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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon by UBI Soft Ghost Recon
by UBI Soft

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00006LU9L

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Customer Reviews:
Did they release this game still in Beta version?, November 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Sacramento, CA United States
This is the first game that I have owned that will be going back to the store. If you are looking for a Conflict Desert Storm type game with better graphics, do not look here. There is a huge flaw in the execution of same screen co-op mode. The game only allows the selection of a primary dossier, once selected, co-op can be started, however when the game loads, no matter which profile is selected for the second player, the game will default the second player with default settings. This is a big problem if the second player wants to play with non-inverted controls. The next big disappointment was in the system link mode. THIS IS NOTHING LIKE HALO! It limits players to one player per x-box, 2 players per game, however it will play 8 games simultaneously. The design of this game was clearly written for x-box live, with little attention to system-link, or co-op modes. There are some good things, the graphics are decent, and the environments are large. Game movement is smooth, and the AI enemies are challenging. I'm left wondering if the release of this game was forced before completion, with the intention of having release titles for x-box live.

A must get Xbox Live title, November 11, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Maplewood, Minnesota USA
If you'rea counter-strike fan, or any online FPS fan, this is a must-get game. Based on Red Storm Entertainment's history (Rainbow Six series), Ghost Recon didn't earn 2001 PC game of the year for nothing. It allows 16-players to go online with voice communications. It is a more upgraded and polished version of the PC title. Team-work and realism is what this game is about. And the voice communications capabilities makes this game even better than the PC version.

Ghost Recon - the best Online experience, October 23, 2002
Reviewer: Ted from LA
Ghost Recon is the killer app for XBOX Live! This game has it all but I found the online capabilities to be the most compelling feature. The environment is a relatively controlled environment with only up to 16 online players. I think they were smart to put a limit on the players because it keeps the pace and flow true to what you would expect in war, unlike many other online games' frenetic war-play style.

Those other games are definitely fun to play but they are 'unreal', or should I say 'less real'. If you are looking for real combat action, go Ghost.

Game of the Year, again!, October 16, 2002
Reviewer: Rocky from Burlingame, CA
Tom Clancy's detail about weapons and tactical maneuvers made Ghost Recon the PC "Game of the Year" according to the magazines. This should be a great game for the Xbox.

Ghost Recon will be an XBox hit, October 16, 2002
Reviewer: Jay Sehorn from San Francisco- GO GIANTS!!!
The multiplayer capabilities of Ghost Recon on the PC made it intense. It will be insane on the Xbox with the communicator headset!

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