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Mech Assault

Mech Assault by Microsoft Mech Assault
by Microsoft

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen

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From the Manufacturer: Pilot the most powerful weapon of the 31st century, a 40-foot-tall walking tank known as a BattleMech or 'Mech. In this third-person action/shooter, environments are not only fully destructible, they're the weapons. Players choose from a powerful array of 'Mechs - ranging from quick 30-tonners to huge 100-ton beasts - which they configure and optimize to crush their opponents. Gamers can challenge themselves with 20 single-player missions as they prepare for the ultimate multiplayer online experience.

Customer Reviews:
Review of a few hours of gameplay, November 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Boston, MA United States
I feel a little guilty writing a review for a games I've only played for a few hours, but I already know this is a great game. I'd be playing it now if I could. This games is a blast to play. The controls are intuitive for anyone who has played Halo. The story elements (what I've seen so far) complement the gameplay. Blowing up buildings and structures in this game is fun and can be incorporated into the strategy. I think this game has a broad range of appeal. It's accessible to novice gamers, but deep enough for the hardcore types. Just get it.

Dumbed-down but a blast, November 13, 2002
Reviewer: mitchlav from Roanoke, TX United States
This is a simplified version of the PC game, MechWarrior 4. For example, you have to use stock mechs for example... no customizing. You pick up the scrap of dead mechs and use it immediately. There are only a few different multiplayer games, but lots of maps. More mechs and maps are promised to be downloadable from Live.

That aside, the game plays very well. The graphics and framerate are good even in multiplayer. I haven't played online in LIVE yet, but I can't wait! The game is fun and addictive. Best Xbox game I've bought since Halo.

Almost there..., November 2, 2002
Reviewer: mustang101 from Habersham County Ga.
Ok, we all know that the brother to this game (mechwarrior) had minor problems, but Mech Assault seems to have made up for most of these.(Control problems,choppy graphics,etc...) There are tons of missions,some of which are stupid hard and others that are just not hard enough. This however makes for an interesting game. I have played this game just long enough to know that it is a must-have for any X-Box owner. Mech Assault is weak compared to the monstrosity know as Steel Battalion.(If you are planning to buy SB then don't even think about buying this, just save your money because SB is going to be 200+ dollars.(But well worth it. Overall Mech Assault is a very good game.

MEch Combat Kicks, October 14, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer
I love mech games. I have played Mech Assult demo for xbox it is great!
Great game right up there with Timesplitters 2 and HALO.
I recomened it to people who love watching robots kick each others butt!

Look out!, October 9, 2002
Reviewer: jf20003 from Sacramento CA- home of the Kings
Three things concern me when it comes to buying a game, Graphics, replay value and fun factor.

I rated this game how i did because it has all three, while i know it hasn't come out yet i am convinced of this by the research i have done.

First the graphics, fire a rocket- see the trail, the light from the flaming exaust, the glass shattering in the side of the building as the explosion goes off, the dust from crumbling concrete, and chunks of columns as the building comes crashing down. I have seen all of these in the trailers available.

Lighting effects give explosions a new demension, muzzle flashes give away an enemy hiding in the alleyway... Particle effects are very well used and add to the scope of the world around you as it comes crashing down...

Next the replay value... Games by themselves tend to get old, AI gets repetitive, graphics can seem repetitive also... where do you get replay then? Playing with other people!!! Online play. With online death matches you can hone your skills and trim that mech into the perfict fit for your fighting style, lure an unsuspecting oponent into an alleyway and crash a building down on top of him, see someone rocketing up to a building top? wait till he gets close and destroy the building before he can land- watching him fall all the way back down ).

Finally the fun factor... need i say more?

This game gives the mechwarrior series the final thing it was lacking... ACTION. When you are in the midst of a city with huge buildings falling to pieces and attempting to get out of their way as well as fight as part of a team or a free for all against 5 or 6 other mechs... try to remain calm.

The third person perspective actually draws you into the game more than a first person would when you can see to scale all the dangers around you and the action turns fast paced you will feel it more than any other mechwarior to date... Enjoy )

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