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Brute Force

Brute Force by Microsoft Brute Force
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00006JC3S

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Customer Reviews:
This game is extrmely good, and i have actually played it., November 3, 2002
Reviewer: GoldenPimp from Top of the world
Everyone who says that this game isn't as good as halo is totally wrong. I own Halo and i love it (rapped it 6 times now twice on legendary!) but i think Brute Force takes the cake over Halo. My uncle hooked me up with playing the unfinished game and my eyes almost fell out the graphics are so good the story line is excellent and extremely deep. There are alot of mind boggling weapons and a large variety of protagonists. The idea of being the 4 people instead of just one is excellent.

This Game is Straight Pimp.

It might be good but not that good, October 27, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
Listen up if you think this game is going to rock you can think that but if you play halo damn that game is mad ill. I mean you get to pick up alien guns its easy to move. This game it pretty hard to move your all crammed. I say if you want to buy it buy it but my best advice to you is rent it at blockbuster see if its made for you. ps. GET HALO

I've read the info, I've seen the videos and I know the game, October 1, 2002
Reviewer: bigpimpjimmy from Las Vegas, NV United States
If you are looking for the next video game to suck you in to another world and never let go, like Halo...this is it! It's not be first-person shooter like Halo, but don't let that stop you! The game is a third-person shooter being published by Microsoft and if all the hype is true, will remind you why the XBOX is the most powerful gaming machine in the world. Let me tell you the cool features.

CONTROLS OF MULTIPLE PEOPLE: Rather than control one character like in Halo, you control a team of four commandos, each with their own skills. You use the skills and abilities of each commandos for certain tasks. Imagine using a highly skilled sniper that can take out an enemy in a single precise shot, then using the assault trooper to take on a platoon of troops, then finishing of the base with your demoltion specialist.

TONS OF LEVELS: There will be six different exotic worlds, each with a unique environment, enemies and gameplay strategies. Gamers will learn how to best use the unique abilities of the commandos to survive in each world.

MULTILAYER: My favorite part of Halo was the multiplayer. And just like Halo, Brute Force will have Co-op and deathmatch mulitplayer for up to four gamers. While in Halo you can only have two players in co-op now you can battle it out with up to three friends through the entire mission campaign. Each player can select which member of the squad to control, and jump in or out of the game at any time. Snipe the enemy from behind while squad-mates blaze forward with the heavy stuff. Or sneak ahead as the scout to decide how to instruct teammates to fight with optimal tactics. Also, friends can battle it out against one another in a variety of deathmatch modes.

WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: How does miniguns, Sonic Cannons, Stealth Suits, Sniper Rifles, and Psychic Blasts sound?, Each weapon is specifically designed to take advantage of certain enemies and environments. Like in Halo you must learn the strengths of each weapon to best exploit the weaknesses of your foe.

AMAZING GRAPHICS and SOUND: If you thought you have seen gorgeous graphics, you haven't seen nothing yet. This game will blow you away. Not to mention the sound. Many games coming out for the XBOX support Dolby 5.1 surround and Brute Force is no exception.

So there you have it. Brute Force will be one more reason that the XBOX is the best video game machine in the world. I think Brute Force, Panzar Dragoon, and Unreal Championship will show people how good video games can really look. Well, at least until Doom III and Halo 2 come out next year.

Reviewer: A gamer
I think that Brute Force is gonna be a terrific game... I've seen the videos and read about, but there is one thing that's bothering me. All these people say that Brute Force is gonna be better than Halo and I'm pretty confident in saying that they probably never even played Brute Force...... Look people, it's gonna take more than fancy graphics and great gameplay to beat Halo, a game that already has those things. It's gonna take a DEEP ... story line and 100000000000000000000000000 ton of replay value, dont forget an addictive multiplayer... Besides, even if the game is better than Halo, big deal, then there was Halo 2.....

Dont get me wrong though. I am very excited about Brute Force and even more since I found it will be an xbox live game. XBox Live's lineup is stronger than the xbox's launch lineup, which says a lot....mechassault, unreal championship, and others...Maybe the ps2 does have some competition...

:-O, October 1, 2002
Reviewer: christian from Germany BW
There`s only one thing to say:
You haven`t saw better gameplay and graphiks everytime on consoles. Who has got a XBOX MUST by it!

This Game Will Remind You of Halo!, September 30, 2002
Reviewer: Aaron Norris from Birmingham, Alabama United States
This game has alot of the characteristics of the best game for the Xbox console, Halo. It has the same game play and great graphics. Microsoft did an exolint job on this game!

Brute force is DA BESt, September 28, 2002
Reviewer: Scuba Steve from NJ , usa
I am a HUGE x-box fan and it is the best system. if it is then it needs good games, thats exactly wat it has. this is the top right now. i beat and loved halo and saw screen shots for halo2 and they r great. i saw just aboutt every trailer for brute force and it is a great game that all of u should buy or reserve.

brute force is awesome!!!, September 28, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer
brute force kicks ... baby.and probably is better than halo.even though halo 2 it may be better that of the dead almost exceeds the graphics of halo and brute force.unreal championship almost meets the rank of halo 2 and brute force.all these games are awesome and i reconmend them to all mature game players to buy them.even if your parents say no sneak out and buy this awesome game!!

xbox is awesome!!!

brute force kicks..., September 22, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
i think brute force will be the best game on x-box for about 1 year.even better than halo which is hard to believe.after all x-box is coming out with halo 2 soon.another game that wiil be game of the year and will also kick....hell yeah baby X-BOX RULES.

Reviewer: A gamer from ada OH USA
well the kid before me said that brute force might be better than halo. Im not sure if he is right. it looks like a fun game so i gave it five stars. but it wont be better than halo because halo is coming out with a sequel "halo2" now that should be a fun game. it has many new vehicles and many new enemies. I just needed to say that HALO RULES AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!

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