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Burnout by Acclaim Burnout
by Acclaim

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000631VI

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• High-risk, arcade-style street racing
• Rewards dangerous driving
• 14 traffic-filled courses through cities and the countryside
• Over 300 vehicles
• Advanced traffic AI Like your racing games fast, furious, and full of spectacular smashes? You're in luck. With Burnout, Acclaim removes all pretense of providing a serious simulation and instead serves up a delicious dish of pure arcade fun. The title features two key selling points--the speed of the action and the spectacular crashes. To facilitate these, the setup couldn't be more straightforward, as the aim is simply to be first past the post. You can increase your chances by driving more dangerously, although that comes with obvious pitfalls in the shape of those aforementioned smashes. Let's just say that to get through the game you're going to have to take your chances.

Contrary to the serious approach of racing simulators like Gran Turismo 3 for the PlayStation2, this is foot-to-the-pedal stuff, and it's tremendously good fun to play. And when you do put your proverbial foot down, get ready to move, for this is a blisteringly fast title that deceptively requires more concentration than at first appears. The downside is that this won't appeal to those who like their racing games nice and serious, nor to those looking for anything particularly innovative. Burnout has few qualms about marrying the multimedia power of next-generation game systems to a game engine that forsakes bells and whistles for speed, destruction, and sheer good fun. Fortunately, in this case, it's all the better for it, making it yet another four-wheel treat. Highly recommended. --Simon Brew

Note: This review refers to the PlayStation2 version of this game.

From the Manufacturer: This is no sit-down simulator! Burnout is a wild arcade racer with spectacular crashes that will leave you sweating, short of breath and begging for more. Drive like a madman through everyday traffic: swerve into oncoming lanes, cut people off and take loads of risks - hyperventilating is part of the fun.

Customer Reviews:
Fun Game with Great Wrecks, July 15, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Park City, UT United States
Burnout offers killer graphics decent controler feel but lacks really cool cars.

Worst Game Ever!!, July 8, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Nevada City, California USA
This is the worst game I have ever played! First of all I dont know what the point of the game is. Second of all the Grafics are terrible, i mean horrible. The cars were unpoportional and the over all grafics were BAD! I mean I have seen Nintendo 64 games that looked better then this! If You are looking for a Racing game for the X Box I fully recommend not to waste your money on this game because I Truly believe it is THE WORST GAME EVER!!

Very fun driving game for the XBox, May 30, 2002
Reviewer: Doug Welzel from Kirkland, WA USA
At first Burnout just seems too simple. I wondered if it would really be fun for more than a few minutes. Well, the gameplay is simple, but incredibly fun.

Standard gameplay is a lightweight "career" mode in which you advance through the game by winning races. You pick a car from a rather generic, limited set and race on city streets against several other contenders. Along the way you'll be driving into oncoming traffic, running redlights and testing every driving violation at over 100 mph. Get into an accident and you'll see a cool replay of the indicent and be shown an insurance estimate for the damage :)

The courses are reasonably long, but the game itself can be completed pretty quickly (just a few days in my experience). Also, the graphics are nothing special. However, the fast paced action makes this a strong contender as one of the best XBox driving games currently available.

"Well, It's Not Wreckless...", May 30, 2002
Reviewer: chad steingraber from Lake Dallas, TX
-Chad Steingraber-
-Level Designer/Game Designer/3D Artist on The Terminator: Dawn of Fate-

I love racing/driving games, it is definately my favorite catagory..., unfortunately I get a specific game in my head and compare all other games to it. While playing Burnout, I found myself saying "that's cool" .....or "I wish it could have been like 'this' instead of 'that'..." throughout the game. It's not a bad game at all, it definately has the speed thing down....but there were bad points too. Graphic bugs like terrain popping in and out makes me not want to play (is that shallow? haha) the game. I like my driving games to be seemless...I like stuff to look pretty while I'm driving that too much to ask? This is definately a rent/borrow game before you buy it, because you may not like it...or you may love it. Me, all I said was, "Well, it's not Wreckless....."

the best racing game in todays times, May 9, 2002
Reviewer: BRIAN from chicago
burnout is on top of the list for racing games with a bullrt.grand turismo was the best for a while but its time is over burnout takes u to another level simply the best racing game on the market with its awseome picture quality and exciting crashes it ia amongst the greatest ever brian

Do you have the NEED, The NEED for speed?, May 8, 2002
Reviewer: Gary and Sarah Fox from Broken Arrow, Ok United States
This game reminds me in a lot of ways of 'The Need for Speed' series on the PS(Which I really miss). In fact, the only thing this game is lacking is POLICE chases. 'BURNOUT' is, well, FAST! I love the sense of speed. There is absolutely NO SLOWDOWN and the FRAME RATE is a perfect 60 fps(I always look for those two things first). The buildings look as good as 'Project Gotham' but flying by at a blistering speed. The trees look kinda funky, but they're easy to ignore. The game, to me, has a few flaws. The cars are a little weak in detail and there aren't enough to chose from. They say there is 14 tracks, but really only three or four but there are different conditions(like day, night or dusk) and maybe slight alternate routes. Kind of like 'Project Gotham' or 'Test Drive (Xbox). Also, I really wish game makers would create more options to remove all the junk off the screen(mph, time, laps remaining, position, etc.) I like all that [stuff] removed(Rush 2049-Dreamcast is perfect in that aspect). NONE of these complaints ruin this game for me. I love the big crashes and the awesome speed. POLICE chases would have made it better to me. A diffenate rental, if you don't mind repititon, buy it. I beat this game in only a few short hours. But, I still find myself wanting to get back in the drivers seat for a taste of some wild speed.

An A+++ game!, May 3, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from a place in the USA
This game is really cool. It has the best crashes I have ever seen. It is really challenging. There are lots of options to choose from and cool sound effects. It even has a crash replay option so if you wreck and you want to see it again, you can see it as many times as you want.

I reccomend this game to anyone who has an Xbox.

THE BEST RACER NEXT TO GT3, April 30, 2002
Reviewer: Andre Luciano from Port Chester, NY United States
This game is way cool. The updated graphics over the ps2 version is worth a purchase again. I loved this game on ps2, but I love it even more on the XBOX.The controls are good and the crashes are great.If you have an XBOX you have to get this game, IT ROCKS.

6 Minutes, March 14, 2002
Reviewer: joe from Cambridge, Cambridgeshire England
If you play this game for 6 minutes you will be hooked.

I have completed the PS2 version of this game. I usally get bored before I complete most games, but this one is very addictive. You just want to keep playing.

As you get better at it, you will be able to avoid oncoming traffic and obsticles with what seams like incredible skill, which will make your friends gasp with amazement.

The Xbox should make this very fast game even faster.

I might get one just for this game, even though I already have it.

5 Minute Fun, March 1, 2002
Reviewer: boogeybong from Seattle
I played this game on the PS2 and it was fun for about 5 minutes. I don't imagine it will be too much different for xbox. It got tiring so fast because you could love tap another vehicle and you would have wrecked and had to start at the same spot with a new car all the while your opponents are passing you at 120mph. This makes it seemingly impossible.

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