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Totaled! by Majesco Sales, Inc. Totaled!
by Majesco Sales, Inc.

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B000066JRI

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From the Manufacturer: Totaled! is packed with furious demolition derby and stunt action! Pit your driving skills against 18 gruelling single and muli-driver challenges in 16 different arenas. In Totaled!, there are no pit stops, tire choices or engine tweaking, just adrenlain rushes and spectacular destruction.

Customer Review:
Rent Before Buying, September 16, 2002
Reviewer: Scott F Canoni from Sleepy Hollow, NY USA
You may be thinking, "This is a good price for an Xbox game". Well think again, because renting this game is an even better price.

You'll get tired of the one player Career mode rather quickly. Some levels are a breeze to get through, and some are a pain and are just plain stupid (like hitting all the crates without hitting any of the glowing bowling pins). As soon as you beat the levels, you won't go back to replay them and will only be itching for some multiplayer action. Multiplayer is definetely fun and is the only thing worth owning the game for.

Totaled! does take advantage of your Xbox soundtracks so you don't have to listen to their horrible songs.

Bottom line: Rent it to beat the levels, or buy it to play with your friends.

games is ok ,but locks, September 11, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from APO, AP United States
the game play is ok, but the game will lock up doing loading about 80% of the time I have a replacement on the way so I will have to see if it works better

Long Waits but it is worth it, September 8, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Nantucket, MA United States
The gameplay is excellent the graphics are good, there are a lot of different styles of cars to chose from and many different courses and objectives. Its not just demolition derby its also bus jumping and stunt driving. QUality game...BUY IT.

Should be called "TOTALOADING!", September 2, 2002
Reviewer: Diego Baz from San Gabriel, CA USA
I hope you like the word "loading," 'cause you'll see it A LOT when you play this game; some of the missions last as long or even less than the load times, which is inexcusably cruel ...

As for the rest of the game:

Graphics: a mixed bag - while the car models are stylish and smooth, the maps are the exact opposite: the detail is low, objects appear extremely clustered from far distances, and the lighting is poor; the vehicles are smooth with plenty of bright, vibrant colors and good shading, but they are plagued by aliasing when viewed from a distance.

Sound: the soundtrack is one of the games bright spots; the options menu allows you to choose from several different styles of music: racing tunes, fighting mix, rap attack, electrance, alt rock, and jazz - while jazz doesn't seem like an appropriate choice of music while cars are exploding, you may appreciate the variety of jams. The sound effects are pretty basic: the cars sound like muscle cars, the explosions go boom, the commentary sounds are rarely used, and the engines rev like it should; while they aren't of the highest quality, they do fit the requirements of their particular uses.

Gameplay: the point of the game is to smash and bash the competition before they do the same to you; your car is given a life bar (which only lowers when a car hits you, not when you hit it) and plenty of nitro boosts to battle the your life bar gets lower, car doors, hoods, and other parts start to fly off until you're left with a pile of smoking [junk] on wheels. With each hit you initiate on the enemy, you are awarded a certain amount of points, depending on the area of collision and the manner in which is it executed (the simplicity of the game - and the sadistically long load times - makes it more boring than one would have hoped, but it does provide a few minutes of heated arcade action...

Long Wait, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
This game is load-tastic (aka you spend more time waiting for it to load then you do playing the game.) But other than that it is o.k. with little gimme's and modes to keep the people into it. I think it is a pretty good game, but obviously (especially as I said with the loads) there are flaws. I would rent it first, then if you like it, buy it.

don't you hate when the owners write their own reviews, August 26, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from asheville, nc United States
the last 3 or 4 people who commented obviously created the game.

A Great Gaming Value, August 23, 2002
Reviewer: slow-hand from Glen Allen, VA USA
The only real negative buzz I heard about this game prior to release was that there were way too many loads and that you would spend more time waiting for screens to load than playing them. This is somewhat accurate. Perhaps this is why it came out with a [relatively low] price tag, but negative buzz has not stopped publishers and retailers from charging [more money] before. Whatever the reason, I am glad that it did. This is a gaming value that I have not seen in many years. The ONLY reason I bought it instead of renting it was because of its reasonable price. The graphics are good, the physics engine excellent, and it is the best damage and collision modeling I have ever seen. We XBOXers complain when games, such as Halo for example, allow 4 players but do not allow you to add in sims as well. This game does allow that, but it may be the main reason it takes so much load time. It would not be so bad if it did not take a long time to load after EVERY game or level. If you do not complete the objective or just want to replay the same level for fun... you guessed it- another long load time. It is annoying and a big reason why this reviewer will not give it higher than a 4. However, once it loads, it is tremendous crash 'em up fun. There are many different types of gameplay such as Last Man Standing, Hunter, Free for All, etc. There are stunt venues, race arenas and even high-speed fun in a parking garage. If you like driving games and you like smashing into other cars and taking some serious lumps yourself, then this game is for you- especially at [the price].

Stupid! The worst game in the world!, August 20, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
It is a terrible game! Trust me! 1st you'll find you'll spend more time waiting then playing, 2nd it is really annoying. More annoying then fun.

A Must Buy, August 20, 2002
Reviewer: Randy Daniel from Birmingham, AL United States
I have not had an X-Box for long and this was one of the first games I bought. It is a blast to play and the graphics are great. It is a must buy in my book.

Very Cool, August 14, 2002
Reviewer: ... gamer
Okay... this is a great game, you get to smash up 10 cars, probably the most realistic damage I've ever seen... except Burnout. This game is kinda like Twisted Metal and Stuntman and Burnout in one. You get turbo, you can go off huge jumps, do 360's, flips, and rolls. You also get to collide in midair, and beat the "tar" out of the other cars. Jou can jump busses and make cars explode sky high. The levels aren't to big, but there are a lot of 'em. And they are packed with lots of jumps. When I got this game... after returing Wreckless... horrible game... I thought Totaled was gonna be kinda bad, 'cause I'm not into racing games, but I got it anyway, and it was AWESOME. Definetly buy this game. I only gave it 4 stars because the levels could be bigger and a little better, but it is fun. Buy the way, I'm not 12, I just didn't wanna create a password. BUY IT, it's pretty cheap too.

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