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Dynasty Warriors 3

Dynasty Warriors 3 by KOEI Dynasty Warriors 3

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen

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Customer Reviews:
Great, October 27, 2002
Reviewer: jimmy from usa
Unbelivible.smooth game play, lots of action and stratigy. yeah they have the same 9 boards for every one but it is great. i you have x box or ps2 buy this game it is awsome.

Great to Play at a Friends, though repetitive, October 7, 2002
Reviewer: boarder542 from Hartford, Wisconsin United States
This game is great when you look past the many drawbacks. I'll focus on the good things first.
1.This games has much better graphics than the PS2, and much smoother running.
2.The gameplay is still the best part, though gets repetitive to kill a boss 4 times in one level.
3.The battle screams and gruns are great.
4.The voice acting is pretty funny.
5.One word...ELEPHANTS!!!

The bad things:
1.There is only 9 yes 9 levels. They really should think about putting more in.
2.The characters just get too powerful.
3.Mesou mode was kind of dumb. They should have put like: Beserk or Adreneline Rush
4.The levels are the same for all the characters.
5. Vs mode is gay.

a little too late..., October 4, 2002
Reviewer: Jack L Garner
I bought DW3 for PS2 as soon as it was released. I love the game, and it has a lot of replay value. But now, i am a little disappointed. XBOX released Dynasty Warriors 3, and i'm already seeing preview of Dynasty Warriors 4 for PS2, and no word of an XBOX version. While 3 is a great game, and this version does have some fun add-ons...such as extra costumes for each character, and the ability to choose a player character as your bodyguard...but still, i wish that Microsoft would have just waited until part 4 came out. This is a 5 star game, but in my opinion, it's outdated, hence the one-star penalty.

This is my kind of strategy game...., October 4, 2002
Reviewer: shemme from Chicago, IL USA
This has the same addictive quality of Diablo to me. You know the action is very repetitive, but you can't help sit there and play through just one more mission. I usually don't like strategy games because I enjoy focusing just on one character/party, rather than having to worry about what another group is doing on the other side of the field. This has my kind of mix then; you have to constantly pay attention to your army's morale, and you should flip to the overall map to see which units are being overwhelmed. Basically, while you never have as much health as the enemy generals, you end up being the one to pretty much turn the tide of battle and so you have to constantly see which groups you must run and save. Fortunately, enemy generals tend to ride in on horses, so you can acquire transportation easily enough. :^D

My two "gripes" are there are so many names in every battle that it's hard locating where you should go next; the only names that appear are the generals, not the supporting leaders. Also, I wish the friendly AI was a bit better; I'm always getting overwhelmed and no one has my back...but that's why you're the hero! Can't wait to have a friend over to play 2-player cooperative!

Action and strategy, artfully balanced, September 30, 2002
Reviewer: hbj200 from New York, NY USA
A fantasy-type action and strategy game based on the incredible Chinese war epic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Dynasty Warriors allows you to play as one of 2 dozen generals representing three warring kingdoms. In action mode it's like a third-person slasher, where you wield an awesome-looking weapon to chop your enemies into pieces (although the "Mousou" attack mode -- Japanese for unequalled -- seems quite silly). But there's more. You need to think about the overall battle strategy, and when hashing your way around the throngs of enemy officers and foot soldiers, you need to watch out for other battles happening at the same time and respond accordingly.

The Xbox version offers enhanced graphics (e.g., fog!) and sound over the one-year-old PS2 version. The difference in graphics is actually quite noticeable: when I played the PS2 version earlier this year, I was frustrated with the inadequate graphics which made some battle scenes difficult to play. The Xbox version is much smoother and easier on the eyes... something you'll appreciate when surrounded by dozens of enemies at a time.

The one downside to the game is its replay value: even though you can play as many characters, the number of battles is rather small, and some of them are so tough that you just wouldn't want to play a second time.

This game is just TOO cool., September 30, 2002
Reviewer: kaltros from Austin, TX United States
First Time Players: A real problem I run into with games is replay value. There comes a time when you've run Snake (for example) through the gauntlet so many times, with as much variation as possible, that the wonder wears right off. Doesn't mean Metal Gear Solid isn't fun, just means that once you've played it three times, it's pretty much over.

Dynasty Warriors 3 has enough variation to stave off the Replay Blues. Starting with fifteen or so characters, Free Mode and Musou Mode, a variety of weapons and items to use, this is the quick'n'dirty masterpiece for anyone who's interested in hack-hack-hack-slash (with more hits at higher levels).

The graphics are great, the action is smooth and while it takes a little learning (what doesn't?) it's a lot of fun to run around and kill hundreds of people the old fashioned way: Brutally.

Watching a character improve is a real kick, as your attacks become more deadly, your life and musou levels grow and you just generally whup the [behind] of anyone foolish enough to cross your path.

PS2 Players: The conversion is just fine. No graphic glitches that I've seen, slow-down hasn't been a problem and all the items are in the same places as they were. Cheat codes are different (unless I did 'em wrong) but those will be out soon enough. And aren't we strong enough to tough it out until then? Sure we are.

For the game itself: 5 stars.
For the conversion to X-Box: 5 stars.
Well done, and about time.

Dont' bother renting this have to own it!, September 30, 2002
Reviewer: Doug from Woodstock, GA United States
I purchased DW3 several days ago and I have been very pleased with the purchase. It started out as a PS2 game that was ported over. Unfortanately they didn't use the Xbox hardware to address some of the "fog" issues that prevents you from seeing more than 50 ft. in any direction.

But that is a forgivable gripe as the overhead map keeps you informed as to where you need to be.

The action is very intense with hundreds of very detailed soldiers, horses and even elephants try to take you and your friends down. You basically become a human lawnmower as you get your hands on more powerful weapons that allow you to cut huge swaths in the sea of men and armor.

Succesfully blending RPG upgrade and power-up elements with the frenzied action of a real time strategy game, DW3 works very hard to keep you engaged and it succeeds very well in my opinion.

Perhaps best of all is the value and depth of the game. There is so much to unlock here, so much to build up. Over 40 characters to choose from with various weapons and items.

This is a game that just keeps on giving. I can't think of another... adventure game for the Xbox that gives you so much for your money.

It's not perfect, some of the stages are a little sparse and trying to do battle from horseback takes some getting use to.

But overall, the action, graphics and scope of the game make it an excellent buy.

Just Great, September 27, 2002
Reviewer: Alex Forte from Seattle, WA USA
How many of you have played this? It has great graphics, gameplay and more.

da best game ever, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: Anthony Hoang from LAKERS CITY
dis game is da best ever. i played it on playstation 2 n it was da best. now since its comin out 4 xbox its gonna hab better graphics n it still has elephants which makes it really kool.

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