...fever is better. The graphics are amazing and sounds are great too. Ive heard the announcers say the same thing but ive had the game for 2 months now they have A LOT to say. in franchise mode your players either get better, worse, or stay the same after every game which is one thing i dont like. it is very unrealistic because i dont think your going to be that much better after just one game. Controlling in this game is great. Another thing i DONT like is that i dont think randy moss is going to get caught from behind by say...Todd lyght after hes already breaken away. oh well this games replays are awesome as with the rest of the game so get this one its worth it.

Bad Game! What's With All These Good Reviews?, November 8, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Newbury Park, CA United States
This game is Microsoft's poor excuse for competing with EA and Sega/ESPN sports. I've owned or rented all of the football games, and this one is by far the worst! There isn't one aspect of this game that even competes with the others. Graphics, gameplay, etc., are all inferior and unrealistic. I played a game with the Rams, using their throwback uniforms, and they don't even look close to the actual uniforms. It's like the people who made this game have no background in sports at all, and are just going by memory, by the way an old Genesis game might have been about ten years ago. I've been a loyal Madden fan for years, but I'd have to say that the Sega NFL 2K3 game holds the top spot right now, all around. I don't know why NFL Fever 2003 has so many good reviews here. I'm trying to figure out why I gave it even two stars.

Great Game, Only Few Things Missing, October 22, 2002
Reviewer: sellsoftware from Carrollton, TX United States
When you decide to plunk down your money on a football game for the XBox, give this one serious consideration. I have read some of the criticisms of this game and I will address that, but the bottom line is that this is an incredibly fun game that looks flat out amazing. Competing with "the franchise" (as I like to call Madden) is tough in that Madden has had more than a decade to evolve. Thus, little nuances like gang tackles and a wide variety of tackling graphics are missing from NFL Fever 2003. However, Madden is no where close when it comes to the look of the players and the overall beauty of the game. More over, NFL Fever 2003 has as extensive a dynasty option as I have seen. You can build a huge play book of your own plays. You have drafts, free agent negotiations, salary cap and roster management issues, etc. And the online gaming option is very cool as well. The other criticism I hear is in regard to the defense. It is true that you will get scored on in this game, if you use the stock defensive plays. But what game in the history of arcade football has had a strong defense??? This is always a problem for games, and part of that is the fun factor. It is no fun playing a 9 to 3 field goal fest. I personally want to throw the deep ball or bust through a stack of defenders for a big run. That is fun. This is a great game. Give it a shot.

Liked it with one major flaw..., October 20, 2002
Reviewer: Daniel F. Kaplan from Sacramento, CA United States
I really enjoyed this game. This is my first ever console sports purchase.

The graphics are superb. The grass looks so real you can smell it. The fabric on uniforms have texture and I'll swear that the eyes move. Game play was simple enough; I don't know too much about football, but even I could understand it well enough.

The only problem I had was the inability to cut back on interceptions. I think that they should have a downloadable patch for this game so that the interceptions are cut WAY back. Playing against my wife, we had one game in which there were around 20 interceptions (which gets maddening at times). Before you start thinking that we're just bad players, the same thing happens against the computer.

On the other hand, it is a beautifully rendered game with lots of extras and a nice design scheme. Definately worth the purchase.

Better than NFL Fever 2002!!!, October 18, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from San Antonio, TX USA
This game is almost the same as nfl fever 2002 but better. Better graphics and I like the new breaktackles. Because on nfl fever 2002 to breaktackles you had to do finnese moves to break a tackle. I also like it that you can create a team and get old nfl teams. It's great also because they have the new rosters which is awesome. I especially like the way the season is you get to play up to 35 seasons in dynasty.

Best game ever so good graphics, October 8, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Baltimore, Maryland USA
Best game ever so good graphics

dont judge a game by its graphics, October 7, 2002
Reviewer: Anthony G. Miller from somewhere
This game has awesome graphics, but not much else. It has a gameplay similar to NFL Blitz, but u cant commit all those penalties. It's almost impossible to stop the high powered offense on the easiest setting, and the defense is incredible. Unless ur an incredible football sim player dont buy this game.

A fairly good Game, October 4, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Hercules, CA United States
When I purchased NFL Fever 2003, it was the first Microsoft-designed football game I had ever bought. I had formerly used Madden and NCAA games. This game is not exactly what I'd call a "great" game, but it does have some distinguishing qualities as well as disadvantages, and upsets. The graphics are excellent, the surrounding stadium and field look photographed, and the sidelines look as though you were in a real stadium, standing there. However, the player's faces are very detailed, but none of them are choreographed to look like the real players! There are about 5 or 6 different faces, and they're all used over and over again. For instance, Jerry Rice looks exactly like Charles Woodson! The quater-backs on opposite teams may have the same face! The best hing about this game, is the replay. You can see all of the action over and over, even in slow motion! I like how you can move the camera all around the field, seeing where everyone was, etc. The camera movements look like something out of the Matrix or something.

Now we come to that inevitable subject of voice acting. There are about 10 phrases that the announcers use over and over and over again. If a play is from a rush to a 50-yard catch, you might hear " What a nice play", or if you kick the ball say 7 times during your game, 5 out of the 7 times you'll hear either "He got all on that one" or "Not a good kick at all". It gets annoying that you've been playing for 45 minutes, and you've heard two people say the same thing 50 times! Well, enough with that. To the gameplay we go!

The controls are fairly simple, a button to pass, select, right thumbstick to move, left to look around. A button for audibles, and of course, the selection tables. I will give Microsoft this. The plays are HUGE! I am talking all of the plays known to the NFL! There are plays for every situation, from about 30 different blitzes, to nearly 100 passes, to about 20 or so rushes, to nearly 100 different defensive plays! I will say that this game has the most expansive playbook I have ever seen in a game. I know Madden has a lot, but this at least doubles it. So far, I give the game 3 stars, but now we must move onto levels, and challenges.

The levels are fairly simple to understand, you can practice, play a single game agsinst the console, or a friend, or choose to run a dynasty! I like how you can make up, and choose dream players. My favorite aspect of the play, is the classic challenge. In this part, you get to face 7 of the all-time best teams in the league, dating back to the 60's and 70's. You get one game, and for each team you beat, they are available for use in the single game. I like how they chose the teams, for they are some of the greatest teams, but I don't sgree with all of the choices. I don't want to give away what teams you get to play, but they are challenging.

So, leave you now, and you can probably find out through my review why I gave it 4 stars. The gameplay is good, graphics, yes and no; BUT THIS IS A RENTER FIRST! If you want a new football game, try this one out. It delivers a solid challenge, and some unique XBOX traits. BUT, IF YOU DO WANT A SURE-FIRE GAME, GET MADDEN 2003!

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