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Terminator: Dawn of Fate

Terminator: Dawn of Fate by Infogrames Terminator: Dawn of Fate
by Infogrames

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B000067DPB

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From the Developer: The year is 2027. The machines of Skynet have risen, reaping a bloody harvest of human flesh across the globe. You are a soldier of Tech Com, a ragged team of human resistance fighters intent on stopping the overwhelming onslaught of cybernetic assassins in postapocalyptic Los Angeles. Your ultimate goal is to reach a time travel device in time to send Kyle Reese back to 1984, with the hope of preventing a relentless Terminator model T-800 from murdering Sarah Connor, mother of resistance leader John Connor. If you fail in your mission, the resistance will crumble, and no one will survive the rise of the machines. The fate of humanity lies in your hands.

Customer Reviews:
The year is 2002, and I'm not impressed, November 5, 2002
Reviewer: James Geiss from Stationed in the Air Force
I remember getting all excited when I ogt this, thinking this was going to to a great game. The cut scenes are kewl....gave a nice feel for the game. but play ability was frustrating. trying to aim and fire in the right direction was very was an okay game, but not worth [$$$]. Think they need to go back to the drawing boards for the next one, maybe even use the Halo engine.

A review from someone who has actually played it, September 24, 2002
Reviewer: Player from USA
Unlike the other reviews posted on Amazon at this time, I have bought the game and have been playing it. I have completed the first 5 stages.

GAMEPLAY: It's a good game. It's kind of like MAX PAYNE only without the "bullet time" and less emphasis on story. There is a storyline though. It's a 3rd person shooter and you have the ability to go to 1st person mode while shooting to target more precisely if you want to.

In addition to shooting, you can also use this baton for action up close. It is actually useful to do this, unlike other games where you shoot all the time. You have the ability to go into this "adrenaline" mode. At this point, everything goes into a psuedo-MAX PAYNE timeframe and you are ultra strong. Using the baton is ideal here since it boosts your limited adrenaline quantity up.

CONTROL: It's responsive and the button layout is good. I think there are 4 different ways to set it up, but I use default and it works well.

GRAPHICS: Pretty good. It's a dark game, as you would expect based on the future in T1 and T2. You are in recognizable locations like sewers, banks, hotels. You fight different Terminator models which is cool. The animation while running around is smooth.

CAMERA ANGLES: This is a little awkward at first, since the camera is constantly shifting. It's not like MAX PAYNE in this regard. It definitely takes some getting used to. I didn't like it too much at first but I have since grown accustomed to how it works. In one boss encounter, this camera system was a liability and made it more difficult than it otherwise would have been.

SOUNDTRACK: Exciting heavy metal music kicks when the action heats up. The sound effects are alright, not amazing.

MOVIE SCENES: You get an intro movie scene before each stage. They are pretty good. At least you get them at all.

MEDALS: If you perform well in the game, you can unlock cheat modes. I haven't been able to do this yet. A listing of the cheat modes are present in the options.

CONCLUSION: I think the game takes a little getting used to at first. On Easy mode, it hasn't been that difficult. I got stuck a couple times but I figured out what to do. I like playing this game, and as a Terminator fan, I am happy with this.

Please, Arnold, don't come back!, September 22, 2002
Reviewer: darkdan from Norman, OK United States
Like everyone here, I purchased this game because I love the Terminator franchise. Well, I learned my lesson. This game is, without a doubt, the worst 3rd person shooter ever created. The "follow you" camera is so bad that you will find it frustrating just to walk down a straight hallway. In fact, it's so bad that the programmers put in a first person mode (just pull the left trigger) to try and make up for it. They didn't spend enough time on that tho, because you can't move in 1st person mode. -So don't believe the hype they have about being able to switch modes.

Worse though (and completely unforgivable) is the save game feature. While in the game, you restart at various "checkpoints" within a level. However, if you save the same and turn off your X-box for the night, you'll find yourself at the beginning of the level. Ugh. Your game isn't good enough to keep us up all night Infogrames! Put some effort into the work you do!

And finally, a person rant: who makes shooter games without multiplayer anymore?!?

On the plus side, the game makes awesome use of the Terminator world, as you're trying to get to the point where the Terminators go back to kill Sarah Connor. And the unlocking of secrets and the ability to use bonus points to unlock additional technology is awesome. But, if you really want to give this game a try, rent it. You'll be happy to have saved [money] that you can use to go out Saturday night after you've finished the game in your first half of the day.

Worship the movies, and game looks good!, September 19, 2002
Reviewer: T-9000 from new canaan, ct United States
Forget these bad reviews, they obviously aren't big fans. I can concurr though, that the past Terminator games have been dissapointing (excluding T2 arcade game). However, I have high hopes for this game, and so far it looks good. And lucky for me, it comes out 8 days before my birthday!

I won't be back!, July 15, 2002
Reviewer: Brian Real from The U.S. of A. ...
It is unfortunate that many of the products related with the Terminator franchise fail so miserable to truly capture the rapturous feeling a fan gets when they see a T-800 vaporize a human fighting force.

This game is no different. Every Terminator game since the original Nintendo Entertainment Systems has been borish and uninteresting.

All I want is something simple where you kick arse an say beautiful one liners like "Let off some steam, Bennett."

This game is for the Terminator fanatic only.

Terminated!, June 17, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Fairfield, CT USA
Terrible game. Graphics stink gameplay stinks no story plot at all. Save your money and buy something else like the movie.

Terminator: Episode I, May 12, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from NY , US
this game is gong to be awesome, the only thing is.............WHERE IS ARNOLD?????? he is terminator period but other than that this game is going to terminate the competition. Get ready for episode 1 of the terminator series!!!

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