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Jet Set Radio Future

Jet Set Radio Future by Sega of America, Inc. Jet Set Radio Future
by Sega of America, Inc.

Platform: Xbox
ESRB Rating: Teen
ASIN: B00005V5LO

Check price @ Product Description: You say you want a revolution? The setting is Tokyo, the year 2024. Freedom is a valuable commodity, and freedom of expression even more so. The thumping beats and mean streets of the original freeform counterculture skating game Jet Grind Radio are back in Jet Set Radio Future. Featuring unique comic-style graphics, new tricks, and hot tunes, Jet Set Radio Future brings the hip skate game into a brave new world. Choose a character, strap on your rocket-powered skates, and immerse yourself in living, breathing cities filled with opportunity. Along the way, you'll compete with rival gangs, be chased by cops, and perhaps discover something unthinkable. Join up with a friend and work together to reach new places, create new attacks, and perform astounding stunts. Wherever your adventure takes you, it's all about extreme skating, extreme action, and, of course, extreme style.

Customer Reviews:
Pretty Good, November 13, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer
I just bought an XBOX and have three games. Out of the three this is my favorite. I really enjoyed the cartoon style of the graphics. I think this game would be good for anyone who enjoys spraying graffiti all over the city of Tokyo and doing crazy grinds and tricks all over the place.

HORRIBLE, November 13, 2002
Reviewer: alexander julian from palatine, il United States
To sum this game up in one word HORRIBLE . The graffics are weak beyond belief. The game play is agonizing and the storyline is so dumb an 8 year old couldn't enjoy it. This is one of the typical japanease anime games in which even the music is terribly japanease . I dont know maybe in japan this is a popular style of game but i cant get anyone to play it for more than 15 minutes before they beg me to put something else in. Id rather stab myself in the eye with a rusty pair of scissores than play this rancid game again.

Something Different, November 8, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from United States
This game is very different from other games. You play as rollerbladers called the GG's and try to escape from the police and cover up grafitti from Poision Jam and other groups. It was very interesting and I had a lot of fun with it. However, I found the game way to easy in some perts and way too hard in others. I found the most difficult stage was the Skyscraper District/Pharoh Park. I spent about 4-5 hours just to complete that level. You will probally find yourself falling off the skyscrapers many times. Then you will have to start over from the bottom (very annoying). The easiest level was Highway Zero. I beat it in about 15 minutes. Overall, the game is a breath of fresh air. It's not one of the same over-used genres. I highly recommend this game to anyone that wants a game thats different from the rest.

I am now Smilebit's slave., October 28, 2002
Reviewer: Druff from earth
I tried to like Jet Grind Radio on Dreamcast. I loved the unique look, and the first few levels were tons o' fun. Then suddenly the challenge level (read: frustration level) spiked sharply and I got stuck in a certain place and gave up after trying to complete it 15 times or so. So, though I bought an Xbox several months ago, I had no intention of buying this, the sequel. If you read my other Xbox reviews, you'll see that the deciding factor that caused me to buy the console was a game called Panzer Dragoon Orta. At first I wasn't too hot on the idea, because the original developer, Team Andromeda, is long gone. It was when I discovered that many members of Team Andromeda work for the new developer, Smilebit, that I decided to get on board. Reading preview articles about PDO is how I found that Smilebit made some other games, including GunValkyrie, JSRF, and the original Jet Grind Radio. The first thing I did was buy GunValkyrie. It was challenging as hell, but fun as hell to boot. I needed more Smilebit goodness, so I dug out my copy of Jet Grind Radio and gave it another whirl. I started from the beginning. I spent much more time in the tutorial than I did previously. Lo and behold, I made it through the entire game in a few nights. I loved it, and I had to have more. I got myself a copy of JSRF.

JSRF improves upon JGR in every conceivable way. Obviously, it's graphically superior, and JGR on the Dreamcast is still nothing to sneeze at even today. The levels are much bigger, teeming with activity and street life. They're much more insane in terms of seemingly out-of-reach areas which CAN be reached, if you can figure out how to trick your way there. The most important improvement is that the frustration factor has been drastically reduced. In JGR, every level had a time limit, and marauding packs of bloodthirsty, immortal, unstoppable cops and assassins that simply would NOT give up, they stayed on top of you the whole time. It was quite a common occurence for me to run out of time or have the life beaten out of me before I could complete the level and have to start over. In JSRF, these things have been eliminated. No time limit. No roving enemies. There are a few points in the game when you have to deal with enemies, but they're fairly easy to dispatch and then they're gone. To make up for the drop in frustration-challenge, they beefed up the level of skill-challenge. There are tag points in JSRF that take MUCH more effort to reach than anything in JGR. But since you have nothing keeping you from trying over and over until you finally get it, it's simply a much more fun experience. This is the sort of game that's fun the first time you play it, then you immediately start over from the beginning to see what can do with your finely honed skills now that you're a salty seasoned vet.

It's such a shame Smilebit's games are languishing down there in "low sales" territory. They are true bastions of gameplay and challenge and they deserve attention. You don't play them for story or character development. You play them to PLAY them. My anticipation for Panzer Dragoon Orta is higher than ever.

Huge Worlds, Long Yet Great Gameplay, Fun Characters, etc..., October 4, 2002
Reviewer: Bryan from Omaha, NE USA
So, you just (or are about to) bought an XBOX, and you want a fun game(s) to play on the greatest system ever. You buy Halo, Dead or Alive 3, and maybe a few of your favorites (Tony Hawk, 007, Madden, etc...) Well, to make a complete set of awsome games for XBOX, their's one more you need to pick up. It's called: Jet Set Radio Future!

Here's why you pick this game. Is this what your loking for? You want a fun game, with good graphics, and huge worlds to explore. You want a game with good replay value, fun multiplayer, and dozens of new things to try out. You've found your game!

Here's the basic story, and the point of the game. The year (like you've probably heard a hundred times by now) is 2024. An evil police dude is trying to take over the free will of Japan. Gangs like the GG's (your gang) are ticked at this, because these police are threatining to destroy their home, culture, and their basic life. They can't let this happen! That's where you come in. You, your gang, and your rocket powered skates must stop Rokaku's (the bad dude's) evil plan. But that's not all; no, there's a lot more.

You must also compete with rival gangs out to claim your territory (through races and challenges), recruite new members to the GG's (up to 25), run from and defeat cops, and write your symbolic graffite (even create your own). This is your world, and you must stop Rakaku, with many surprises along the way.

This game has a lot more than just the one player story (though just that by itslef is an awsome game), but it also has one of the best multiplayers you'll find any where. Compete against up to 4 players in either of 4 games (graffite, race, catch the ball, and others.). You can play these games (my favorite is a 3 lap race) in up to 8 locations, trying to beat out your friends in a close race.

The last thing I'll go into that makes this game so great (though I could go into dozens more) is the graphics. It may not look like much on the cover, but the graphics in this game are simply put: INCREDIBLE. Dozens of cars, obstaces (trash, boxes, billboards), and people that interact with you make this game so wonderful. Huge worlds are clear from anywhere if you can see all the way across, creativity is fantastic. The grinds are so much fun. And last but not least; just when you think you've found everything in the game, you find another whole level that may lead to another. Some places even have 5 or 6 stories (if you can grind all the way up their).

So as I hope you can see, this is a must buy. Immense worlds, interactive people, great graphics, and fun gameplay make this game a must buy. You'll spend hours unlocking new characters, levels, and just exploring the ones you already have. Look for this game anywhere, and if you see it (it's a best seller) buy it! It's worth your money. Gotta go, I have to play some more JSRF! Don't miss out on all the fun! Get this game NOW!!!!!!!!

An Absolute Blast To Play, October 4, 2002
Reviewer: Jobe from Idaho Falls
It didn't take long for Jet Grind Radio for the Dreamcast to win me over. Its one thing to play a unique game, it's another to play a great, unique game. Smilebit was a no-name company before Jet Grind Radio and now two years later their major players in the gaming industry (They've been given the job of making the next Panzer Dragoon, that's a tall order.) So returning to their roots we have their first Xbox title, luckily, Smilebit knows that Jet Grind Radio's system wasn't broke, so why toy with perfection that was well received by critics everywhere? You don't, but running over the Dreamcast version one problem did appear and that was the graffiti system, some enjoyed mimicking the motions displayed to spray walls, others found it to be a thorn in the toe being you were a sitting duck for the hordes of cops, assassins, tanks and choppers that already hounded you during movement alone.

So take it one step at a time, now graffiti is sprayed on with the touch of a button, it may seem like nothing more than a cheap extra topping on a hot fudge Sunday at Dairy Queen, but it considerably keeps the action consistent rather than stopping for breaks and cheap hits from enemies. Asides from the graffiti, enemies themselves in the levels have been removed; you will never encounter enemies during your spray painting frenzy. Enemies are now dealt with in "Battle Modes" sort of speak in which you and your enemies are enclosed within an electrified fence area and must be spray painted to win. These battles require different approaches from simply bowling police officers over, to smacking them down with a turbo boost, or covering search lights bulbs with paint. These battles may seem a little out of place for a game such as this, but they provide a unique twist on the old ones "run away" technique.

So the graffiti's been fixed what next? Future also boast enormous levels, and I stress the word "enormous" some levels are huge, very huge. So huge in fact that playing some levels seems reminiscent of trekking through streets of Shenmue. Smilebit really wanted to put the word "free" into Future's Gameplay, and for that they do succeed in making Future a "do what you want" world with no levels, no time limits and no certain path to follow, you make your own instead. Want to go to the bus terminal? Skate through traffic on a street behind your hangout and you're there, visit the sewers? Jump into the drain at the slums and head into the underground sewage plant. But with so much freedom comes a glaring oversight from the developers. More than half of your time will be spent seeking out where the graffiti points are, especially in the Sky Scraper District you'll be jumping 100 story buildings blindly hoping to land on the one over.

Exciting? Yes, at times it can be quite the rage. But after consistent falls you'll get fed up rather quickly, after all Jet Set isn't a platformer, even though a few levels treat it as one. Still, thanks to Future's gargantuan levels you'll find grind and eye-candy galore. Mixing in old levels such as the Bus Terminal and Sewers as well as some new genius levels like the highly enjoyable Dinosaur Roller Coast level that has snake like rails of an amusement park to grind built on the roofs of sky scrapers. And with large levels also comes a long journey, after completing the entire game I clocked in at a total of 23 hours. And with over 20 characters available including a large amount after you've beaten the game, it's a sure bet you'll be sticking with Future for awhile. For fans of the first or those interested in trying something new will find a steady-challenging game that no Xbox owner should be without.

INCREDIBLE!, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: An 11-year old gamer
This game is great. The graphics, music gallore, more than twenty people to play with, and great combos! I've played this game a billion times and i like it even more everytime i play it. Sometimes its fustrating, but so far i've unlocked everyone person to use(even the boss at the end of the game!) Bosses are fun to battle and supercool to use! My main characters are Beat, Yoyo, Cube and Zero Beat! I also love the ways they dance. SO STOP READING THIS AND BUY IT ALREADY!

The Game Rocks, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: invader caz from Atlanta Ga
well this game is the best games ive got on xbox.i love the graphics the music and the characters. this game is a medim difficulty and is long as long as you remember where you are a 10 year old can play it.

Brilliant Gem, September 22, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from San Francisco, California USA
Brilliant gameplay, stylish graphics, funkadelic beats, supersaturated colors, massive free-roaming maps to explore, challenging but not impossible. I can't put this down!!! Notably eliminates some of the awkward handling of Dreamcast version. Some characters you will recognize (older, more funked out) from Dreamcast version, plus new characters; much much richer and more complex than Dreamcast. Beware of buggy retail copies which were recalled, in which game abruptly terminates after only a few stages.

Stop reading this and buy this game!, September 14, 2002
Reviewer: A gamer from Lutherville, MD United States
Just the soundtrack is worth buying the game for, but nooooo, Smilebit had to include the sweetest gameplay and graphics this side of the Xbox. Nuff' said. Got an Xbox? Get this game. Don't have one? Get one then get this game

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