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Slam Tennis

Slam Tennis by Infogrames Entertainment Slam Tennis
by Infogrames Entertainment

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B000071OW3

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• Grittty street-style tennis
• Every shot in the book, and then some
• Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles
• Unhinged action
• 1-4 players Product Description: This is the modern game of professional tennis as it never was, with amplified excitement and attitude. From the overhead smash to the slide slice, players will pull off every shot in the book and more, each executed with outstanding detail and ultrarealistic technique. You can choose from 16 unique players including some of today's biggest names. There are 11 incredibly detailed courts, including four major arenas. The pick-up-and-play controls allow for instant competitiveness and fun. Features singles, doubles, and mixed doubles with up to four players.

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