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Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition

Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition by Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC Star Wars Starfighter: Special Edition
by Lucas Arts Entertainment Co. LLC

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00005NZ1T

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• Fast-paced flight action game
• Choose from 3 pilots and save Naboo from the treacherous Trade Federation
• Pilot extraordinary 3-D starfighters
• Adds 5 bonus missions and 2-player dogfighting mode
• For 1 to 2 players This Xbox shooter set in George Lucas's famous far, far away galaxy is actually a port of the fun PlayStation2 game from a long time ago. The Special Edition tag means it's not quite a straight port; Xbox gamers are treated to a few visual and gameplay enhancements to the original Starfighter.

Taking place parallel to the events of Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace, Starfighter lets you control the destiny of Naboo pilot Rhys Dallows, mercenary Vana Sage, and pirate Nym as they wage war against the dreaded Trade Federation.

Starfighter delivers everything that a console game named Starfighter should: shiny ships, big guns, and lots of targets. The gameplay is of course just as good and solid as the PS2 original. While the core game can be finished quite quickly, there's a host of extra missions and ships that can be unlocked by successfully completing secondary tasks within individual missions.

Every object in this special edition of Starfighter is more detailed and shows a bit more flare and flash than the already great-looking PS2 version. And unlike the PS2 game, there's almost zero slowdown when the action is at its most frantic. Besides improved graphics, Starfighter SE features expanded (and instantly accessible) multiplayer games. These games are mildly amusing at best.

So, while the extras aren't fabulously exciting, the game delivers what it promises: Starfighter optimized for Xbox. If you're in the mood for a fun, mostly mindless, space shoot-'em-up game, you'll be well satisfied with this one. --Mark Brooks

One of the best Star Wars games made for consoles
Enhanced visuals over the original PS2 version
Multiplayer options that do not need to be unlocked, unlike the PS2 version

If you've beaten the PS2 version, there's no need to bother with this one
A particularly deep game it's not Product Description: Star Wars Starfighter, Special Edition combines LucasArts-quality air and space combat with the power of Xbox. Building on the Starfighter title, this edition adds five bonus operations to the original's 14-plus missions, a new two-player dogfighting mode, expanded two-player racing and capture-the-flag play, and enhanced graphics. Inspired by the motion picture Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace, this game puts you on a mission to save Naboo from invasion by the treacherous Trade Federation. Courage, skill, and honor are the qualities you'll need to triumph over evil and pilot through intense air and space combat. May the Force be with you, young starfighter pilot.

As in the original, you play as one of three pilots, each with a different ship. Rhys, a cocky Naboo pilot-in-training, flies a Naboo N-1 starfighter. It's quick, agile, adept at dogfighting, and armed with proton torpedoes, laser cannons, and deflector shields. Vana, a Naboo expatriate, roams the galaxy as a gun-for-hire. Her ultra-fast ship has stealth capabilities, sensors, tracking devices, and an array of weaponry. Nym, an alien pirate, lives a Robin Hood-like existence in the shadows of the Naboo system. His starship comes outfitted with powerful bombs, lasers, a rotating turret gun, and heavy shielding.

Customer Reviews:
Good But the Original is Better, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
This is a pretty good game, but the original one is better so I recomend you buying the original one as opposed to this one.

hard, July 2, 2002
Reviewer: Azeri from somewhere colorado
this game was easy until the end where you have to use a code

pong was a lot better (this game is a joke), June 13, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer
this game is the worst i mean realy the controlls (witch are allready hard because of the controller) are way to hard, next the missions are pointless realy the first trainging missions were to hard to understand so you dont know what to do and then there is the ...multiplayer, i have never played anything that was that boring in all of my life. basicly DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!! it is extreamly terible and i think pong is more intertaining

Straight...., April 23, 2002
Reviewer: chrisshadybell from Down South
This game is alright but once you beat it it gets kind of old. The bonus levels are a cool addition to the XBOX version of the game but the multiplayer modes/levels are not that various and are not as fun as expected. If you are a star wars fan it is worth renting before you buy it. I would have still gotten it if I played it before I bought it I GUESS.

The sequel is almost to market: wait for it, March 30, 2002
Reviewer: tropic_of_criticism
Honestly, unless you're LucasArts completist collector, there's no longer any reason to buy this game. With the pending sequel, JEDI STARFIGHTER, many of the things that annoyed people about STARFIGHTER SE (like its highly inadequate multiplayer environment) are going to be addressed--and, we hope, resolved. GIve this one a miss.

Pretty Star Wars sim, but somehow stale!, March 17, 2002
Reviewer: ukviewer from Reston, VA USA
So the game has everything it needs, good graphics, a reasonable story and the traditional lucas sounds and music. All this should make for a Star Wars flight fest yet oddly it doesn't. Perhaps it is the pacing of the game, the control system or the lack of familiarity with the characters that does it, but playing the game feels more like something you have to do than something you really want to. Of course you will continue playing the game in the hope that things get better later in the game.

Better than the PS2 versions - certainly, but while this is a must for Star Wars fans, it is probably better rented for everyone else.

Lets hope that Jedi Starfighter is better!

Not the greatest, February 25, 2002
Reviewer: A 1-year old gamer from NC,IN
Definetly would have been better as the trilogy. The graphics were cool but it's just so pointless. You do the same thing over and over. You have one mission and then the next. It would have been cooler if there were more ships. You get 3 ships and they [are not good]. I like Rogue Squadron tons better than this but this was still exciting. You might buy it if you like the new Star Wars. It's not too exciting BUT the 2-player mode is incredibly cool for a flying game like Star Wars. That is a new thing. I gave it a three cuz it was average. Many Star Wars [fans] might like it. It's ok!

Decent game but I want the original trilogy, January 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Los Angeles, CA United States
Starfighter is a pretty cool game from Lucas though I wish Rougue Leader and the new Racer were available for X-box.

Starfighter has a decent story line with 15 missions ranging in difficulty. There are some pretty cool bonus missions as well. "The Final Assault" will test your skills as that Mercinary Ship is a tough kill. All in all it was a good purchase.

Another StarFox, January 14, 2002
Reviewer: mark garrett from Pacoima, CA United States
The first 2 levels of this game were good, but the 3rd level turned into a StarFox game with unrealistic Kiddy effects like rattlesnake ships to shoot down. It was so stupid, for me anyway. I'm 47 yrs. old and was looking for something more serious and realistic because I like science fiction. I had other Star Wars games and this is a dissapointment that they actually put a Starfox character in it. I think it was falsly advertised as a genuine Starwars game.

This made me want to take my X-box back to the store and get my money back, I still might. Anyway, next time I'll be sure to read the package and if it says "for teens" then maybe I wont buy it.

It was......well......boring!!, January 6, 2002
Reviewer: Jeff Vicki from Jessup, PA United States
It hurts to write a bad review for a star wars game, being as big a fan as I am. However, this game did not live up to my expectations. First complaint are the dull, boring ships you fly. Maybe you're excited about flying Naboo fighters but I'd prefer a TIE Fighter or X-Wing anyday. Then you get these weak missions that if you put it on Easy it's no challenge, if you put it on normal you'll be dead before you knonw who's firing at you. I also didn't like the open space part of it. My favorite aerial game is StarFox where you're always flying forward and into action and this fly everywhere stuff didn't excite me.

However, I'm not saying you won't enjoy this game. You only won't enjoy it if you share my sentiments listed above.

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