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Vexx by Acclaim Vexx
by Acclaim

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00006IKB6

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• 3-D action/adventure in a dark, forsaken land
• 18 levels spanning treetop canopy villages to underwater cities
• Advanced environment mapping, including reflections, glows, and highlights on characters
• Highly flexible cinematic camera system
• For one player, with some multiplayer features Product Description: Here's the deal: On the forsaken remains of what was once the proud planet called Astara, the villagers of Rockhaven led difficult but peaceful lives, until the day Dark Yabu of the Shadowraith, and his minions swept down from the sky. With terrible ferocity and ruthless efficiency they descended on the townsfolk, enslaving them and forcing them to work deep in the caves that surround their village. Dark Yabu murdered the grandfather of the young Vexx, who managed to slip quietly aboard the enemy's wind ship. There, locked deep within Yabu's sanctum, was the last pair of Astani Battlegauntlets, which leapt from their chest onto Vexx's outstretched hands, and bonded to his arms to give him special powers. Prepared to meet his destiny, Vexx embarks on a heroic quest through volcanic islands, desert temples, and frozen citadels. Ultimately, Vexx must confront Dark Yabu high atop the Landspire, save his people, and avenge the death of his grandfather.

This action/adventure game features 18 levels, spanning treetop canopy villages, mysterious caves, underwater cities, and deadly volcanoes. There are hidden multiplayer party games that are unlocked as players progress through the single player world. Free-climbing mode allows players to climb uneven surfaces and dangle beneath overhangs. Each level's distinguishing landmark can be viewed from anywhere in the world in real time. There are day and night cycles with real-time lighting. Night changes the landscape and characters; enemies become more aggressive, and the environments become more hostile. Ultraresponsive player controls react instantly to player inputs. Gamers can cancel a move midway through and fire off extensive combo attacks. Hidden sundials allow players to change the time of day and gameplay. Advanced environment mapping creates beautiful reflections, glows, and highlights on characters, while clothes, hair, and trees respond dynamically to the environment.

Customer Reviews:
another reason to get a Xbox !, August 18, 2002
Reviewer: Robert II from Santa Barbara, CA
Xbox finally has another good title besides Halo!
move over mario, Vexx is taking over; fantastic game play, awesome graphics...

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