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Unreal Championship

Unreal Championship by Infogrames Unreal Championship
by Infogrames

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B000067DPD

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• A high-energy fragfest
• Crew-based first-person shooter
• Killer terrain
• Seamless inside and outside action
• Online enabled E3 Preview: Unreal Championship is the highest-profile game in Microsoft's Xbox lineup, and it's easy to see why. Take the sci-fi first-person shooter Game of the Year winner Halo, then crank up the graphics knob so far that it breaks off in your hand. Replace the tactical, cool-as-ice-water pace of Halo with an electrified mix of nitroglycerin and Mountain Dew. What you get is Unreal Championship, a high-energy fragfest bursting with absurd "attitude" and "edginess," wrapped up in the best-looking and slickest-playing graphics engine ever to grace a television set. There's no better game (with the exception of the rumored Halo Online) to usher in the online game joy of Xbox Live.

Customer Reviews:
The best choice in First Person Shooter Multiplayer games!, October 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Shasta Lake,CA USA
This game is simply a must have for any fan of the Console First Person Shooting genre,as well as anyone who loved Halo's multiplayer game.Unreal Championship will take the multiplayer experience to the highest levels found in a console game yet.Here are the reasons I think Unreal Championship will be really fun and a great experience for XBOX owners- OPTIONS!!!- 16 player online action on XBOX Live,the Broadband only online gaming service offered to XBOX owners by Microsoft, that features the voice communicator-a head set microphone device that lets you talk in real time to your friends and opponents online,and has an optional voice masking feature that makes your voice sound like a number of characters-robots,kids,monsters,cartoons,etc. There is also an optional ignore and mute feature.-Unreal Championship gives you the option to play up to 16 player games offline as well,via linking 4 XBOXes together.You have the option for 4 player splitscreen games on 1 XBOX.- Custom soundtrack feature.Unreal Championship allows you to play music from your own CD collection that you have saved to the XBOX Hard Drive as you play the game!-Fully customizable controls.Unreal Championship allows you to change the controls of the game to anything you like. You can set the aiming sensitivity higher or lower,choose what button does what,etc. Like Halo's controls? Make it just like Halo. You can also turn on,or shut off "Auto Aim",a feature that is usually disliked by skilled gamers. You can also choose this as a server side option on XBOX Live.-Computer controlled opponents called "bots"with almost human artificial intelligence.Digital Extremes,the creators of this game, have given XBOX owners the option of playing computer controlled opponents during matches with friends,or just by yourself when no one is around to play offline. The Computer controlled "bots" increase in difficulty as they fight you,in game. You also have the option to adjust the bots' intelligence before a game,setting their difficulty.Even if you don't plan on getting XBOX Live, or don't have access to BroadBand,this feature ensures that you will still get the full quality experience this great game offers.-Over 25 characters to choose from 6 different alien races.Unreal Championship has truly unique characters. You can choose from characters that look like Japanese Anime style robots,Heavily armored humanoids,Egyptian style warriors,Goth Warriors,etc. Variety is the spice of life,and UC has flavor! - Beautifully detailed fighting environments.This game has breath taking visuals,and cleverly made levels to fight in,that will provide hours of play. This game simply takes the greatest parts of the XBOX hardware,and uses them well.The bottom line, is that every XBOX owner that enjoys multiplayer games owes it to themselves to buy this game. This is what you bought an XBOX for.The visuals,the gameplay,the options. That's Unreal Championship.

Choose Wisely, October 17, 2002
Reviewer: Daniel Evans Jr. from Nashville, TN United States
From someone who has actually PLAYED the game. (I dont' understand how someone who hasn't played it can review it one way or the other).

In any event, the games is good. Very good. If you're familiar at all with the Unreal Tournament/PC series, you will feel right at home here. The player models, game types and some of the maps for UC are the same as UT2003/PC, but the graphics are not as good. To be fair, pumping the graphics on UT2003 makes it look incredibly pretty, but the game begins to chug, even on my high-end PC. I haven't played UC Live or Multiplayer yet, maybe tonight. But the single player experience looks pretty darned good so far.

Does the game suffer from anything??? The same thing all fps type games suffer from on consoles . . . NO MOUSE/TRACKBALL SUPPORT. Moving, looking and shooting with the thumbsticks is an imprecise study in frustration. Why oh Why hasn't a third party developer come up with a simple trackball type device. It would DEFINITELY make games like this more enjoyable and reduce the learning curve for people coming over from the PC world.

Don't expect much of a story line here. There isn't one. UC is a sport where you kill the other guy, or take his flag, or toss the ball into his base thing (bombing run). That's all you need to know.

If you're an action gamer who is used to the fps control scheme, GET THIS WITHOUT HESITATION. If you had a choice between UC/xbox and UT2003/PC *I've got both :), I'd say go PC simply because of the possibilities of new user maps/mods/skins and such. That's what made the original UT so good.

UC: the future of console gaming, November 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Montreal Canada
I've played some late versions of the game (pre-release) which still had some bugs until last week so I'm reserving my ultimate comments for the final version (which is why only 4 stars).

If you want to know why the game is late you can see an article on this site -- g e a r t e s t . c o m -- and NO I'm not the person quoted.

But overall it brings the interactivity of online PC gaming to consoles. That means playing with your friends online in teams instead of having to play single player with really dumb computer controlled robot-teammates.

The detail in the game maps is phenomenal and the latency is low due to the high-speed connections -- that means you shouldnt get killed due to lag. All the elements of the game were quality-tested by Microsoft for performance issues (X has to load in Y.Z seconds, etc) but we'll only know for sure how well it works after the launch. All I have to say is that its been stress-tested.

I'm a big first-person shooter fan and loved Unreal Tournament on the PC (the original). I'm glad that FINALLY we have something to match the PC experience.

Looks good-very similiar to UT2003 for the PC., November 1, 2002
Reviewer: Westley Merlin from USA/CA/LA
On the XBOX, UC looks awesome. With blazing graphics in your face, great audio, Advanced AI, and the same ol' UT/UT2K3 gameplay UC looks like it's gonna be a hit on the xbox-and XBOX live helps it big time! UC basically looks the exact same as UT2K3 for the PC, but just with different characters and maps. I do have UT2K3 for the PC, and I wasn't impressed by the game-play and weapons. Also, the weapons look similiar in UC as they do in UT2K3. Yet, my PC wasn't quite powerful enough to render UT2K3 with an high amount of detail and effects + high resolution at a fast paced smooth frame-rate. I expect UC on the XBOX to be a hit. A big one. And this may be the best multiplayer death-match mode game on the XBOX!!(of course I own an XBOX myself...) Look out Unreal fans, because here comes out of nowhere a whole new whoopin' unreal title for the XBOX!! =]

Best online game ever, October 27, 2002
Reviewer: Ronald E Nixon Jr from silver springs MD
I have UT2003 on my PC and I must admit, no other game has addicted me to the net like this one. I guarentee you will be hooked after one bombing run. RENJ

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