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MLB Slugfest 20-03

MLB Slugfest 20-03 by Midway Home Entertainment MLB Slugfest 20-03
by Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B000067861

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• Over-the-top, exaggerated game action
• Enormous, muscle-bound players
• Acrobatic, diving catches and turbo-powered throws
• Graphics detailed down to chewing and chatting on the sidelines
• Officially licensed by MLB Product Description: MLB SlugFest 20-03 features exaggerated, supercharged baseball action. With real Major League Baseball players, teams, and stadiums, the game puts the emphasis on adrenaline and over-the-top plays. Enormous, muscle-bound players take the field and perform incredible defensive plays, including acrobatic, diving catches and turbo-powered throws. While at the plate, gamers can dig in and unleash a mammoth blast clear out of the park. The animations are detailed to the point where you can view players on the field chewing gum, talking to one another, and cheering for their teammates. The game sets the tone with an original baseball anthem, "Riot at the Bat Rack," by the heavy metal group Dry Kill Logic.

Customer Reviews:
Going...Going...MAKE IT GONE!, October 26, 2002
Reviewer: lorddigital from New Jersey, USA
I was truly not impressed with this game at all. I am a long time avid gameplayer, I've owned every single system ever made and played a baseball game on almost every one as well. This one, well, it's just a bomb if you ask me. I can see where this game would appeal to the 12 year old crowd simply because it has a bevy of bosom boasting babes scattered throughout. But mainly, the game really let me down.

Gameplay? Where? It's so easy to pitch, no need to aim. Incredibly easy to whack home runs because the ball is pitched so incredibly slow in relation to scale. Now come on, a LEFT FIELD PLAYER can throw a batter out at FIRST???

Graphically it wasn't horrid, which accounts for the TWO stars. It was nice having normal teams. The load up time was incredibly long for this game, however, which was a royal turn off. Having players smoke and then flame was neat (A take off of NHL Hitz?) but used.

Overall, I wish I did not buy this game. I wish I had rented it first so the only thing I would regret was spending the [few dollars] on a rental instead of the cost of the game. I can't even say "Nice Try" to the creators because it simply wasn't. Please, think before you release something of this caliber because it will make me think twice about purchasing anything else from you again.

Bob Erving, October 17, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
This game is fun. It has great gameplay and I say everyone should get it. It is the best baseball game I have ever played.

VERY FUN...also very hard, October 3, 2002
Reviewer: chrisshadybell from Chatt Town
If you like baseball buy this game. It is a little fun with something extra. If you are just buying it for the fighting its not all that VARIED or even that much on fighting. Its just a small bonus. So this game is a MUST-BUY even though it is quite hard sometimes. But I love the batting system on SLUGFEST and the pitching is not perfect but it is PRETTY good.

The perfect antidote for boring (XBox) baseball games!, September 5, 2002
Reviewer: Bryce Butler from Monterey, CA United States
Let's face it: playing baseball on any video system can be painfully boring. Baseball is best played or viewed in person. For the average joe who is not a stat-tracking or rotisserie-playing baseball fan MLB Slugfest 20-03 on XBox fills the void by juicing up the game with more sharp hits, faster pitching, and exaggerated gameplay. This game, complete with Midway's "Turbo" function, is mostly for the fan that enjoys an offensive game filled with homeruns. Perhaps the greatest thing is that you can pick up this game not needing to know which team in the majors has the best pitching or batting and play for a half-hour quick fix. Also, you can beat, ahem, "hard tag" your favorite overpaid major league player on the basepaths. I'm hoping Midway adds a "hard tag" team owner or league commissioner function to next year's game, but I digress.

Games are customizable between 4-9 innings there's quickplay, 52 game season, and the classic Midway (TM) beat all the teams on the game mode. The only real drawback on this game is that the rosters are fixed at 12-13 (the latter for American League DH's) players so there's no pinch hitting or subbing runners.

Pitchers work off the mound with four specialty pitches and can juice their pitching with the "Turbo" button for otherworldly speed and movment. For example Seattle pitcher Jamie Moyer tosses a fastball on this game about 15 MPH faster than he can in real life. You can change pitchers but only 2 relievers are available. Pitchers can also bean batters to lower their attributes (hitting, power, speed). Don't be surprised if your ERA ends up in the double digits. Fielding is made easier by simply shifting you infield/outfield during pitch selection with the D-Pad. Fielding and throwing the ball is frustrating at first but can be quickly picked up. As a nice touch Midway uses the right thumbstick for direct throws to all of the bases (with Turbo of course).

The hitting makes the game. Every ball can be hit no matter how far out of the strike zone. It is simply a matter of timing. You can choose between contact, power, or bunting with the requisite drawbacks to each and you must wisely use your turbo to hit and advance runners. Sitting at the plate with Barry Bonds you can lift the ball out off the park with ease (and Turbo) and he'll stand at the plate to watch it fly out of the park then trot around the basepath. Homeruns are shown in several perspectives and not just in replay. If the homerun ball is hit well the game often moves from the hitter to pitcher perspective to follow the ball itself into the stands. Slugfest lets you know when you've hit it well. Perhaps the coolest feature of hitting is the on fire mode. The first two hitters on a team that go 2 for 2 get set on fire increasing their abilitiesn at the plate and in the field.

MLB Slugfest is for the occasional baseball fan who does not live for stats or heavy strategy but the sheer joy of baseball. Some may find the brawling aspects of this game distateful but the game is overall good clean (enhanced) fun. If you enjoy easy hitting and baseball for the simple fun of it this is the game for you.

Slugfest is awesome., July 31, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer
Now I don't mean that it is awesome for Xbox, not PS2 or gamecube. Xbox is the only one with good graphics. But anyway this game is the best baseball game ever. The amount of detail is incredible,plus there is no rule in this game that says you may not fight with other players. Definately a 5 star.

wHAKED!, July 22, 2002
Reviewer: Colton Burr from Rockingham, NC
Though [one reviewer] was lying about other planets,mascots, and jumping into the tv and play with the pros, he wasnt lying when he gave this game 5 stars! This is by far the best baseball game that i have ever played. The one on one battle mode where two players get a shot at charging the mound with a bat and beat the pitcher till hes lying face down in the dirt unconscious is so lifelike! Or the street stadiums where u play in the street cars and all ( its so real the way the players crumple when a car rolls over them)! Also the hit-a-batter contest where you get to pick a pitcher and hit as many batters in 30 seconds as you can. You need to get to your phone right now and call your grandma and tell her a sad story so shell feel sorry for you and buy you this game right now!

..., May 14, 2002
Reviewer: matt grode from where ever I want to be
this game is incredible. My favorite part is when you get to jump in the tv and play baseball with the real proffessional baseball players. The custom season where u get to be a majorleague baseball mascot is also amazing.But the best part is the stadiums on other planets. My favorite planets to play on are mars, saturn, and uranus.I also enjoyed the baseball death matches against old time players. The best players on the game are satan, george busch, Janet Reno, cartman, and spiderman.This game is all that and a bag of potato chips.Jump in your rocket ship and go get it today. This is by far the best game for x-box 9000. This article is for all you people who write reviews before the game is even out.

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