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Transworld Snowboard

Transworld Snowboard by Infogrames Entertainment Transworld Snowboard
by Infogrames Entertainment

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen

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Customer Reviews:
Transworld Snowboarding, November 6, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Salt Lake City, UT United States
Graphically this game by far surpasses any other snowboarding game on the XBox. I have every snowboarding game except for Dark Summit and this rates second on my list. This game does not have quality AI like Amped does. You can grind things, but that's it, just a regular board slide. You cannot perform any variation of a nosepress or a tailpress. It's difficult to get the high scores because you have to perform combos that are difficult. The controls are different from other snowboarding games and they take a while to get used to. I agree with one of the earlier comments about this game. It's a little unrealistic when it comes to crashing. You have to take a 50 foot drop and land on your back in order to crash. I bought this game looking for backcountry riding, but there are only two levels on the entire game with backcountry. There is too much slopestyle and racing, however, the SLC Ghetto level is awesome! If you want slopestyle, go with ESPN X Games snowboarding and if you want backcountry and realistic runs, go with Amped. I would recommend this game to someone who likes snowboarding more than the average Joe. Overall this game is fun, but not quite the caliber of Amped.

This is sad., October 31, 2002
Reviewer: -dak from OH United States
I had this game for 1 day and returned it. The graphics glitches (clipping) were constant. You can ride a rail but your board is a foot to the right of it. If you hit a fence enough you will 'pop' through it. It was also SLOW. I can ride faster than this in real life... and that's not saying much. The layout of the first level (I couldn't stomach it long enough to get to another level) was also poor. A very boring game. They should have spent less time making the backgrounds look good and made the game fun. There were some nice touches, like 'live' animals that run around in front of you, along with traffic when you're on a road, and snowmobiles and powder-cats.

Oh, and even though there are 5 modes to this game, three of them don't have any mountains available until you achieve all of the goals on the first run in career mode. Not a good 'pick up and play' game.

Fun, but a little disappointing, October 30, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from colorado
This game definitely is closer to the likes of Amped than SSX Tricky, which means this game is more of a realistic simulation type of snowboard game. In a nutshell, this game is pretty fun; I like the way you can explore all over the place to look for new trails. Graphically, this game is a little disappointing. considering how long this game was in development, I expected more refinement for the xbox system. It's almost impossible to crash in this game, but overall the physics system is OK. The goals are pretty straight forward, which consist of scoring a certainn # of points, performing a specific trick, or breaking through a door or wall or something; you can buzz through about 9 levels in your first sitting, so overall, I'd have to say that the gameplay is pretty easy. Overall, this game is "fun", especially if you simply enjoy carving up the mountain and aren't too focused on the "tour" mode. If you're looking for a snowboard game on this system, SSX Tricky is probably still the most fun out of them as the wacky gameplay and characters make for something a little more enjoyable.

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