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Tetris Worlds

Tetris Worlds by THQ Tetris Worlds
by THQ

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Everyone
ASIN: B00006AN03

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Customer Reviews:
Tetris - nothing like the original we all grew up with, November 12, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Madison, AL United States
I rented this game to see if what is any good, and i hate it after one day... i'm so used to the orginal that came with every gameboy, the this game just seems weird to me... each time you reach a new level the game stops and asks you if you want to play some more... yes the new games are an added benefit, but they're nothing to make up for the fact that it is a completely different tetris... i would recommend that no one buy this, but rent it first to see if you like it. i definitely didn't.

A classic Updated to please the entire family., August 27, 2002
Reviewer: Heath Rat Su from Sacramento, CA USA
Let's face it, Tetris is a classic game. It is probably the single most played game in existance, and most certainly dominates the puzzle game category. In it's simplicity it appeals to many different gamers. While it is not the most technologically advanced game for the xbox, it does bring a number of improvements to the older versions of the game. here are a number of different fame styles which can make for a challenging game for even the most gnarled of tetris players. But the best part so far about the game, is that my entire family can sit around the tv and enjoy playing it together. this is a must for the family xbox.

WHY?, August 18, 2002
Reviewer: quake24
Why would you want a tetris game for Xbox when you can play it on NES or download it for free? Nothing wil beat the gameboy vers.

Tetris is and continues to be one of the most addictive, July 12, 2002
Reviewer: jerseyrocks from Bound Brook, NJ United States
Tetris worlds for the XBOX is as much fun as it was in the 80's when the game comes out. In addition to the standard tetris game their are also several different versions based around the same concept. One of the versions requires you to make 4x4 cubes while another starts you out with broken lines.

All of these versions of tetris have been around for some time in one version of another. My one criticism of the game is that it does not take into account nor use any of the XBOX's computing power. The game does look good but the lack of any substantial 3D animation is bothersome.

This game is ideal for the following consumers. 1. Those who like puzzle games. Currently this is the only one out there for the Xbox and it is very addictive. 2. For the women (or men) out there who have become xbox widows because their spouses spend hours on it and there's nothing for them to do. This fit me to a tee as my wife didn't get nearly the same level of satisfaction i did from shooting up aliens in Halo (best game on Xbox).

Bottom line is that this is a great old time game with, unfortunately old time graphics. The game though is still lots of fun and should be well-liked by any gamer.

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