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Triple Play 2002

Triple Play 2002 by Electronic Arts Triple Play 2002
by Electronic Arts

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00005V6BH

Check price @ Product Description: Triple Play 2002 gives next-generation gamers the essential MLB experience. America's national pastime comes to life with new scanned player faces, new player models, and a faster pitching interface that keeps the action flowing. All the favorite Triple Play options are here and better than ever, including Create-a-Player, free agents, authentic ballparks, and the fantasy draft. New to this edition is widescreen TV support so you can see every last detail, a refined and intuitive pitcher-batter interface, signature batting and pitching styles, 3-D scanned faces of everyone from A-Rod to Zeile, and all-new commentary from Bob Costas and Harold Reynolds.

Customer Reviews:
BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, October 30, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Oceanside, CA USA
This is very very sad. The last two were ten times better. But that was on PC, but still the worst game on xbox.

dissapointing, July 15, 2002
Reviewer: phillip
this game was terrible, don't buy it. The graphics and announcers are horribly dissapointing. The home run derby is the worst, the annamation is very bad.

A Terrible Game, May 25, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Chevy Chase, MD United States
This game is terrible. It is slow and boring. I rented it and got bored with it after about five minutes. This game is marketed as a realistic simulation, but is far from it. In exhibition, it won't take you more than a couple of minutes to realize that every other foul ball goes to the same exact same place. The same thing happens with homeruns and basehits. They all end up going to the same exact spot with the same exact animation. Also, where are the routine fly balls. Homeruns outnumber fly balls 100 to 1. It is not uncommon to see multiple back-to-back-to-back homeruns in a game or even in an inning. Actual player skills make no difference. Hitting a homerun with Barry Bonds is just as hard (or just as easy) as hitting a homerun with some guy who didn't hit a single homerun last year.

You would think that by switching the level of play, the homeruns would slow down. Not exactly. The only difference is that the computer starts hitting all of the homeruns. It is no fun winning 100 to 1 or losing 100 to 1. A quick glance at the scoreboard and you would think that you were playing football or basketball. Hey! The uneven level of play is starting to reminf me of the MLB and their greedy salary-cap hating players.

I haven't even begun to mention the minor problems with the game or the problems with the graphics. I'm the kind of guy who likes all of the "little things" added to a game to keep it more realistic. In Triple Play 2002, you have to hit 90 mph curveballs in the Homerun Derby and the Expos sell out every game. Baseball is one of the easiest sports to get right because it does not have continuous action. EA Sports needed to get this right because of the increasing competition from Sega Sports. They failed miserably, making me even more devoted to Sega Sports. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

It ain't perfect...but kid, you ain't either!, May 6, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Tacoma, WA United States
All these gamers whining about this and that- the game is fine-
the stadiums look terrific... o.k. so the heads are a bit oversized at times, it's kinda funny sometimes.

Anyways, rent the darn game if you wanna find out if you like a game, why you askin' me anyways?

What happened?, May 1, 2002
Reviewer: Stephen Steele from Silver Spring, Maryland United States
Having been a huge fan of the Triple Play series for the PC, I couldn't wait to play the Xbox version, purchasing it on the day of release. What the hell happened? Where are the rewards that were a staple of the PC version. The choice of multiple angles in the field and while batting?

The game is not awful, there's some good strategy opportunities while pitching (hitting, in time, becomes way too easy even in All Star mode). But EA Sports continues to take steps backward in its latest releases.

The stadium graphics are above average in some instances, but ridiculous in others. For examples, in the game version trees surround Shea Stadium, which in reality is surrounded by junk yards and auto body shops. While I'm at it, the players disproportionate features is extremely annoying. The Mets' portly first baseman, Mo Vaughn, is depicted with the body of an Olympic swimmer in the Xbox version. Others look like cavemen with oversized heads on puny bodies.

Attention to detail is what sets an oustanding sports game from the rest of the pack. And while Triple Play's game play is functionally above average, the lack of realistic details makes it a lesser choice among games already available.

Lets hurry up! The season is starting!, April 29, 2002
Reviewer: Andre L. Firmin from Pearland, TX United States
That is exactly what EA did with this game. It was definately hurried. EA left themselves an extremely low baseline to improve upon. I expect a better effort next time. If you love baseball you will still enjoy this game.

Will there ever be a good baseball game?, April 25, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Hoboken, NJ United States
This game was a major disappointment for a number of reasons.

1 - Choppy game play. Your fielders should not pause for a second every time before throwing the ball. Very annoying. With all of the player animations these days, the game play is not nearly as smooth. Does anyone remember Baseball Stars for the original NES? One of the smoothest playing baseball games, just lacked in the graphics department. But hey, that was then.

2 - Horrible camera view options, both manual and automatic. Home runs are the most exciting part of baseball, and to have the camera fixed at home plate while you watch the ball fade out of sight 400 feet away is very anti-climactic. There is no watching the runners round the bases, just a meager celebration at the plate. Poor.

3 - Having to view Point #2 in instant replay in the exact same camera view it originally occurred in. One of the best upgrades a few years back was the option to rotate the camera around a given spot and to zoom in. What happened to that? It's in every other game.

4 - Commentary annoying, although, what game doesn't have annoying commentators if you play it enough? Drawback anyway.

5 - Competition not too difficult. Many sports games become easy to master, so therefore, to avoid Points 1 & 5, I simply play a game on user for both sides and switch controller use to the team that is batting. It makes for even competition and I don't have to deal with the frustrating fielding play.

The controller switch option mid-game is the only option that made me keep the game.

Disappointed, April 24, 2002
Reviewer: charles kuehl from atlanta, ga
I've been playing the Triple Play series for years on Playstation 1 and frankly this X-box game is not near the fun that those games were and still are. The major thing is that it is too easy. I hate the batting directional and wish I could take it off. The old games would take me some time to get through the individual levels but this one I moved straight into the Pro Level and I'm like 10-1. (Had too much wine on the loss). Most of the games are blow outs. I'm practicing on the highest level but I think I've got the level figured out for the season.

I've had the game just a couple of weeks and I'm kicking the games tail. This was not the way the old games were. You had to work and practice to get better. I find myself bored with the game and then go back to play Madden football.

Disappointing to say the least - A Lazy Effort by EA, April 10, 2002
Reviewer: Bob Bernstein from Collierville, TN USA
* Can't customize within the levels of gameplay. This was a feature back in 1995 - gone.
* Instant replay - can't change angles, no slow motion - gone.
* Batter view / camera angles - gone.
* Fielding - Players look like little stick people - zoomed out too much.
* Players look like bobble-head dolls.
* Menu system is horrible and slow.
* Bob Costas and Chris Rock? - Dat wuz a sweeeeeeet play Bob!
* Back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers on Pro level. Hmmmm
* Players don't throw the ball on the run anymore - gone.

EA could have done so much more with the very capable X-Box. Looked like a lazy effort. I've never played anyone else's baseball games (except the old Nintendo Baseball - remember with Babe Ruth and all those guys (that was fun!)), so I can only compare to previous versions of the game. The programmers should take some lessons from their NHL crew. Disappointed.

TRIPLE PLAY ALL THE WAY!!!!, April 5, 2002
Reviewer: A 10-year old gamer
Triple Play 2002 is amazing!!! I'm a HUGE baseball fan, and they only have 2 baseball games, All Star Baseball 2003,which stinks like dog poop. And then there is tp2002!!! Here are some CONS which will help:
Graphics: not so hot. you'd think they'd be better for xbox.
Commentary: Bob Costas back from the dead. every time i hear his voice i think: 2002 Olympics.
Play: Perfect. you'd be mad because yur down 3-0. But if u do a draft you can get one helluva lineup and come back to win.
Feature: Draft. U can get a horrible team like the d-rays, and go to win the world series.BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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