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Street Hoops

Street Hoops by Activision Street Hoops
by Activision

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen

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• Gritty street-style basketball
• Play on the most notorious neighborhood courts in 10 U.S. cities
• Wear flashy gear, talk trash, and throw the occasional elbow
• Modes include World Tournament, King of the Court, and Half-court
• 1-2 players Product Description: Street Hoops is a gritty, street-style basketball game that encompasses the look, speed, energy, and attitude of park and playground blacktop competition. The game allows players to represent their hometowns in a nationwide tournament on the most notorious street courts in the nation. Players can choose from a roster of athletes and performers, including key athletes made famous by the And 1 mix tapes and Nike's Freestyle commercial series.

Realism is the rule. Players are allowed to bet cash on competitions and buy authentic real-world gear--including Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Southpole, and Pure Playaz--with their cash. On the court, you can talk trash, shout, and throw an elbow, if need be. The game features multiple modes of play, including World Tournament, King of the Court, Multiplayer vs., and Half-Court. Street Hoops offers a wide variety of real freestyle basketball moves and a hip-hop soundtrack.

Customer Reviews:
street hoops, November 12, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer
this would be a great game but it has some flaws. One is that the trash talk is so repetetive that the fans will say the same phrase twice in the game. Also it takes a long time to load. Lastly all of the uniforms look the same. You dont know who is on your team. The only good thing is that there is a bookie and you can place bets on each game.

Do not Buy, November 8, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Upper Holland, PA USA
Whatever you do, do not buy this game!

one of xbox's best games, October 7, 2002
Reviewer: thacrunka from notyourbiz,USA
I bought this game off of a couple of weeks ago and it is the most awesome basketball video game I've ever played!tons of tight a$$ moves(especially with players like future booger and hot sauce)and the illest-looking tattoos and jewelry I've seen in a got clothing to show off while you slam from GOAT gear,rocawear,snoop dogg's line, sean paul, southpole,enyce, and others.and it's a good challenge cos' you gotta spend big change to get those tattoos, courts(including rucker, venice beach,11th & lombard,plus jamaican,puerto rican and courts in london.for real,man),players,clothing accessories, and the and1 mixtapes and much more.lord ada ther court,world tournament,or just pickup,you bet money on your team and if they win in all the categories, you get major bucks to spend on the stuff I mentioned. a great game to buy with an alright soundtrack, though half the tracks are vids are front 2 back,oohweee,make em say uggh,and lowrider.soundtrack has all those songs except oohweee,rollout by ludacris, who we be by DMX and lots of this game!out

It's cool but kinda dissapointing, September 21, 2002
Reviewer: demarco from Los Angeles, CA United States
OK this game is tight if u are a fan of the and1 mixtapes and u know what they're all about. If u want nba players, they are not meant for a street game, they are meant for an NBA game. This game has got all the ballers from the and1 mixtapes such as hot sauce, AO, 1/2 man, ect. But no skip to my lou! i was dissapointed when i got this becuz u have to earn the and1 guys, and u have to win a lot to get um. Also, u cant do a lot of and1's best moves such as puting the ball through a defender's legs, puting it around they're head, and a lot of the nastiest and craziest street moves that they invented! They gotta make a street hoops 2 which has got updated moves that will make u jump out of ur seat when u see um!! rent this, dont buy.

terrible game, September 20, 2002
Reviewer: adam from des moines, IA USA
this is by far the most boring excuse for a basketball game ive ever played. true the extra features like the pawn shop and betting on your team were a good idea, but the soundtrack had all of what 6 or 7 different songs? as for the game play, it is god awful, obviously more time was spent on the extra features and not the gameplay.

horrible, horrible basketball game, avoid, September 17, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Atlanta GA
the graphics are terrible, another obvious PS2 port. the textures are blurry and the animations are not smooth. also, the game's AI is stupid at can dribble up to a defender and do special dribbling maneuver and it will fail to daze him, but if you do it again suddenly he'll fall for it. i'd wait for NBA 2K3 cuz there is no NBA Street!!!

good bad, September 16, 2002
Reviewer: Jonathan L. Urquhart from Cantonment, FL United States
great details and sorry graphics ok kind of style.Like the options you have before the game. Like the footaction thing the pawn shop and the hair salon and the placeing bets.

Does it have game?, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
Harlem Globetrotters' manager once said, "It's important for our players tp learn how to play basketball well before they learn how to perform their flashy moves." Wise man, indeed. Street Hoops dosen't seem to have learned this leason, as the basketball itself is lacking in comparison to the amount of culture and attidue. The up-and-down court action is missing speed and excitement, with player moves that look very nice at times and pretty bad at others. There is an overall feeling that the game is missing energy and trying to make up for it with crowd-pleasing moves and music. When you get of the court the title customization area where you can dress up, primp and pamper your players with money you have, and earn more by betting on games and performing well. From there you can unlock videos and special characters; the options here are quite impressive. Street Hoops is not a bad game.. it just puts too much focus on the extra features and not enough on the basketball itself.

This game is off the chain, August 27, 2002
Reviewer: nial from H-Town USA
I absoulutley love this game. I just got my xbox with halo, street hoops, mlb slugfest, microsoft constroller s, and rf adapter. Lets get back to the topic. In this game you can unlock xzibit, lil romeo, master p, and I heard at you can unlock bow wow. It is awesome how you can talk trash, give an elbow, play 1 on 1 through 5 on 5, make you own character, win money and spend it on jewerly, shoes, clothes, and a hell of a lot more. I love this game just has much as halo and mlb slugfest combined in a way. Maybe in street ball 2 there will be drive bys and you have to duck or die but that's a different story. You are a lover or non-lover of basketball get this game.

Rent it, don't buy it, August 26, 2002
Reviewer: Michael P Neilsen from Ft Lewis, WA
I was going to buy this game but instead I rented it to try it out first. Good thing I did. I played the demo and I thought it was cool. Something different in the sports world. But for the most of this game it is all dunks. The dunks are cool and all, but it seems like thats all it is. I would say rent the game (or buy if you really want to) and play the game with your friends. I got sick of the game after a few hours. The game mode is limited to just playing 'games'. No specials like practice mode, making plays, or duck contests (oddly enough is what this game is mostly about 'The dunks'). Anyhow, I think its a cool idea in the basketball gaming, but a bit to go to get 5 stars.

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