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SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky by Electronic Arts SSX Tricky
by Electronic Arts

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00005Q6Y7

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• Intense action and strong storytelling elements
• Shifting alliances and rivalries between characters
• Brand-new Garibaldi and Alaska tracks
• Six new riders
• Soundtrack by Mix Master Mike, Aphrodite, and the Plump DJs Product Description: Grab your board and take on the slopes of SSX as you've never seen them before. Two brand-new runs, six never-before-seen riders, and tons of original tricks, shortcuts, and jumps make SSX Tricky the ultimate snowboarding experience. With voices supplied by celebrities such as Oliver Platt and Macy Gray, the SSX Tricky riders come to life on the snow-covered icy mountain courses.

Establish friendships, create rivalries, and show off your high-flying skills in three different types of races. And when you're ready to catch real air, reach into your bag and bust out one of the crazy new über-tricks that take airborne flight to the next level, with flips, twirls, and more. New Garibaldi and Alaska courses let you get more vertical and catch more air, while all the original courses have some new surprises. Six new riders join most of the original SSX crew to provide a wide range of abilities and competition.

Customer Reviews:
It Stinks!, November 9, 2002
Reviewer: Dean Rivera from Bethpage, NY USA
I don't like the game. SSX is so much better.

A Decent, Yet Fundamentally Flawed, Game, November 5, 2002
Reviewer: johnpelowski from New York
SSX Tricky is a decent game on the whole. However, it problems cannot be easily dismissed. Faults, sometimes minor and sometimes major, can be found with almost every aspect of the game. Thus, what could have been an extremely great game has been degraded to a mediocre one.

Control Scheme:
It is obvious that absolutely no thought was put into designing the game's controls. While it may be relatively easy to put off the simplest grabs with a simple button press, you often have to press two buttons plus a shoulder trigger to execute a grab. This is just no practical on the unwieldy original XBOX controller (I have not tried it with the newer and smaller controller). Instead of this nonsensical arrangement, a trick control method more similar to the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater idea should have been used. This would enable plenty of grabs to be performed relatively easily. In addition to this, the tweaking feature for tricks could have been improved. Had the THPS trick scheme been used, pressing a shoulder trigger would have been ideal for tweaking. Unfortunately, tweaking requires pressing another of the six right hand thumb buttons. As you can guess, this is very complicated since most gamers have only one right thumb. Finally, when you build up your special trick meter, you have no choice over which special trick will be executed, since there is only one combination of buttons for the specials. This is simply inferior, as some tricks take longer to complete than others and would only be appropriate at some times. It is even doubtful that some specials can be completed, no matter how much air time you have. This is perhaps the most maddening aspect of the control scheme. I could go on about how ridiculously difficult it is to pull off some combos, though this would be somewhat redundant. There is one nice aspect about the controls, though. If you want to spin or flip, all you have to do is press a direction on the directional pad before you launch off the jump. This frees the gamer from having to hold a "spin" or "flip" button while in the air, thus allowing more buttons to be utilized in the (faulty) control scheme.

Level Design:
When a game says "Tricky" on the, I expect there to be a ton of spots to trick off in the levels. It seems that the emphasis was put on designing racing courses instead of parks and pipes, which is really quit unfortunate. The levels are relatively linear and while they do have some good launches, you actually have to work to find a place to bust a move. This is the case even in the trick mode, where ramps and rails are all over the place. Believe it or not, there is only one true halfpipe in the whole game. Other areas can be made to suffice as a halfpipe or quarterpipe, but these are few and far between. Some levels are just plain annoying, like the Aloha Ice Jam tunnels section or the bleak and boring terrain of Untracked. Others, like Alaska, are almost impossible to get down without crashing a lot, as there is so much garbage and curves in the path.

The music in this game can only be described as lame, especially since an "all-star" team made it. The songs all sound the same, and lyrics are never heard during the game. It is possible to listen to the songs individually while not playing, but who wants to do that? Also, the repetition of the RUN DMC track "Tricky" every time you fill up your special meter gets old quickly.

Each character has very few recorded interactions with the other characters. It seems that before every race you have to watch the character respond to a taunt in exactly the same way they do every time. Also, some characters are primarily equipped with racing boards and only have one (or maybe even zero) freestyle boards. This can make doing tricks quite difficult, since riding and landing fakie are out of the question. Finally, the tricks get very outlandish at times, not only with the specials but with regular tricks too. Therefore, if you are looking for a realistic snowboarding game, I suggest you look elsewhere....

Lots of ... thrills!, October 27, 2002
Reviewer: Walter Reade from Appleton, WI United States
The game is fun, fast, and furious. Less-than-spectacular graphics aside, the game provides hours of arcade-style snow boarding action. There are plenty of levels and characters to keep you busy. I found the "trick" levels more fun than the "racing" levels, but they both had their certain highpoints. The game is appropriate for younger kids, but is great fun for adults. The game has plenty of replay, and is a good investment.

Get ready to SHRED!, October 1, 2002
Reviewer: A 9-year old gamer
Flipping boards, unrealistic tricks (what I mean by unrealistic tricks, you can flip boards and swing them around your neck). If you unlock the character named Zoe, you can do a trick called "Near Miss", I think she takes it out from under her and flips the board and does a backflip, grabs onto the back of it and flips around again, and gets back on it. In other words, this game is AWESOME!!!

A Fun and Colorful Game that Luckily Landed on Xbox, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
A Fun and Colorful Game that Luckily Landed on Xbox
The title says it all. Because this is a special game. It is highly recomended. There are few (if any now that I think about it) flaws in this game. It is highly recomended.

Don't be tricked get amped, August 28, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
I've found that Amped is a better game than SSXtricky. SSXtricky is hard to learn the controlls for. It seems very unrealistic. You can do four of five rodeos, where in amped you might be able to do two front flips. Also, you can hit a rail at 70mph which can't be done. I beleive that Amped has beter contolls, it's easy to learn but hard to master, while SSXtricky is hard to learn and play. Picked Amped it much more fun to play and with may levels to challange you. If you don't know how to snowboard pick SSXtricky. If you know to snowboard or are a wanna be pick Amped.

addicting, addicting, and did I say addicting, August 22, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Minneapolis
Great game.....very addicting. Graphics are great. Every boarder has their own personality. A must game for great mindless play!

So-So..., July 30, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Los Angeles, CA United States
I had the original SSX on PS2 and although Ive only just played it for a few hours I am noticing that there is not much difference between the two versions. The special moves or uber-tricks are definately cool. If you have the original ssx id advise you to rent tricky before you buy, otherwise go for it, its an awesome game with stunning visuals. Havent gotten around to checking out amped but i will soon.....

rock the boards, July 22, 2002
Reviewer: thacrunka from noneofyourbiz,USA
I thought this game was a childish excuse for snowboarding at first, but then I played is a cool game with tight tricks and graphics.go get this won't be has marisol,seeiah,psymon,JP,and a bunch of other coll chars.pick it up!thacrunka's out

Fun and addictive, June 7, 2002
Reviewer: moondance34 from South Deerfield, MA USA
SSX Tricky is my favorite X-Box game so far. It is challenging, yet very rewarding once you master the art of timing jumps and doing tricks. The courses are a lot of fun, and the different modes of play keep the game interesting once you have beaten it. The celebrity voices are also entertaining.

SSX Tricky also has excellent DVD content that details the game-making process and includes interviews with the celebrities.

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