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Splashdown by Infogrames Splashdown
by Infogrames

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B0000664JC

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Customer Reviews:
Worth looking at, October 23, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Ogden, UT United States
I rented this game, and yes the graphics are nice and the gameplay is acceptable. If you like water games, get this game. However, I still like WaveRace64 better. For some reason it has a much greater fun factor and still rules the roost in my opinion.

Totally awesome Gameplay!, August 12, 2002
Reviewer: Omar from nj, usa
Strangely enough, but this is actually one of if not my BEST XBOX game.

This is the first sport, race game I've seen to totally fulfill the game racers dream.

The engineers have somehow combined difficulty of figuring out how to race WITHOUT sacraficing top speed and awesome gameplay. Totally totally awesome. I dont know hwo they did it.

To top it all off the graphics are just brilliant! I love this game so much because I truly feel like I'm in the water while racing.

You can't beat awesome graphics with awesome gameplay. How can I give it anything but a 5. I would give it a 10 in a heartbeat if it were available.

I rented this game and even though I've completed the career I will still purchase it because I love playing it.

Jet-Ski Fun Without the Salt in your Eyes, July 17, 2002
Reviewer: gasscrazy from Midwest, USA
This game is the only Jet-Ski game available for the X-Box, but there are immediate similarities drawn between this game, and the Nintendo 64 classic WaveRace.

The levels are creative and fun, but it's the water graphics that really make the game shine. Never before has a game captured water effects so flawlessly as Splashdown.

The controls are at first a little odd, but after a few tuturial lessons they become easier. After an hour of playing you'll be a master at carving a wake through the water.

The gameplay is fun, but some levels can get a little frustrating. It's a definite rental, but if you're a fan of water sports than you won't be dissapointed. This is by far the best Jet-ski racing game available.

Great addition to Xbox, July 13, 2002
Reviewer: Banning Ray Ballard from Itoigawa, Japan
I think Splashdown is a great addition to the xbox game base. I bout it recently and have been completely satisfied. The graphics are incredible, and the challenge races are tons of fun. However, if you do not like games about racing seadoos then don't get this game, duh. For anyone who likes the water or boats, I definately support this game!

Very Realistic Game, July 13, 2002
Reviewer: mlrandall2 from Michigan USA
I love this game. The Key West track is worth the ... price tag alone. Extremely realistic water effects. I give it 4 stars as there are only 2 tracks that utilize the power of the X-Box. The remaining tracks are impressive but appear to be identical to the Playstation 2 version. Still a great game!

Worth Renting, July 11, 2002
Reviewer: shepherds4 from Knoxville, TN USA
Splashdown has decent graphics with good water textures, but it lacks gameplay. You can choose to race sea-doos, play countdown mode(which [is bad]), or enjoy free ride. The lack of gameplay makes this game get boring after a couple of days. I would not suggest for anyone to rush out and buy this title. I wish I would have rented this one before I purchased it.

Wasted Money, July 5, 2002
Reviewer: trickshot422
I wasted money renting this game. Words can't describe how bad this game sucks. Games like this make the xbox look bad.

So much Fun!!, June 30, 2002
Reviewer: Tim Lucas from Knoxville, TN
It is very similar to Waverace on gamecube with one major diffrence. The Graphics are STUNNING. It is so realistic you may get dizzy. I have my wife splash water on me while playing to add to the realism!!

Xbox is the best. Why is the old playstation2 still around?

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