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Hunter: The Reckoning

Hunter: The Reckoning by Vivendi Universal Hunter: The Reckoning
by Vivendi Universal

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Mature
ASIN: B0000640A9

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• One to four Hunters battle evil in White Wolf's dark modern "World of Darkness" setting
• Play as a tough biker, edgy urban cop grrrl, raver chick, or gothic preacher man
• Characters skills and stats improve throughout the game to make them even more deadly
• Movement Independent targeting technology allow the player to simultaneously move and shoot in different directions
• Unload both barrels on 20 types of monsters from zombies to werewolves to vampires, including seven insane boss characters Product Description: There is evil everywhere... most people just can't see it. Monsters are hiding among us. They are our babysitters, our policemen, our bartenders, even our friends. Once you realize it's around you, there's no way for you to ignore it; messages are sent and magical powers are received forcing you to realize that your only job now is to take back the world from the monsters that seek to destroy it. You have become a Hunter!

Set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, Hunter: The Reckoning is a third-person action-shooter where players take the role of one of four unique hunters: Deuce, a biker ex-con; Father Cortez, a prison chaplain; Kassandra, a raver chick; and Samantha, a tough ex-cop. Armed with a variety of fearsome weaponry, players will battle it out with a plethora of supernatural enemies. Go it alone or team up with up to three other players on a crusade against evil. Nonstop heart-pumping action combined with outstanding graphics bring the true spirit of Hunter: The Reckoning to life, and give players a taste of the World of Darkness.

From the Manufacturer: Set in White Wolf's modern-day World of Darkness, Hunter: The Reckoning is a third-person action-shooter where players take the role of one of four unique hunters: Deuce, a biker ex-con; Father Cortez, a prison chaplain; Kassandra, a raver chick; and Samantha, a tough ex-cop. Armed with a variety of fearsome weaponry and spiritual powers, players will battle it out with a plethora of creatures of the night. Non-stop heart-pumping action, combined with outstanding graphics bring the essence of Hunter: The reckoning to life.

Customer Reviews:
Cheap for a Reason, October 22, 2002
Reviewer: tortfeasor_99 from San Francisco, CA United States
Have you ever heard the old adage that the average human uses only 10% of his/her brain? Well, "Hunter, the Reckoning" uses only about 5% of the Xbox's awesome capabilities. In some respects, your average Gameboy game is more sophisticated than this stinker.

Example: the game subscribes to the familiar Xbox standard of left joystick to move, right joystick to turn the character in different directions. In "Hunter", you may face the character in any direction you choose, as long as it's Up, Down, Left, or Right. Yep. You can toggle through the four points of the compass. No "in-betweenies" for you.

Other disappointments: you can jump, but not over anything. Attacks combos are seemingly random. For example, some characters will always strike behind them as well as in front with a single pull of the right trigger. As is common for this type of game, you have a meter that denotes the number of spells you can cast. Oddly, this meter is called "conviction". As if killing multiple zombies. would cause the character's "conviction" to waver. Something was lost in the translation, I guess.

This would have made an awesome game for the original Nintendo system. For an Xbox game, however, it is decidely sub-average.

Entertaining action game, September 30, 2002
Reviewer: ionyo6 from Michigan
This game has a great soundtrack and fantastic graphics. The controls are very responsive. Cool missions. Tough missions. Can play up to 4 players vs computer. It's really creepy. The player development part of this game almost makes it role-play/action. Although the gameplay is all action.

Cool spooky gory game! Not for kids.

so fun to play, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: wizrdzmagic from i'm still trying to figure that out!
Hunter The Reckoning is a great game. Since I bought it I can't stop playing it! It's one of the best Xbox games out there. The graphics are really cool, and my buds really like the multiplayer feature as a team. Its a ton of fun to go around killing zombies, and freeing souls, especially when the camera angles make it even more challenging to complete the missions. Yeah, this is an awesome game, that needs to be in everyone's collection!

A Great Hunt(er), September 6, 2002
Reviewer: GameInsomniac from Chicago, IL
I read reviews of Hunter the reckoning in different magazines and decided to buy the game and give it a shot. I am sure glad I did! Hunter is probabally my favorite Xbox game to come out this year. Single player is great. You pick one charachter to go through the game and try to kill the monsters that are all over. Where the game really shines though is multiplayer. You and 3 people can go at it together as a team, which adds all new strategy to the game. Great graphics combined with awesome gameplay make this a must buy!

All dressed up and nowhere to go, September 4, 2002
Reviewer: c_thulhu from San Diego, CA USA
I bought this game being a fan of White Wolf RPG's, but was pretty disapointed with this. On the plus side, the graphics and sound were both impressive. The level scenery was great and the bosses were creative, though not particularly challenging.

Unfortunately, the greater part of the game is spent running around hacking apart endless hordes of nearly identical zombies. This goes on level after level with no real changes. I'd recomend renting it if your a White Wolf fan, you'll easily be able to beat the game before you have to take it back. I can't imagine wanting to play it again after you've beaten it once.

Good, Great, Awesome!, August 29, 2002
Reviewer: ajcar1992 from Baltimore, MD USA
This game is good, great and awesome. I would recomend this to anybody. The only thing is it is kind of hard especially with more players so you should not get this as your first game, but you should get it.

2 AND 1/2 STARS really..., August 26, 2002
Reviewer: chrisshadybell from Chatt. TN
This game is a little repetitive and the company that publishes the Game (Interplay) wont release the codes. There is an invincibility code in the game it says as one of the tips but wont release it. The only ones released was Max damage, All weapons, and STUPID Sound Check. And you can only do the all weapons code once every level... The only reason I suggest buying this game instead of renting is that it takes a while to beat unless you play for at least 6 HOURS A DAY EVERYDAY until its due back. It is worth checking out though.

If you like to be bored, and irritated by poor game play...., August 25, 2002
Reviewer: computerguru777 from San Mateo, CA United States
I am absolutely amazed some people gave this game reviews higher than a 1. I would give it a 0 if possible (or less).

Here's the scoop.

1. Bad game play. Hard to play because the camera angles are all screwed up, and make it difficult to enjoy the game. Playing this game consisted of several characters you can choose to be, none being any good, and using weapons to fight off zombies. The characters were small, and looked like something found in a cheap pc game (one that never made it), and came at you in hordes, and you fought them off watching from a strange angle way up high using weapons that were hard to use accurately. This game could go down in the hall of shame for its simple, noninteractive game play. Most children's games anywhere from ages 3 and below are far more realistic and intense.

2. The game consisted of wave after wave of zombies coming at you and nothing else. I kept wondering what the point of this game was, but there was no point. I got very bored very quickly. I wanted to try the game out so I kept on with the game, but it never improved.

3. Graphics are very uninteresting. A four year old would not be impressed.

I really think this game should have never been released, and God forbid anyone actually paying 49 dollars for it. Don't even wait for the price to drop. It is not even worth renting.

To sum it in one word: Pathetic.

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