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Batman Dark Tomorrow

Batman Dark Tomorrow by Kemco Batman Dark Tomorrow
by Kemco

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen

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• Dark and stylish graphics
• Complex gang warfare intrigue
• Expanded role for Batman's utility belt
• All the classic Batman villains
• For one player Product Description: Batman, the dark knight detective of Gotham City, is back for an all-new adventure. Things are getting ugly in Gotham City, and it's up to Batman to solve the mystery and save the day. The legendary Caped Crusader must use all his mental and physical skills, devices from his utility belt, and sleuthing prowess to fight crime, solve the mystery, and defeat the bad guys. Batman: Dark Tomorrow is the first Batman game based primarily on the comic book Batman, not a movie or the animated series. Veteran Batman writer Scott Peterson and video game creator Kenji Terada (Final Fantasy I, II, and III) have teamed up to craft an intriguing story with an innovative control scheme.

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