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2002 FIFA World Cup

2002 FIFA World Cup by Electronic Arts 2002 FIFA World Cup
by Electronic Arts

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00006409R

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• 16 of the best leagues and over 75 national teams
• Detailed, intense action
• Moves include curling corner kicks and slide tackles
• Features crunching challenges and palm-wringing penalty kicks
• Single- and multi-player modes Product Description: This is the only officially licensed interactive game to use the FIFA World Cup marks, emblem, mascots, and stadiums in Korea and Japan. The game includes star players from the tournament, and the brand-new Air Play lets players perform tricks like headers and bicycle kicks with the touch of a button. FIFA World Cup Moments bring the drama of the Cup to life with replays, special animations, and an all-new music score. Tournament mode lets you play the entire FIFA World Cup, from the group rounds to the title game. New stadium environments include team colors, flags, chants, and pyrotechnics. Determined to squeeze every last ounce out of the FIFA license, Electronics Arts has released yet another footy sim for the PS2--and oddly enough it concerns the World Cup. Taking the essence of FIFA 2002 and modifying it for the world's greatest tournament, EA has restricted the scope of the game, offering only two modes of play (full tournament and friendly) and the 32 teams which are taking part in the tournament. That said, it still plays the same as its older brother, and the inclusion of the new stadia and enhanced sound effects really bring the game to life.

Owners of the full-fat 2002 game will want to think very seriously before paying out for this "special" release, but for those who've not come across the franchise before, this game has entertainment by the sackload. The prematch build-ups are eye candy to please any jaded palette. In game, too, the player graphics are nicely detailed and there are some wonderful individual animations covering all manner of swerves and dives. In fact, the only thing that really lets the side down is the speed of the game during more hectic midfield moments, when the frame rate stutters appallingly--a little poor for a game that's been through so many development revisions. Control is nice and simple, and it's a breeze to pick this title up and start booting the pigskin around the park within a couple of minutes, though mastering the finer points of ball control and the elusive "lob in" will take a good deal longer. --Chris Russell

Note: This review refers to the PlayStation2 version of this game.

From the Manufacturer: The FIFA World Cupis the world?s largest, most-watched sports event. The passion, drama, and character of the tournament, coupled with the EXCLUSIVE 2002 Fifa World Cup license, are the basis of this unique collector's product. EA SPORTS2002 FIFA World Cupcaptures every moment of glory, every emotion, every sound, and every aspect of a truly global event. An all-new "airplay" model delivers intuitive, one-button headers, volleys, scissor kicks, juggling, and more. Gamers will find a whole new world of showboating and high-tempo, high-impact action, obvious from the first touch of the ball.

Customer Reviews:
Wonderful, November 14, 2002
Reviewer: Ti Liptak from USA
This is one of the best soccer games ever. It is so much fun to play. The Graphics are good and the game play is awesome. This is my favorite game and I think that you would really like it too. I also think that it is far better the Fifa 2003.

Good, October 25, 2002
Reviewer: Chiedu Ufoegbune from Oakland, CA USA
My cousin bought this video game, and I think this is great, but I keep losing this video game, and I don't know know why. I give it a **** (4 out of 5), because I think it's because It's great but I keep losing, that's the problem. (I don't get any points, not even 1 point, or 2 points.)

GOAL!!!, September 3, 2002
Reviewer: Chris Monaro from NY
The real deal when it comes down to graphics and playability. Soccer has come a long way in the gaming world and FIFA 2002 does a great job holding its position. Worth the purchase.

No Good Modes!, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
This is a wonderful set up game. The controlls are great and the gameplay is awesome. But, this game had no good modes. All it has is Single game and World Cup. Add a Season and Franchise and I might change my mind and make it a 4 star, but that is life and I hope life is better next year.

Reviewer: Christopher from Fort Rucker, Alabama United States
The quality of sports games are based on three main areas in my opinion.
Graphics-This game has fairly good graphics 7 out of 10
Realism-The movement of the players and the ball was excellent 9 out of 10
Controls-THE CONTROLS WERE HORRIBLE! (exp. You can not change the default controls, half of the time you try to make a moderate takle you end up accidentally shooting, you try to pass to your player and the ball goes nowhere near the guy, you don't have as much control of the ball in the air as you should.) 4 out of 10
I think that they rushed this game a little.
-What is with the dramatic goal endings and stuff. I thought the guy was about to cry when he scored the first time.-

Excellent Game - Well Worth The Dollars, July 22, 2002
Reviewer: Youshi Patel from Birmingham, AL
I rented the game this past weekend and now going to buy it. I love this game. The graphics are awesome and the playability is easy and real. I would recomment this game to all you footy fans out there, this is well worth the money.

Excellent Game By EA, July 22, 2002
Reviewer: Youshi Patel from Birmingham, AL
This is a wicked game if you love football (soccer). Graphics are awesome and the playability is real. All in all, definitely worth the money.

Way Better than Redcard 2003, July 10, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Santa Clara, CA United States
2002 FIFA World Cup is way better than Redcard 2003 because it is more realistic and the gameplay is excellent. Not only that, the graphic is much better than Redcard 2003. In short, if you are a big fan of soccer and have knowledge what soccer is all about, this game is for you. Don't bother buying Redcard 2003 because I have purchased it and returned the next day.

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More Realistic Than Ever--But More Fun?, July 6, 2002
Reviewer: dab84 from No. Virginia USA
I have always been a lover of the EA Sports soccer games, I played FIFA 99 for N64 religiously. Right from the start, you see that the graphics of this first-time-on-XBOX game are spectacular. You know how in other sports games the graphics are awesome when you zoom in on the replays? This whole game is like that.

In previous EA Sports FIFA soccer games, I used to defend by getting close to the attacker and pressing the slide tackle button. This stratgey takes far more precision in 2002 FIFA World Cup. You slide whatever direction you're facing, and you simply slide straight regardless of where the ball or attacker happens to be. If you just take out the opposing player, you'll get whistled down for the foul and an automatic replay will show you how bad you got him. Tackles from behind result in the ref showing you some yellow. Take out a player on a breakaway and you're sent off to the locker room and find yourself a man down.

Shooting the ball has also become more complicated. Tapping the shoot button no longer creates a soft shot--it directs it lower. Hold it down until the power bar is full and it'll sail over the goal.

Passing is tougher as well--I used to press 'A' and watch the ball find my attacker. Now, you have to direct the pass right to your teammate. Even then, it doesn't always get there. It seems to me that pass completion was overly corrected; its now very difficult.

I wouldn't necessarily classify this game as a no-buy, but it takes a real soccer fan to appreciate the realistic qualities. If you were glued to your TV during the recent World Cup, this game is worth acquiring. If you want a fast paced, action-packed sports game, I recommend trying before buying.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, July 5, 2002
Reviewer: Joe Norman from lake charles, la United States
If soccer is your favorite sport(like me).......then this will be your favorite game ever made.......even if you just like soccer a little bit you will love it.........but if you hate soccer....stay away and spend your hard earned [money] on something else

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