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All Star Baseball 2003

All Star Baseball 2003 by Acclaim All Star Baseball 2003
by Acclaim

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00005V95P

Check price @ Product Description: This game features all-new player models created with 3-D CyberScan technology for one of the most realistic representations of player faces ever seen. There are 10 game modes for great depth of replay. Modes include Exhibition, Season, Career, Franchise, Expansion, All-Star Game, Series, Manager, Home Run Derby, and Batting Practice. Franchise mode allows users to play and build their favorite team for up to 20 consecutive seasons. All-new Expansion Play lets you choose a city, stadium, and team logo and add that team into the major leagues. And the Expansion Draft lets you draft from a pool of unprotected players, and build a team from free agents and minor-leaguers.

There is a three-man broadcast booth with Bob Brenly, Thom Brennaman, and Steve Lyons, for in-depth commentary. The Cooperstown Hall of Fame team features sluggers from the past like Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, and Yogi Berra. All 30 major-league teams and over 900 players are represented, all with official stadiums, logos, and uniforms. There are over 50 stadiums to choose from, including eight classic stadiums and 10 expansion stadiums.

Customer Reviews:
GREAT Baseball game., October 30, 2002
Reviewer: Derrick from Indianapolis, IN
All Star Baseball 2003 is a great game. It looks and plays really well. You also have a ton of options to chose alternate, throwback, or current uniforms for each team. There's an expansion mode in which you can create your own MLB team, put them in a new city with a new park. I'm amazed at how much attention to detail acclaim paid in this game. In the Franchise mode, you have a farm team to keep track of how well your young guys are developing, as well as a plethora of managerial and everyday stats. You can even check the weather report for the game, and it DOES make a diffrence in how the game is played (how well the ball travels, etc.)

This is a great game, and I'd recommend it to any sports fan. There's a ton of options so you wont get bored until All Star Baseball 2004!

Great game, October 22, 2002
Reviewer: randy lee richmond jr from Van Lear, Ky USA
All-star baseball is a great game, but i prefer world series baseball for xbox.

world series baseball is better, September 29, 2002
Reviewer: randy lee richmond jr from van lear, kentucky United States
I just writing to tell you not to waste your money on all star baseball 2003 because the game is boring. World Series Baseball is better on xbox.

Pretty darn good, July 15, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Florida, USA
Just bought the game yesterday. I'm very happy with the graphics quality. Busch Stadium looks so real. The players look real too. Especially great game ... I would like to try World Series bball but until I can get one ..., this will do.

Buy World Series 2003 Not This, July 9, 2002
Reviewer: Jose J. Rojo from Santa Barbara, CA USA
While certainly not as horrible as Triple Play Baseball, this game has two negatives which in my mind are so vital to a good baseball game that they destroy any chances this has of being one.

1. Starting pitchers tire after 4 or 5 innings. Not even Curt Schilling or Randy Johnson stand a chance of getting a CG.

2. Each game takes 1hr 15min to 2 hrs to complete.

I returned this game in exchange for World Series 2003 and am much happier for that decision.

Better than World Series Baseball and Triple Play 2002, July 5, 2002
Reviewer: Keshav Krishnan from Sugar Land TX USA
This game is a great game. You can play an exhibition game, season, home run derby, franchise mode, expansion mode, and the new batting practice! In franchise, you can play up to 20 seasons. Some players, get better, some get worse, and some even retire.In the all star game, it isn't the same players every time. The players that have done the best go to the all star game.Same thing in expansion just that you make up a team.

1. Real 2002 rosters
2. Unlock NL Legends, AL Legends, and can play as Cooperstown Legends
3.Draft, change rosters.

1. Too easy to hit a home run
2. Too many errors

Those are the pros and cons.

If you are a baseball fan, buy this game. Otherwise, you should probably rent this game first.

Nice try, June 30, 2002
Reviewer: sarfdawg from Grayson, GA
Decent graphics with sometimes jaw-dropping thought to detail (e.g., pitchers wearing jackets on basepaths, broken bats, etc.). That said, game is too damn hard to win. I'm very good at baseball games, and I haven't beaten the CPU in about 25 games. I'm frustrated as hell with it. Not that I need the ease of Triple Play to boost the ole' ego, but come on!!

I'm looking forward to checking out World Series baseball, I'll leave it at that.

Has Potential, June 18, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
All Star Baseball 2002 is overall a pretty good game. The only thing holding it from greatness is a few problems. One problem is that the computer pitcher hardly ever throws balls making it nearly impossible to draw walks. Another major problem is that on Franchise you can only play a 162 game season. Now who has enough time to play a few 162 game seasons. Another big problem is the replays. They come on every play and disrupt the play. For instance there could be a past ball and instead of allowing the runner to advance it goes to replay. The Home Run Derby mode is terrible, it is way to hard to hit a homerun. In 10 outs you will be lucky to hit 1 homerun. The game also came out to early so it is missing a lot of players. Some players are even missing that were on the team last year. There is no excuse for that. For example, the A's are missing there number 4 starting pitcher Cory Lidle, who had a great season last year. The A's are also missing last year's starting second baseman Frank Menechino and relief pitcher Jeff Tam. They did a terrible job on doing the players. Players are ranked by a letter grade and you are not allowed to see there specific stats. For instance a player could be a B and you would not know if he is a good hitter or fielder or things of that nature. It makes it very hard to make managerial decisions, part of what makes baseball great. With a few fixes this game could be the top game next year, but until than look elsewhere.

Not as good as World Series, June 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from MA
This game would have been the best if it incorporated the in depth franchise mode that World Series Baseball has. The developing players, the salary cap, contracts, etc...the graphics are top notch, but the gameplay is still to arcade like. Too many runs, not enough pitching, and unrealistic pitch speeds.. (John Burkett pitching 96 mph?) Anyways, I will stick with WSB until these problems are straightened out.

Great Game!!, May 27, 2002
Reviewer: spidrdane from United States
This is by far the best baseball game I have ever played. You wont find yourself hitting tons of homers in every game like Triple Play, its much more realistic. The game doesnt keep track of as many stats as High Heat, but has just about every one I pay attention to. If you are just looking for an a game with great graphics I suggest World Series Baseball, but if you are looking for great gameplay this is the game for you.

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