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Sneakers by Microsoft Sneakers
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone

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Customer Reviews:
Good for kids... and kids only, November 12, 2002
Reviewer: hbj200 from New York, NY United States
This game is lots of fun for young children... an audience not quite targeted by the Xbox in this country. Adult gamers will do better skipping this title, as it's quite repetitive and "boring" from an grown-up's point of view.

Basically you play as Apollo (and his friends) in search of food stolen by a bunch of rats (which, curiously, look for the most part smaller than mice!). You can only follow a set path, and go left or right most of the time. There's no free roam at all. The characters are cute enough, the music Nintendo-like (and excruciating to adults after about 2 minutes), and the gameplay simple.

If you have a 4-6-year-old in your family, he/she will like the cute mice running around solving simple puzzles. Otherwise, you should save yourself thirty dols and buy Mech Assault.

Great Tech Demo for the XBOX--sure to be a rare title!, October 29, 2002
Reviewer: adrian_m from New England, United States
Admittedly I bought this game primarily because I am an XBOX owner since the start and remember seeing this game (known as Nezmix) released for the Japanese market. It looked interesting back then in the early issues of the official XBOX magazine and I figured that someday I would track this down if it ever hit these shores.

Sure enough, Sneakers did make it out in the U.S. (as a Toys R Us EXCLUSIVE!) and based on it's limited release, it will surely someday be a sought after collectable. The game features some nice graphics and I must say I really enjoyed it for a while. The price isn't too bad and the game is a simple little title that harkens back to the 8-bit days of gaming.

Should you buy it? I'd say's one of those titles you'll pull out now and then for the simple game play and as a reminder of just how much of an advancement the first generation of XBOX software was over the PS2 and Gamecube. If you're a l337 gamer who cares only about the latest and greatest 3D FPS, then stay away.

We love it !, October 26, 2002
Reviewer: Eva from Piscataway, NJ
I just got this game for my son ( 4 years old ) and we played together for the last 3 hours. We had a great time looking for the rats all over the house.

So far we didn't pass the first level but I already know this one is going to be a winner.

BEST GAME EVER!, October 25, 2002
Reviewer: BEST GAME FINDER from Japan
You play as cute little mice and find the evil rats!

Worst game ever!, October 21, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from south USA
The ad says "Fur shading available only on X-box". Many games have fur-shading(Star Fox Adventures for Gamecube for example). This false statement is the first of many. When this game was released in Japan, it was a huge I know why. Basically, you run around a house searching for rats. When you see one, they just disappear. No fighting...goals would be like spot 20 rats in a level. There are some random battles that serve no point, too. My kids played this for five minutes before getting bored of the game. The game's concept sounds interesting and the mouse does look cute, but trust me this game is the worst X-box game so far. They had to release this at a lower price point just to get people to take notice of it, but be smart and try to stay away from this horrible game.

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