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Enclave by Vivendi Universal Enclave
by Vivendi Universal

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B00006C260

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• Role playing adventure
• A dark, medieval fantasy world
• A bottomless rift separates the peoples of light and darkness
• Immersive graphics and sound
• Combat and problem-solving

From the Manufacturer: The people of Light and Dark are divided by a bottomless rift that split the earth many millennia ago. The Lands of Light are an Enclave of truth and order surrounded by the twisted and barren lands of the Dark, known as the Outlands. Over the centuries the rift has started to close... It is only a matter of time before the forces of Light and Dark clash in an unprecedented, merciless struggle for survival! Experience incredibly atmospheric and intense medieval combat action! Go ahead and enter a new world, the award-winning world of Enclave!

Customer Reviews:
I wish they had 3 & 1/2 stars to give., October 28, 2002
Reviewer: Jeffrey Hunter from Chicago, IL United States
Good game and I love the gothic, D & D role playing type games with weapons and money for better weapons :). The issues have been pointed out in other reviews as far as difficult and no saves mid-level. We all like challenges in games however it needs to be achievable for the game player. I have a job and balances need to exist in games. This is the 50th game I have played that is too difficult. I wish I could give it a 3.5 but trusting the others that if I had a month to play this game I would actually beat it I have given it a 4.

How about some more bad guys..., October 27, 2002
Reviewer: killerjunior from APO, AE United States
WHAT? ONLY THREE STARS!!! First of all, the graphics are awesome in this game. Every detail is sharp, in the characters as well as the suroundings. Throughout the game the player accumulates different characters to help him on his quest, this makes it more interesting to play. The audio is very good, every action has a distinct sound.

The puzzles are very challenging, and will give the player much to work with. However, the reason I am giving this game such a low rating is because of the controls and the difficulty of the enemies. Your first character is a warrior armed only with a sword and shield. I soon discovered that about 2 out of every 5 swings with my sword actually made contact with the enemy. Eventually you do get a crossbow, but switching between weapons is unreasonably time consuming. The other allies you gather help, but each is horribly weak compared to the virtual onslaught of enemies you are bombarded with throughout the game. Plus, you can only use one character at a time when in a level. I honestly don't think I would have gone very far without the GOD code, which I was required to use more often than I would like. The enemies are not strong, but they are so numerous and the life potions you find are so FEW and far between. Plus, when you die, SUPRISE! You have to start the level ALL over. I may be weak, but I only suggest this game if your ready for a REAL challenge. If you would actually like to play a game where you don't start over again and again and gameplay is emphasized over raw enemy forces, I would suggest another, maybe "The Thing"...

Challenging and sometimes frustrating, but very fun, September 27, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Bavaria, Germany
I'll admit that I haven't finished the game yet, but I've beaten the light adventure. Once you beat the light adventure you can be the bad guys.

One of the things I really liked about this game is that one of the enemies that became annoying very quickly, is playable on the Dark quest.

The graphics are very good... This isn't Halo, but they're very good. Gameplay is spot on for both quests. The different elements besides the hack and slash are very interesting. On one of them you have to use a stationary crossbow to hit a dragon that shoots fire at you. Another is using a catapult to pulverize your way into a castle.

The one thing I don't care for is that you are constantly looking for treasure, but you rarely find all of it from any one level. And you need it.

You buy your own gear, from armor to grenade arrows to grease bombs to your shield. There never seems to be enough health potion but that's actually pretty normal.

There are few puzzles that will stump someone, but the waves of enemies that come at you are challenging enough.

In conclusion. I bought this game not expecting anything and I've been playing it daily now for about a month. I'm taking my time. It can be a lot like Dragon's lair(remember where you got killed and move on).

Very impressive game!, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Denver, CO
This is such an incredible game. The storyline is really interesting, and the scenery is really detailed. The enemies are cool, and are actually difficult to beat. Really worth buying since there are 8 characters to try...soudntrack is impressive too, really gets you going and fits well with the story of the game. Enclave is totally worth buying if you're up for the challenge!

Simply Amazing!, September 24, 2002
Reviewer: Luke A. Grim from South Korea
With the XBox lacking in the RPG department, i started searching for "close" games. Enclave captures RPG style, Diablo style, and even some Parappa de Rappa style! no, not so much parappa style. but, you get everything you need in a game! the sound is top notch. it reminds me very much of Gladiator movie style music, and it really puts you into the atmosphere! the graphics are superb, any and all minor details were looked into when they made this one! a few snags, however.....

1) difficulty: no easy/medium/hard settings. you really have to go in there and kick some but. on a couple levels i had to put in the God Mode code, since i couldn't have beat them otherwise

2) no save during missions. only 2-3 times will you find checkpoints, and they are immediately before a boss. these guys will come at you in hordes, and if you die it's back to the beginning!

3) the cut-scenes between missions look like the game. yes, the game looks great byitself, but they really could have suped up the cutscenes FFX style

Enclave also offers both the Light and Dark (after you beat Light) campaigns, so once you play the role of the good buy and save everybody, you get to destroy everything and conquer the world! sort of a good facelift from the usual nice guy role!

all in all, if you're looking for an awesome game with great graphics, story-line and sound. there's nothing clunky about the fighting system, and you get alot of freedom with which character you use on which mission and what equipment they use. 2 thumbs up, 5 stars all around the board!

Good Game., September 22, 2002
Reviewer: phlogistic from MI United States
Confirmation on the graphics design, detail, and art...if you rent it you will see such detail in the first mission of the game.

Control and response are excellent.

Lots of available gameplay time...this won't be a Hunter incident where you beat it in 24 hours.

For anyone who tells you "no mid-mission saves", don't listen. In between missions you can always save, in some special missions there will be "checkpoints" where you can start over at. Brash actions shouldn't be rewarded with a chance to load the game from whence two seconds ago.

Simply Amazing, September 13, 2002
Reviewer: Daniel from Las Vegas, NV United States
Where should I start? The graphics are beautiful. The environments are incredibly ambient, and allow for some *very interesting* interactions, such as finding extra items, alternative routes, exploding buildings, falling barrells, etc... The playable characters and their respective armor and weaponry, for lack of anything more descriptive, KICK ...! The enemies are many, varied, and fairly intelligent. Finally, although nothing new, the story behind the game is decent in depth and rich in the telling it. I knew this game would be awesome from looking at the screen shots, but even then I was blown away... Definitely a 5-star game.

Everything about it is wonderful, except..., August 28, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Phelan, CA USA
Its frusterating as hell. The gameplay is wonderful, and while the storyline and mid-mission cinematic scenes aren't the best, the overall experience of the game is fantastic. The only problem is that it's so darn hard. Not just that, but there are no mid-mission saves, and so when you are killed, you have to play the whole level again. This is very frusterating. But, when I was replaying the levels over and over again, I just tried to immerse myself in the wonderful gameplay and enjoy the fun and try not to think about it being the tenth time I played the level. The traps, unlike some reviewers said, aren't that bad. Most can be seen before-hand, and the few that can't generally don't really hurt you enough to worry about. Anyhow, enough said. This game is truly entertaining, but I wouldn't recommend it to the casual-just play a little here and there for fun-gamer.

Rent before you buy., August 28, 2002
Reviewer: Uriel from Seattle, WA USA
Grafix, good artsy goes with the mood. Only good point!

Theam and Story, been done to death, nothing new or interesting.

Run aorund trying to kill things.

Controls, slow and awkward, can't aim at all.

Action Combat, There is no combat system at all. Run around swinging wlidly and hope you eventually kill something.

Challenge, with out aim or combat system simple weak monsters are potentially deadly, Only cheats may help.

Over all, this is two stars worth of game, thats all.

Coulda been a Contenda!, August 23, 2002
Reviewer: luckybuddah from Walnut Creek, CA United States
... Once again this is a game that should rented and not purchased. The game is really terrific and I would have given it a Five-star rating if it hadn't been for major mid-mission saves or checkpoints. Of course you might be thinking, "Big deal"...of course you also haven't played the game yet.

If you actually purchase this game be prepared for costs exceeding the initial price. For example, the cost of new controllers (which you will smash in childish fits of anger), the cost of a new Xbox (which you will ruin because of repeated ripping out and putting back in of game) and the cost of a new TV (which will have one of your smashed controllers embedded in it).

I'm all for challenging games, games that don't hand the answers to you, but this game is a bit on the sadistic side. The total lack of a checkpoint system is just far too frustrating. Other than that, the game is great. The weapons are sweet and the graphics are out of this world. Dolby 5.1 surround sound really sucks you into the environments and the storyline is pretty decent. The controls take a little while to get used to but, so did Halo's and we all know how that turned out.

So take my advice and go rent this game, play it, ...

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