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Pirates- The Legend of Black Kat

Pirates- The Legend of Black Kat by Electronic Arts Pirates- The Legend of Black Kat
by Electronic Arts

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00005V6BI

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• Take to the high seas as fearless pirate Katarina de Leon
• Master a dozen pirate ships from a simple gunboat to a massive Warship
• Discover and explore increasingly dangerous and fantastic island worlds
• Develop swordplay skills to defeat evil pirate bands
• Battle or befriend witch doctors, mermaids, skull apes, and more Product Description: In Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat, you will take to the high seas as fearless pirate Katarina de Leon and master a dozen pirate ships, from a simple gunboat to a massive man-of-war. There are 12 vessels in all, drawn from history and legend. You'll discover and explore increasingly dangerous and fantastic island worlds, and develop swordplay skills to defeat evil pirate bands and loot their treasures. There are witch doctors, mermaids, mythical beasts, skull apes, and other beings to befriend or battle. The hand-to-hand battle system allows you to swordfight with two-handed combo moves, while ship-to-ship combat lets you to go head-to-head against the computer or another player.

Customer Reviews:
Not even Close to Sea Dogs, October 8, 2002
Reviewer: ionyo6 from Clawson, MI USA
I am a huge fan of the pirate game genre, so I was excited to see this game in the XBOX section of the store. I have owned most pirate games for the PC.

If you're expecting Sea Dogs or anything close to the old Pirates game on the PC, with Pirates - The Legend of Black Kat, you will be as disappointed as I was with this game.

This game might be good for kids learning to play video games, although it is violent. Since I am not a kid, I grew bored of this game after an hour. I will probably never play it again.

The game play is extremely linear.

It would be a good game for elementary school children, if it didn't have all the violence.

Basically it's not kid enough for kids and not adult enough for adults. It's just plain bad.

If you need a crummy game fix, buy it at Amazon. They have the lowest price anywhere for this game.

great quest game, September 16, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Chicago, IL
I'm not much of a video game player (my fave games are Tropico and the Sims), but when my fiance and I got the xbox, this was the one game in the store that looked like something I could get into. I loved that the pirate was a woman, and that there weren't 400 different fighting techniques to memorize. The quest/exploration aspect of the game is interesting and pretty challenging for a beginner, and I like the detail to the graphics in the sea battle scenes a lot. I'd rather kill giant crabs and banshees (and the occasional pirate) than draw blood and guts in some of the more realistic games. The only thing that disappointed me is that the 2 player aspect of the game is only available in a sea battle, as rival ships. Otherwise I expect to be a "weekend player" of this game for a long time to come.

An imaginative and fun 3rd person action/adventure game, August 30, 2002
Reviewer: Morgan T Sharp from Sandy, UT United States
Pirates: the Legend of Black Kat is a third person gamer's dream come true. Playing as the beautiful Katarina De Leon while unearthing all manner of treasure and combating other pirates sounds like a simple matter, but in point of fact this is quite a long and involved game which will take you to several interesting and varied locales, all with their own personalities and dangers. There is a legion of quests for you to complete, and each one seems to make the game more interesting. The ship-to-ship combat is a real treat, with a brilliant camera system and a great variety of weapons to sink that enemy galleon. The control is a snap. The graphics are probably not what you would expect from the Xbox, but still look stunning. Great music, and a gallery of concept art from the game's development. If you like adventure games, you can't go wrong here.

Not a remake of the great original, but still great, July 22, 2002
Reviewer: JayMo from Austin, Tx. USA
This game has good 3rd person graphics, but the shipboard graphics are outstanding. The combat is fluid. The enemies have plenty of surprises, become smarter, & use better tactics as you go along. There are lots of cool inventory items with great special effects. There's plenty of hours worth of exploration and play.

Reviewer: asubraman4 from Fl
I rented this game in hopes of finally a good first person game other than halo for xbox but was truly dissapointed. The graphics are amazing but storyline and fluidness of the game was not present much at all. Also a s a pirate i don't expect to be fighting giant crab creatures and gorrillas. Also just over all it was pretty plain. What could have been cool if they had more of an interactive enviorment than just forward, kill bad guy, forward, kill another bad guy , get on boat , shoot bad guy boat, get off boat , kill bad guy , etc... Don't expect much of a challenge with this game.

Good, but not great Pirates game..., May 10, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from USA
Pirates - Legend of Black Kat is a decent game. Average graphics with average combat with average islands. It's certainly not a BAD game, but it just isn't all it could have been. Two points of mention though - the water looks amazing, and ship battles are pretty cool

Pirates, May 2, 2002
Reviewer: Billy Hoplestone from Plattsberg, NY USA
This game is very enjoyable for people of all ages and I reccommend buying it.

Decent Pirate Game...., April 16, 2002
Reviewer: Paul Boehnke from Spokane, WA USA
Though this game was moderately hyped I was looking forward to it being a fan of the Pirate genre. The first person aspect of the game is okay, but takes a while to get good at the insane camera angles and there is considerable clipping. The sea battles are pretty good and the story is moderately entertaining. Most parts of the game are really easy which is good if you are 12 or just lousy at most video games like I am. But some parts are really fustrating and confusing. Overall it could have been a much better game...

Pirates!, April 2, 2002
Reviewer: Jeremy Clark from Keuka Park, NY United States
I purhcased this game hoping for it to be like the original Pirates! It is not like the original but very well done nonetheless. The first person mode is somewhat simple but fun and the ship battles are fantastic. THe graphics are good and the water looks amazing. You can see sea turtles or dolphins swimming by while you sail your ship. THis game is great for all ages! A definate buy if you ever wanted to be a pirate.

Attack of the Glitches!, April 2, 2002
Reviewer: theandrios from Tucson, AZ USA
This game would be okay, if it weren't for an insane amount of glitching that plagues it. The xbox constantly says that the disk is dirty or damaged, causing you to loose what isn't saved of your quest. The game isn't unplayable, but it is VERY irritating. With nice graphics and decent gameplay you can almost overlook the fact that the jerk developers didn't take the time to debug it a little more. Almost. It's not a very challengeing game, and makes a good rental.

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