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Smashing Drive

Smashing Drive by Namco Smashing Drive
by Namco

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00005YVU4

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• Fast-paced action racer based on the arcade hit
• Use battering rams, turbo rockets, and buzz-saws
• Countless pathways and shortcuts through big city environments
• Race up the side of buildings and across the top of passenger jets
• 1-2 players Product Description: Smashing Drive is a fast-paced action racer based on the Namco arcade hit. With numerous power-ups, including battering rams, turbo rockets, and buzz-saws, as well as countless pathways and shortcuts throughout the big city, getting from point A to point B is the most fun and excitement a cabbie has ever had behind the wheel.

Customer Reviews:
POS, June 17, 2002
Reviewer: mooseboys from Princeton, NJ United States
For god's sake, don't buy this game. It is possibly the worst game in the history of all games. The graphics are terrible, and the racing style is insanely boring. You simply move left and right to avoid cars, and occasionally you are given the choice to traverse a shortcut, all of which are marked by large flashing green arrows, removing all skill required. Additionally, all platform games adopted from the arcade version have some sort of tournament or campaign included in them. This game has nothing. Only the arcade mode with one car and about eight tracks, all very similar. The graphics are sufficient to be somewhere in between the SNES and the N64, and the four different 50-second music loops are enough to drive someone insane. This would have made a great game for one of those little [price] LCD things you buy at the airport.

smahing drive, June 7, 2002
Reviewer: rjvgo from Elkhorn, WI USA
I love driving games. I though this would be a great game, but it isn't. The idea of driving at great speeds and collecting powerups is not new, but this game does it no justice. The graphics are bad, they seem like a port of some old game that has been on the shelf for awhile, and released for the sake of another title for the xbox. Frame rate is good, and the car handles well, but the developers could have done so much better with the graphis. The music is annoying, and this game is a renter at best.

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