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Red Card 2003

Red Card 2003 by Midway Home Entertainment Red Card 2003
by Midway Home Entertainment, Inc.

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000664JI

Check price @ A football game in a truly arcade style, Midway's Red Card quickly abandons realism and accurate simulation in favor of exaggerated moves, over-the-top tackles, and, at times, sheer violence. Fortunately, it's a cocktail not without reward. Grounded on what is effectively a simple mixture of pass, tackle, and shoot--all moves which are suitably intuitive and easy to get to grips with--the basic game in itself is a quite enjoyable kickaround. The differential though comes with the "boost" button. By holding this as you tackle, you can quite literally fly-kick your opponents off the ball. While shooting? Get ready for a Matrix-style slow-motion buildup before launching an explosive effort towards goal. Suffice to say, there are plenty of little moves to master, and you're going to have a lot of fun learning them.

Yet while this could easily turn out to be short-lived fun, Midway has injected Red Card with a few extra goodies to ensure a longer play life. The World Conquest mode, for instance, allows you to take control of a national side and quite literally beat the best of the world, while cup tournaments and the simply essential multiplayer mode further enhanced the entertainment. Throw in extra teams and such like to unlock and there's a fair challenge packed onto the disc. So don't be fooled by the seemingly over-the-top approach of the game. In the arcade football genre, it easily beats off Sega's tepid Virtua Striker series, and it also gives more mainstream titles a real run for their money. In short, a really quite surprising and irresistible hybrid of sports and fighting games. --Simon Brew

Customer Reviews:
That's not Mcbride!!, August 8, 2002
Reviewer: Jason Lamb from Cincinnati, OH USA
First off I'm a huge fan of soccer and appreciate it when a company releases a game that recreates the feel of watching a good match up. This game however is more of an arcade type game and I knew that going into the purchase. I was not disappointed. There are a huge number of licensed teams to play and the XBOX version has goofy teams like the Navy SEALS and SWAT team. The "MATRIX" style slow-mo when you are going for a huge shot on goal makes the play style very original and when playing with friends, this move makes the room go silent until the the ball is released with a vapor trail behind it blasting the keeper off his feet and through the net. Now for the bad news....Although Brian Mcbride is on the box, his character looks nothing like him. Matter of fact none of the players look like their counterparts except maybe David Beckham. If you have the license, why not try to recreate the players' faces at least as is beautifully done in FIFA WORLD CUP 2002. Gripe #2 is that the game supports only two players at a time! Yeah you can play up to four total in a tournament but only with two at a time?! Why God, oh why do this?...All in all, however, it's great fun albeit unrealistic. Worth the cost of admission.

Great Buy...Great Game, July 31, 2002
Reviewer: Mike from Canada
I bought this game before even renting it. This game was a little bad, when you start to play it. I continue to play and got most of the different features that this game has like "Matrix Shots". Slow Motion shots is the most amazing thing ever to hit a sports game. It makes the game worth buying, the graphics are not bad at all. It also is fun winning the Xbox created teams. I give this game a perfect 5 stars because it is the best soccer game out there right. Midway continues to impress me and other gamers.

Not a Good Soccer Game, July 10, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Santa Clara, CA United States
I purchased this game two days ago. I just played for only 15 minutes and returned the next day. Yes, it is really bad. This game is not fun at all because it is not realistic. FIFA 2002 or 2002 FIFA World Cup is a much better game than Redcard. The gameplay and graphics are not very good compare to the FIFA games by EA. If you are a mateur gameplayer and love soccer, don't buy this game. If you buy it, there is a high probability that you will hated. Try FIFA first.

Hated it, July 6, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Miami, Florida USA
I really didnt like this game. If you want a real soccer game get fifa world cup 2002. My friend has it and it rocks. I bought this thinking it would be like that but less realistic. Yes it is less realistic but the gameplay is horrible.

Red Card 20-03, July 5, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from New York, USA
If any sport could benefit from a bit of Midway craziness, then soccer, the sport the world calls football, is it. It's nonstop, back and forth action, gives soccer the same kind of appeal as hockey and Hitz worked out fine for Midway. So what happened here?

It looks like Midway wanted to capitalize on the soccermania that would be dominating the globe during the World Cup which is why we get real players and a comprehensive roster of nations. But the resulting identity crisis means serious soccer fans won't get all of the authenticity they want and casual arcade fans won't get all of the thrills they expect from a Midway game entitled RedCard soccer. This is quite often the kiss of death in any game whether it's sports, racing or what have you and RedCard soccer has puckered up nicely.

We give this game a real red card for flagrant behavior and send it off with a heavy heart. Not sure if this franchise will be disqualified for the next game as well, but for now you may want to give it a short rent to see if you'll love it like Pele or if it should be kicked to the curb like France. Au Revoir.

FUN GAME!!!!!!, July 2, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Indianapolis, Indiana
This game is really fun! If u r bored of regular soccers games where u get called for fouls all the time the u should get this game. The is four ways to steal the ball punch, slide tackle, stomp(u stomp on their foot and steal the ball, not my favorite), aand steal which is what u use on a normal game. U can choose from a friendly match, world conquest where u conquer the world continent by continent, and every continent has a special team like penquins or dolphins which u unlock after u beat them. Then theres tornoment which can have max of 16 teams. U can custimize ur team. The only bad part is u cant play on the same team as someone. But that is ok because this game is very exciting to play and watch. I would recomend this game to ne1 who either likes beating people up and/or soccer.

P.S. If u want a realistic game go outside and play real soccer! This game has stuff u cant do in real life. Get this game!

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