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X-Men: Next Dimension

X-Men: Next Dimension by Activision X-Men: Next Dimension
by Activision

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen

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• Fighting game
• 8 maps, with 26 sections featuring large 3-D environments
• Battle Bastion and his evil minions
• Combo chains, 8-way character movement, and new aerial combat
• For 1 or 2 players

Manufacturer's Description: X-Men: Next Dimension plunges players into a powerful enemy's plot to rid the world of mutants. Leaving traditional section-based fighting games in its wake, X-Men: Next Dimension is the only console fighter game that carries epic superhero showdowns across expansive 3-D levels. Players fight as 20 different X-Men characters (plus four secret characters to be unlocked) through interactive environments, replete with combat-induced damage.

Customer Reviews:
Poor fighting game, November 9, 2002
Reviewer: cyberaug from New Mexico, USA
I was really looking forward to an X-Men fighting game. Unfortunately it is a very poor game. While the graphics are good the rest is bad. Sure there are lots of characters but the stiff movements look and play bad. The AI is outrageous on this game, even on easy - the computer can do tons of damage while you struggle just to hit. And many of your hits never do damage. It is a very frustrating game. It is on par with old fighting games - very old ones. Even the 3D is limited. Very sad for X-Box. If you think you are interested in this game, do your self a favor and RENT it first - don't waste[your money] to find out how bad it is.

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