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Toe Jam & Earl III

Toe Jam & Earl III by Sega of America, Inc. Toe Jam & Earl III
by Sega of America, Inc.

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00006JBS7

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Customer Reviews:
Way underrated!, November 7, 2002
Reviewer: Daniel Krieglstien
I've been a fan since Toe Jam#1 and needless to say I was excited to here about this new adaptation. Not being a fan of Bill Gates, I had to buy an X-box just to play it. I wasn't shure if I wanted to after I started reading some reviews, but figured any reviews that thought a hip-hop game was racist must have mist something. Let me tell you, they did. I've been way into this game have yet to be offended. I hold a BA in Ethenic Diversty in Psychology so I like to think I know when something is over the line. These bad reviews are just a case of some white writers that is way oversensitive and don't know what the hell their talking about. Otherwise gameplay is easy to grasp and playability is seriously addictive!

Finally!, November 7, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Hercules, CA United States
this is a really great game, it's funny, stunningly beautiful and doesn't take itself too seriously. the dialogue is hilarious! the music is awesome (you gotta turn this one way up when you play) and the best part is it's different! i'm sick of all the shooters, i've seen all that before, tj&e 3 is fresh and a blast to play with friends. try it and you'll love it!

At Long Last - A Game with Heart, November 6, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Richmond, Ca USA
This game is one of the very few games out there that is actually uplifting. If you own an Xbox because you need to feel more powerful by killing things and solving tough puzzles then don't even look at this game. If you are ready to laugh and share lots of fun hours of cooperative play with someone and enjoy some great dialog, kicking funk music, and gameply filled with insane surprises then you'll never find a better gaming experience then this. There are a lot of gamers out there who need to show off how "tough and wicked they are". The Market is filled with one dark, bloody, serious game after another. People who like those games shouldn't comment on this one, cause they just won't get it. This game is a Joy. It's a Celebration.

It's a breath of refreshing creativity in a wasteland of heartless products. If you are a positive person you will LOVE this one.

Heres the real deal on this game....., November 5, 2002
Reviewer: Brandon from Orem, Utah United States
You read many reviews and such of this game being for children. Its the sheer randomness that makes it a great game. I must say, compared to many modern games, it gets blown away, BUT, if you played TJ&E on Genesis, chances are you loved it, and youll love this. This is a game for TJ&E Classic hardcore fans. If you didnt play the original, forget this one, you cant appreciate it the way the oldskool fans do. Its all about seeing things you used to love (like the hula dancers) and remembering what it was like back in the day. Reminds you of great things, like getting a rank-up to a poindexter, or using a game genie, and putting on the invincibility code, and on level 1, swim to the bottom left of the screen and fall down a secret hole to level 0, where you can get lemonade or sit in the hot tub with hawiian girls. Oh, great fun, great memories. Classic TJ&E fans, your in for a treat.

Ho Hum., November 2, 2002
Reviewer: Walter Reade from Appleton, WI United States
The idea of this game is to go around and collect funk records. Yup, that's about it. The game is simplistic and, although it does have some nice graphical effects, it is, overall, rather bland (and the funky music gets old rather fast). With that said, the game should keep the younger crowd occupied for a while, though. Although I would rate the game on the lower end of a Teen rating (i.e., closer to an E), I fail to understand why Sega would create a game obviously intended for the 10 and under crowd, and then put elements in it that give it a Teen rating. In this case, it is the standard "comic mischief" and some wiggling.

Good Game (for kindergarteners), October 31, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Chicago, IL United States
This game is boring however it would be a good edition to the video game library of an 8 year old. You walk around picking up keys and eating food to get to new worlds. The point is to get 12 albums of funk that were stolen. You convert little girls into funk followers by hitting the x button twice and that is about it. If you dont they will kick you and you will lose energy but its easy to stop them. There were some cute parts but I like games to be a bit more involved and thought out. You can play tracks off the albums once you find them but the music isnt that good. Graphics were good but the game was silly and not challenging at all. It might be enjoyed by a younger audience however but it didnt win me over. I had the game for 5 days (rental) but returned it after 4 hours of play in exchange for Munch's Odyssey which is far better. I was hoping it picked up but it didnt so I wouldnt recommend it.

ok i take it back this is the best game for any system, October 28, 2002
Reviewer: lovehatetragedy from a place
it blew me away i played it for 6 hours straight and im goin to play it now ..........later

TJ&E reborn, October 22, 2002
Reviewer: cosmo_drazi from Under my desk.
(Only four stars, because it's not out yet and I haven't gotten my grubby little mitts on it.)

Ah, a cult classic. Featuring the classic game style of the original (dynamic split-screen).

Following the classic model for any 16-bit game: things are scattered around the land and it's your job to go get 'em. Wackiness ensues.

If you enjoyed the first two (or even if you've heard about the first two), then of *course* you're going to take this one for a spin. I don't even know why I'm *writing* a review. The only way you'd know about this game is if you've played the previous incarnations.

If it weren't for the premature death of the Dreamcast, we'd already be getting our funk on. Let's pray that the move to the Xbox will show a marked increase in funkitude and style.

I'm already giddy about what the soundtrack will be like. Think they'll release a music CD like they did with Jet Set Radio Future?

JSRF, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Shenmue II, and now TJ&E 3. Sega is definately Microsoft's lap-dog. That's why I bought the system. XD

It's back, October 21, 2002
Reviewer: Jeremy Clark from Orange County, NY United States
I only gave this game 4 stars since I havent played it yet, but after hearinf it was being based on the original I know it will be at least 4 stars and 5+ for all the Toejam and Earl fans out there. The original still remains as my favorit video game ever and is the only reason I still have my genesis. X-box owners should be grateful Microsoft got the rights to this game, for anyone who has played the originals it is a must have and for anyone who has never played it before it is a definate muyst rent. I have never pre-ordered a game before because in this day and age who knows if it will be worth it. But I pre-ordered this the moment it was announced. 4 more days....

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