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NHL Hitz 2003

NHL Hitz 2003 by Midway NHL Hitz 2003
by Midway

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00006C28P

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• A complete hockey experience
• Full seasons, with every team and every game
• In-depth stat tracking
• Fantasy teams and stadiums
• Soundtrack featuring Rob Zombie and Powerman 5000 Product Description: NHL Hitz 2003 is an ice-melting inferno of blistering hockey. It features a new franchise mode for deep gameplay, a full season with every team and every game, in-depth stat tracking, international and all-star teams, fantasy teams and stadiums, and a soundtrack with Rob Zombie and Powerman 5000.

From the Developer: Officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA, NHL Hitz 2003 unleashes a total hockey experience with even more visually stunning graphics; lightning-fast, extreme-style hockey gameplay; and realistic NHL attributes, plus Hitz's signature hard-checking, adrenaline-style sports action.

As the only dedicated adrenaline-style hockey video game franchise for next-generation platforms, NHL Hitz 2003 showcases over-the-top three-on-three (plus goalies) gameplay with players who leap, glide, check, pass, and score on would-be defenders. This 2003 version of Hitz runs up the score on the hockey video game category with new features such as the all-new franchise mode, which enhances the single gamer experience by giving users the power to create a team from infancy, grow that team through international competition, earn a franchise, and eventually compete for the Stanley Cup.

All-new game modes add challenge and depth to the gameplay experience. For those new to the ice, NHL Hitz 2003's hockey school offers a tutorial, while veteran fans will appreciate even more minigames and an in-depth new season mode that enables detailed statistics tracking, player trades using trade logic, a playoff tree, and official NHL awards.

NHL Hitz 2003 also suits up with bigger, stronger, and faster players. Improved goalie logic, behavior, animations, and control make it tougher to score while a visual aggression meter tips off gamers as to which players are more likely to drop the gloves.

To add to the element of realism, NHL teams take on the same playing style as their real-life counterparts, and two-man motion capture animations provide gamers a more realistic view of the action. Hitz also delivers enhancements to its signature, over-the-top play with secret arenas presented in a unique fantasy setting as well as hidden teams and special players to unlock along the way.

Customer Reviews:
Great game, November 7, 2002
Reviewer: peter from fugy
the 20-02 was great but this game was awsome but the graphics are not perfect,you can play with your friends any time you want ,i give this game 4 stars.

It could of been better, September 23, 2002
Reviewer: michael milano from westmont, new jersey United States
well, I was playing this game and at first I was pleased with the graphics, however I thought the game play was slow, and slugish, I thought at time that the players were skating on mud instead of ice. But once I got play better, and I was skating better, I still found the game to be mildly entertaining. So I give it three out of five stars.

The programmers had too many HITZ ...!, September 20, 2002
Reviewer: James Malec from North Wildwood, NJ USA.....BABY!!!
Hitz is a game you turn on, pick a team, and ten have fun dragging your best friend up and down the ice! It's about big hits and bigger scores. So why all the changes? Hitz 2003 is more like any old standard hockey game.

I have many gripes for this one and I'm writing this review only two days after it was released.

First off, Where is the screen where you can input codes like "win fights for goals", "no puck out of play", and my all time favorite, "unlimited turbo"? Yeah, some of them can be accessed through the options menu but not the good ones which I've come to love...and the game blows without them.

Secondly, I started playing a francise mode game. Played a few. Won a few. And, you guessed it...lost a few too. After a while, like any other normal human being, you get a little weary of playing. So, the million dollar question...What do you do?? Very good, you save the game. The next day I decide to go and have another shot at the game, to see if I like it any better than my first impression. NOPE. I come to find that my game never saved properly and had to start fresh all over again. Nice, huh?

Third, the gameplay isn't as fast, or good for that matter. It isn't as easy to score, the big plays that should don't, and the ones that shouldn't do. The puck, cpu players, and even your own player don't react as well as the did in 2002.

Next, the game crashed on me a couple of times already. Not just that, it's slow as hell loading, not as it's booting up, just when you're fooling around with jersey colors or checking out some of the rinks and things of that nature.

I could probably go on and on about my dislikes of the game here but I think most of you will get my point.

In my opinion, THIS GAME [is not good]! Most games following in a series try to take a couple of steps forward with each new installment. This one fell back about ten miles....or more.

If you happen to be a really big fan of the series (which I am or was at least) RENT IT FIRST. Trust me! You are not going to be pleased. Otherwise Stick to 2002. It's a far better game.

A great followup to 20-02, September 18, 2002
Reviewer: Stevin C. Kestner from Greenfield, IN United States
My friends and I have been huge fans of 20-02 since it came out a year ago. So we were naturally very excited about the prospects of 20-03. We were not at all disappointed. This version is a much deeper experience than last year's version. If you played 20-02, you may have noticed all the various logos available when you created a team. This year, all of those logos have computer based teams for you to play as or against. The modes are much deeper, including what amounts to a world domination mode where you begin in small arenas (those of last years game) against minor league teams and work your way up to play the big boys. Your custom rosters are also deeper. You begin with last years six players and one goalie but as you progress in this mode you can add additional players for even more depth. The graphics have been upgraded as well. You can now clearly differentiate between players solely by their faces. A couple of things different than 20-02 that I've noticed already. One, instead of scoring three goals to catch on fire and your team needing three one-timers for team fire, this year it is much easier to do both. By playing solid defense and making some nice plays, you have two status bars that gradually fill up. Hit the white button after the first bar fills, boom, you're on fire. If you wait until both are full, hello team fire. Another difference is in the fighting. This year, after a fight the winner and a teammate of the loser (who is still gone) are in the penalty box for 30 seconds. During this time, it's 2 on 2. One more difference I've noticed is that you upgrade your team's attributes as a team and not individually (after so much experience, your entire team increases speed, strength, and so on), but you also get equipment upgrades that can be used individually. It sounds complicated and I'm still feeling it out, but I think it's going to add great depth. Add to all this mini-games (tic-tac-toe, shooting out windows, king of the rink) and it just blows 20-02 away. It takes a little getting used to, but if you liked 20-02, you should be blown away by 20-03.

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