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Freaky Flyers

Freaky Flyers by Midway Freaky Flyers
by Midway

Platform: Xbox

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• Cartoony flying action
• Fully realized 3-D worlds
• Combat, racing, and stunt modes
• Branching storyline
• 13 colorful characters Product Description: A fully open, 3-D airplane racing adventure that drops you in the cockpits of cartoon planes, with you playing as their cartoon pilots. There have been other cartoonish games before, but Freaky Flyers is the first to try to so completely replicate a cartoon universe from the inside out, starting with the physics. You will explore completely open and interactive 3-D world environments like the lush and tropical Danger Island; the wild west of Coyote Canyon; and chaotic, exotic Arabia. A branching adventure takes the player through each character's story line. The 13 engaging characters include Johnny Turbine (a mixed-up, wanna-be movie superstar), Cactus Rose (a two-gun-slinging bandita), and Island Jack (the laid-back native and ambassador of mellow). Skill-oriented flying provides the thrills of dangerous aerial stunts; racing modes offer easy-to-learn, hard-to-master aerial excitement; and dogfighting lets you battle other pilots for air supremacy.

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