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Madden NFL 2003

Madden NFL 2003 by Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2003
by Electronic Arts

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000690ZV

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• All-new commentary
• Customize your passing patterns
• Faster game speed
• Tighter controls
• Finely tuned passing Product Description: Madden NFL 2003 features all-new play-by-play and analysis by Madden and Michaels, and new gameplay mechanics, including faster game speed, tighter control, quicker animations, more finely tuned passing, and more. You can customize receiver routes, player formations, and your team's entire playbook.

From the Manufacturer: NFL(tm) football is back, and so is Madden! For the 12th year in a row, Madden NFL Football brings the realism of the pro gridiron right to your fingertips. With all the teams, players, and features that you've come to know and love, Madden puts you right on the field with the big hitters! Play a full season with your favorite team and take them to the Super Bowl, or try the franchise mode and build a dynasty. You can even create teams and players so you can start from scratch! With all-new realistic player animations, Madden Cards, a training mode, and the Two-Minute Drill, Madden truly has it all!

Customer Reviews:
Puts NFL Fever to shame and the Madden dynasty continues, November 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Downingtown, Pa. United States
I wasn't sure if i should get NFL Fever 2003 or Madden 2003. I tried out Madden and it was unbelievable. The graphics are awesome and the gameplay is so realistic. I knew from that moment that nothing could compare to this. I read the reviews for both games here but everybody seemed to like NFL Fever better. I don't know about you but i want a game more realistic than that. That is why i suggest Madden 2003 as a must have for X-BOX.

Madden RULES, October 27, 2002
Reviewer: A 12-year old gamer
For 12 years, Madden has been dominating the football video game world. I enjoy the mini-games and all of the modes. NFL Fever is awesome too, but Madden has the sound of the game. Hook it up to a speaker system like I did, and it'll sound like you're actually at the game. The commentary is awesome. I love the new extensive Create-a-player mode, but most of all, the GAMEPLAY is addictive. The Madden Series will be in my XBOX, Playstation 2, and GameCube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner and Still Champion!, October 16, 2002
Reviewer: Kent from Iowa
Madden 2003 is by far the greatest pro football game of all time! The other EA game, NCAA Football 2003, is another great football game that could easily compete with Madden for best football game of the year. Madden's controlability, though, is better, and the graphics are by far the greatest in any sports game ever made up to this point! NFL 2K3 isn't even in the same league as Madden! Sure it's a great football game, but the graphics, controlability, AI, and the other game modes make Madden the most successful football game franchise of all time! I highly recommend this one to any football fan!

Very Good game, but not much improvement from Madden 2002, October 9, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from San Mateo, CA United States
I liked this game in general but here are all the pros and cons and why I think they are important. I am a long time Madden football game follower.

1. This version gives you the ability to create your own plays, which is a great and fun idea. I have tried it and it really is fun. Problem is you cannot integrate these plays into Create a team franchise mode. This is a huge drawback, since it would only make sense to do this since if you are starting a franchise on your own, it would be fun to use plays you created as well. If I am wrong, and you can do this in this mode, please someone mention how this can be done, I would like to know how!!!

2. Slightly better game play than Madden 2002 for Xbox, but not that much. The difference in difficulty between levels are not quite as dramatic as in 2002, which helps.

3. It seems like the integration of commentary (Madden) and what is really going on in the game has improved over 2002, which was at times really bad. Like saying, "Great Play", after a 1 yard gain on 4th and goal on the 10 yard line. (example).

4. Great, sophisticated full package game with many modes and plays. From franchise to playing one season or just one game to preseason to Creating your own team to practicing plays to personal instruction and so on. It amazes me how much fun EA Sports can fit in 1 game. Far superior to NFL 2K3, and the other competition. Also I like the fact they again give you the option of playing on great teams of the past. My favorite was the 1981 49ers.

5. Madden is his great self again in this version. Always the highlight of this game.

1. As mentioned, Why build such a great system of creating your own plays and not allowing it to be integrated into your created team in franchise Mode?

2. Graphics, I believe, are worse than in Madden 2002. A shame since it does not allow you to utilize the potential of the Xbox. Graphics are better in the PC version of Madden 1999. And have been told no better than on Play Station 2.

3. I have always liked the play by play talk of Al Michaels, and have always liked him on television and radio. But in this game it sounds like he is tired, and makes the game less interesting. He probably had a lot of catching up to do, compared to Madden, who's commentary has evolved for many years.

4. But I think the worst drawback by far is the fact it will not be part of Xbox live. I believe this is a bad marketing mistake for EA Sports since, personally I, and many others,I am quite sure, are going to switch to the competition so we can play live using the xbox. I don't have a clue why this desision was made, but it was a bad mistake, and really a shame.

My overall impression was, if you don't have any previous version of Madden of xbox and don't care for playing other people live over DSL with xbox live, get this game. Very good game. If you already have Madden 2002, or want to play it live on xbox, forget this game. Keep Madden 2002 or get one from the competition (who was smart enough to use its game on xbox live).

Great footbal game for the X-Box!!, October 2, 2002
Reviewer: Gamer from Grayson, KY USA
Madden NFL 2003 continues the long-running football series by completely overhauling the sound engine. For the first time in six years, Pat Summerall will no longer handle the play-by-play commentary from behind the microphone. Award-winning broadcaster Al Michaels takes the reigns for 2002, which introduces new audio technology focusing on in-game action and what a player should have done in a specific situation rather than merely reporting what already transpired. Situation-specific commentary will involve both Madden and Michaels talking to one another as the design team attempts to create a livelier and more engaging presentation than in years past. John Madden will also offer new advice for specific situations, such as what to do once inside the red zone, the proper use of timeouts, and various other strategies. Other new features include updated rosters and player ratings to reflect the 2002-2003 season, enhanced game modes, and new Madden Cards to collect and trade.

The Game That Is So Class?, October 1, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Britain
This game is excellent it just is great,u can do allsorts and you can never get bored with it,i was just wondering if there is any other good NFL Games

Better than Fever, September 28, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
I bought Fever a few months ago and I really did not like it. For example, the A.I. never adjusted to my playcalling. As the Giants I beat the 49ers 49-7 on my first time playing using the same play from shotgun 5 wide everytime. So, me and my friends decided the Madden must be better than Fever. So, I traded in Fever for Madden. I was instantly hooked on Madden. The football in Madden is so much more fun. Football 101 taught me to read defenses and now I can beat the computer. Madden is truly strategy while Fever is just a cruddy 2K game.

Madden Wins Over Fever & 2K3, September 20, 2002
Reviewer: Jeff Andersen from Detroit, USA
I rented all 3 at the same time. Madden 2003, NFL Fever, & NFL 2K3 from Sega. Last year I loved Fever for my XBox and Maddedn for PS2. DO what I did. Rent all 3 at once and sit down and go to work. You'll find Madden to be the much more realistic game of the three. That's what it comes to. Realism. Plaine and simple. All three games have great graphics (too close for me to lean either way). Just take one look at the throwing mechanics from the qb's. Madden has it hands down. The biggest negative is the commentary due of Madden and Michaels. How freakin boring!!! I threw a 90 yd bomb from Joey Harrington to Az Hakim to win a game and Michaels barely even aknowledged the td much less a bomb to win it all. They need to improve that part of it. Madden is the better of the three, no question!

Same strengths, same flaws, September 16, 2002
Reviewer: Matthieu P. Raillard from Charlottesville, VA United States
Another year, another Madden. One really can't go wrong this year, as both Sega and EA sports have put out 2 great games. Here is my take on Madden:

PROS: Very deep gameplay, multiple modes (great new Mini-camp option lets you work on specific aspects of football), realistic football simulation. Graphics are quite good, although a good bit of clipping happens, especially during replays. Game sounds are pretty good, too. Overall, a lot of fun.

CONS: Computer can still pick you apart with the passing game. QB's are hard to sack, even with the best D-line you can have, and average receivers will routinely make spectacular grabs while triple covered by pro bowl defensive backs. CPU clock management is better, but the computer will still call a play and line up with only 2 seconds to go before the 2 mnts warning. The control is good, but a bit jerky and unrealistic when tackling. The voice commentary gets old FAST. The good folks at EASports recycled at least half of Madden's "unique" sayings from last year's game, which is ... cheesy.

Overall the positives outweigh the negatives, but I just wish someone could get pass coverage right for a change...

Hey, its Madden!, September 10, 2002
Reviewer: Patrick L. Peters from Smiths, AL USA
I have been playing Madden since it came out for the Genesis so many years ago. I have always thought that Madden was the best football game until the 2K series came out to challenged it. I'll keep it short and sweet. Madden 2003 is really 2002 with mini camp, side-arm passes, gang tackles, faster running speed, Al Michaels, and on-line play (on PlayStation 2 only). I would have given this game a 4 star maybe even a 5 star if EA would have made some great improvements. If you have Madden 2002 stay away from this one. Not unless you have a PS2 and really want to go on-line with it. Dont get me wrong. Madden 2003 is a very good game, just nothing much new. It should have just been an add on! It probably took the developers 2 1/2 months to make. There is a better football game out there right now.............(2K3)

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